Since you have so confident

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 16:44
"Whew!" Whirring! "Followed by after the fangs Drake, originally somewhat leisurely Barbara, and his face changed. Face showing a trace of surprise, of course, is a fanatical anger. Fanaticism, because prey counterattack. Anger, but also because the prey counterattack. Kazakhstan, a bit mean. "His tongue out, hanging long, Barbara extremely grim expression and said:" Only in this way, when I held you, torture them, only excitement. "Seems a little excited too far Barbara body turned not Yangchih the quiver. Moment, regardless of their own behind the rest of Morohito violently jumped, it then flew into the sky. "Barbara!" Tracking expert Barbara suddenly left the Broca suddenly surprised, hastily raising his hand to calling each other. "Useless." Kenjiro the. Gaicigaici capitalists of the people, the same hunters the identity, Bibabala even higher. The more eye-catching is the right hand was holding all the time before the Great Flood Dongyang Dao. This knife, once a top ocean island fruit products,Canada Goose Manitoba Outlet. However, because of the great flood attacks, has been destroyed. Of course, there are still part survived. Ancient China, as well as the bright heaven. For example, this is called Kenjiro is the case. Slowly opened his eyes, Kenjiro said: "Barbara has been excited, and this time he does not take into account any person, on the contrary he is bound to die in his hands too close." "So, rather than let him and our peers, I personally think he better leave the act alone. "do not worry, Barbara restore calm, and he was that kid's head, as well as flash memory cassette will be back." After listening to the explanation of Kenjiro Broca suddenly heaved a breath, relieved Road: "can only be the case this way, get along shortly with Barbara Broca this character weird, so apt to kill Italian taking guy feel extreme frustration. Although the command you want to own counterparts to several people in out, that is waiting after the task is completed. Engage in now, the group of people they extremely vigilant. Staged here almost full weapons combat. Although the three hunters enough repression, the following things can trouble. So, Barbara, left Broca opposite relieved. ******************** Forest Huqihula, Barbara soon take to the skies to find the whereabouts of his pet, rapid fall to their Round. In the forest, who has the city's vicious dog hunters, no such general human bipedal standing running. Instead, he is like a hound in general, fours, the tip of the nose is kept sniffing. More even made some of the more independent of the trunk side of the stone, leaving the behavior of their own urine. Double Vision, not rational human eyes. Become a rabies. Breathe in the smell of the enemy, and the frenzied pursuit. Similarly, because the owner added, the fangs Drake their speed suddenly speed up. The beginning because of the fear around other dinosaurs, so the fangs Drake who has remained with the average rate of advance, and carefully reduce the sound to avoid the encounter dinosaurs. The moment completely unnecessary. Fangs with Barbara Drake who, at the moment as if armed on sharp sharp teeth, crazy toward the front of the fleeing target rushed. **************** And at the moment, trying to the other lead to the land of Korea Italy think, suddenly meal. Looking backwards to go, the rounded Heitong suddenly a close tightly, almost turned into a thin line. "What?" Chill one amazing moment spine from Korea and Italy rose to brains, that from the head feeling cold feet, so that his heart no apparent cause palpitations. "This feeling, and just simply completely different." Standing still, Han intended deep breath. Exactly behind what happened? Even see blood you will not be so ah? The dinosaur Antiaris increase in the the mad gas and appetite. The feeling back pass Korea Italy, but it is intended to kill the cold intention to kill. As if, half a year ago, is not a real hunter when he see the wolf Horror feeling. Can not be delayed. Accompanied by increasingly tight intention to kill Han intended to accelerate. *********** Accelerated Han intended, generally seem to feel the fangs chasing behind Drake, immediately issued a warning. Barbara same running his tongue saliva scattered closed back, gently licking lips after: "Run, Run." Animal muscle after intense exercise. the most delicious. "all the flavor will be strong movement was completely detonate." "so only when the muscle is the most fragrant, have hunted value." *********** * came to the next target, this time in Korea intended not just to collect a little something to leave immediately after. Instead, his arms out the closure pockets just to collect things, pick a little something from the inside. At the same time, bring a little something, and mounted on the inside. Korea intended estimated wind direction, distance. Will pick out the things lost in the top of the windward position. Korea intended to become more vigilant, done it all, looked around, make sure there is no danger, leave immediately. With Han intended to leave, he left something, but with the roaring wind that swept into the sky. With one unique taste, drifted toward the direction of the masters of this territory in the past. The ************* leave Han intended, after about twenty minutes, Barbara, and his dog who came to this place. Looked at the traces of residue on the ground, Barbara frowned, the pupil inside with a hint of puzzled color Road: prey with we have been in someone else's territory random string, what is for what? "Theory to that he should find our son, why so? "" Is he looking for something here? "thought of this, Barbara not only face some unpleasant, apparently the other side is not even the attention completely focused on their own body, and angry. Barbara nose suddenly pumping. "Hey, what?" Barbara puzzled,Canada Goose Langford Parka, shaking the loud Meanwhile rang up. Barbara suddenly hesitated, turned around and surprised, not far from the position of the jungle, a pair of red eye pupil size lanterns are staring at the side. Him, a bloodthirsty frenzy fangs Drake was slightly disturbed, apparently to a senior dinosaurs. "Ah,Canada Goose Camp Hoody Sale, cabaret Why?" Stared dinosaur Barbara squint eyes gently, not paying attention have just found face slightly grim: "What is interesting, interesting." Outside "prey prey, since such can spend more, a longer period of time. "my cute kids on it, thoroughly enjoy before the prey is detonating muscle, eat an appetizer." "demonstration, of hunting talent that only the body at the top of the food chain to be placed significant. "" violence, the killing methods can be demonstrated only powerful hunting talent. "fool woof!" roar! "Suddenly, a dinosaur in order to defend their territory, The fighting began between them and a group because the prey and slightly crazy aggressors. *********** Boom! Although far apart, Korea Italy previously running, still followed by the sound of the wind felt the rear all. Hand in it? "Frowned Korea intended to face not exposed excited smile. Because he was feeling, I am afraid that territory of dinosaurs, but the not the other. That kind of amazing the intention to kill, the other must be a hunters. "However," Suddenly, Han meaning mouth showing a smile. Not avoid, but directly in connection with the fighting, and that is to have self-confidence so I will not escape slightly? "As a hunter, demonstrations of this behavior, but most stupid." "Because it will scare away the prey yo!" "Latent itself "Since you have so confident, so will our game, play longer it waiting in the wings, was worthy of hunters call." have to say, although the two never met , but the two hunters philosophy they are learning from one place. It is a dinosaur. The violence is strong kill, bloody intimidation, dinosaurs are the favorites. And lurking hidden, waiting in the wings, and also their favorite dinosaurs. There is no right or wrong, both did not level. But we will know, but there must be one person died here. Korea Italy at the moment and Barbara is no longer hostile identity. They are hunters, two hunters hunting prey. One more road, seeking votes, and collection.
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