Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster

February 27 [Mon], 2017, 14:55

nike roshe run The Nike Dunk SB Low - Lobster is one of the members of the Nike Dunks Low family, alongside the likes of the Nike Dunk SB Low 720 Degrees, Nike Dunk SB - Gore Tex, WNS Dunks Low Flower and many more. Now I have always been a fan of the higher to medium dunks, believing as I was that Dunks were supposed to be 'high' - and often wondering what it was that people found appealing in the lower dunks. That was, of course, before I got to use the Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster - with which I have since become thoroughly enchanted with, in the process getting to know the allure behind low dunks.

Although officially designated a 'low dunk' product, it is notable that the Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster does start out at quite some distance from the ground, thanks to its relatively high sole. Above the sole, though, the Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster is indeed quite a low shoe, bereft as it of the steep gradient that characterizes the mid to high Nike Dunk products. There is, of course, a gradient between where the shoe starts off (at the point where the fingers go in) and the 'tip of its tongue' though this is a relatively gentle gradient, which abates upon reaching the tip of the shoe's 'tongue' (where the shoe meets the shaft of the wearer's foot), falling quite sharply as we more towards the back, and then rising slightly at the very back end of the shoe, so that the region between the highest point of the shoe (the 'tip of its tongue' where the shoe meets the shaft of the wearer's foot) and the very back end of the shoe is quite arched.

On my particular pair of the Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster, I can identify at least three different colors. nike free 5.0 True, the shoe is primarily red, (with red forming most of upper body and the lower part of sole), but then black comes in quite prominently on the upper region of the sole (the region where the sole connects to the upper body), with white occurring on the 'frame' of the Nike tick on the shoe and on the shoe's tongue: in keeping with Nike's well known liberality with color, one would say.

For a tying mechanism, Nike here employs a shoe-lace - with up to 7 pairs of thread-able holes, though of course one can opt to leave some shoelace holes unthreaded depending on what they find more comfortable or more 'fashionable.'

For those who care about the long term health of their feet, there is the noteworthy fact that the Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster is quite a well ventilated shoe, with a lot of 'breather' holes on the front part of it (where the toes go in).

cheap nike factory store As would be expected of a modern times Nike product, the tick (which is supposed to be the mark of authenticity on the shoe) in Nike Dunk SB Low Lobster extends from the center of the shoe, to the back of it and all the way round to terminate with the sharp edge on the opposite end of the shoe.