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January 29 [Tue], 2013, 11:51
Mr. Wang Kaiping, because now is work time, Huang Anguo did not go to Gao Jianqiang, just as Gao Ling came back to their own dormitories, with her to see the side, and asked her to explain to Gao Jianqiang, he want to directly back to the city of G, not to stay.Huang Anguo returned to the city of G, although only a short period of time, but several other G family has been through their own news channel, know yellow Anguo narrowly through the crisis, had to sigh Huang Anguo back a good shade tree ah, there is a provincial Party committee secretary of the background, not easy to topple.The first time the news Liu Hong heard Huang Anguo back so soon, but also nothing, have speculated that Huang Anguo is fine, the heart immediately active, but out of prudence, he decided to inquire about Su elegant tone, sure."Su secretary, busy."Liu 19 Richard f came to Su Qingya's office smiling said, two people belong to the Secretary, to regard oneself head and shoulders above others than other odd jobs such as secretary, but Su Qingya is the Secretary of municipal Party committee secretary, and Liu Hong is executive vice mayor's secretary, rising, secretary's identity with their follow the leadership size, two people than Su, elegant natural is better than Liu Honggao, so Liu Hong saw Su Qingya is more polite."Oh, Liu secretary is you, please have a seat."Are in the same profession, and in the same temple, Su elegant is the understanding of Liu Hong, and Liu Hong in the municipal Party committee, city hall there is no small reputation is the leadership of the municipal Party committee, city hall secretary is the only one not married yet, is inside the city famous singles, a lot of women pursuing, about his wind words * * *, Su Qingya also heard a lot, so he is no stranger to."Su secretary, very busy recently."Liu Hong did not directly asked, had to literally pull the other point."All right, you also when the Secretary, also not understand secretary this line."Su Qingya said with a smile."Oh Men's Air Max Hoop 91, that is, that is, I am to see you all can with the Yellow Secretary to the provincial capital to run, envy ah Ralph Lauren Mens Black Watch Sale, ha ha, can be in the way of in the provincial capital to play, I'm not so good life slightly, all nest in G city."Liu Hong tried to hide his embarrassment."The provincial capital is not so funny, always go with what meaning ah, want to go to other places, time is not enough, say, always own a person also does not have the meaning.""Next time if you want to use the leisure Su Secretary to the provincial capital to play can call me ah, I also did not go for a long time, one can do with, never boring, Hei hei Polo Vest.""Secretary Liu, you are a busy man, how can I disturb you."Su Qingya euphemism refused."Oh, no, can accompany Sue secretary a go shopping is that several world fix the blessing ah, there is nothing can stop."Liu Hong is often the export flower in front of girls, like say speak sugared words, coax girls, now also imperceptibly with, it became his instinct."Secretary Liu, you today. Is it right? What happened?"Su elegant frowned asked, he doesn't like Liu Hong this kind of person, although there are good looks and capital, but love and women play ambiguous, about some of his wind words * * * always, now under the Su elegant faint order for guests to leave."Hey, nothing, just look at Su secretary you ah, what, Su secretary you are not happy.""No, your kindness, how could I not happy, but I have to work now, so I'm afraid I can't chat with you, feel shy ah, will have the chance to chat."Su Qingya politely say, although heart uncomfortable, but also filled with a happy face."Oh, that's good, after su secretary must be given a chance.To the Secretary, party secretary Huang Su, is it right? In the past few days to the handover."Su Qingya has been under the order for guests to leave, Liu Hong is not a tear, with this last it suddenly asked."Handover work?Transfer of what work?"Su elegant instinct, which know that Liu Hong is in the set of her words.
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