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The Xu Xing summer and immediately sent back to the town of Granville Fort Wong Kai years called up. Wong Kai years soon to come. Businessman, this has always been a loner in the town of Granville Fort spent a few days time, is to worry about, do not know to do something business to make money, a result, they received a notice of Xu Xing Xia. He does not know what, hurriedly rushed to the scene. Xu Xing Xia bluntly asked: "Wong Kai years, you recently busy What business?" Wong Kai years cautious and said: "What are the villain ready to lease a shop in the town of Granville Fort the selling point groceries cloth what do small the business between the Mongolian steppe business, too dangerous, the villain has afford to toss. "to Xu Xing summer nodded, straight to the point, said:" That being the case, I'll take care of you a business now I need a group of white cloak, probably about fifty, I hope you can find someone to help me to do it in the shortest possible time. difficult? "Wong Kai years a little dazed and said:" Your honor, you want a white cloak what do you think? "Xu Xing summer quietly said: "of course, is a good thing you do not need to know this, I only ask that you the fifty white cloak, you can not do it? they need a long time to do out? but also how much the money is needed?" Wong Kai years blurted : "No problem, no problem." for he used to travel extensively businessman, fifty white cloak, naturally there is no problem. As long as the money, five hundred. White cloak of the cost is not high, fifty white cloak, twelve silver enough. However, he has always been very curious, Xu Xing summer what do you need these white cloak. Unfortunately, Xu Xing Xia has not disclosed. The 10 Liang Wenyin handed Wong Kai years later, Xu Xing Xia intentionally or unintentionally, said: "Wong Kai years, you just said, you often travels between the Mongolian steppe and the Mainland, then the situation in the north, you are familiar with this? Is the area south of the Yinshan. "Wong Kai years cautious:" villain know some. "the Xu Xing Xia gaze slowly sharp, and said slowly:" the Heller gold tribe? "Wong Kai years cautiously said:" do not know the adults to understand the Heller gold tribal what? before, the villain also been several Heller gold tribal, and they had some exchanges. More recently, however, in 2034, the villain, and they gradually rusty. adults to send villain to Heller the gold tribe, I'm afraid the villain's face does not work well. "Xu Xing Xia smiled, shook his head and said:" I'm just looking for you to inquire inquire the Heller gold tribal situation, not to send you to do the messenger, You're too sensitive Wong Kai years sigh of relief. Just now, he really thought, Hsu Hsing summer to send him to the Heller Golden tribes, to communicate the relationship between the two. Fortunately not. Him with a wry smile and said: Xu Xing Xia learned that "good teaching adults Heller gold tribal Han Chinese is very hostile if it is the villain of trafficking, all the items they need, they would have to be the villain Wumafenshi a." the wrinkled brow quietly, slowly and said: "Is it? know you, and I talk about." Wong Kai annual nodded, slowly about. The Tatars in Yinshan south, in fact forces is not large, only twenty or thirty strength is not strong tribe, because there was the sphere of influence of the Mongolia's Tumote tribes. Before in Tumote tribe, also had military stationed there. The Ming army abandoned Yinshan area south Tatars talents have also entered. Tribal relations and Tatars in Tumote very bad, often occur battle between the two sides, constantly bloody conflict. In the past hundred years, probably hundreds of thousands of Tatars moved to the south of the Yinshan. However, because they belong to different tribes, has not been the formation of a unified tribal. No unified tribal naturally impossible to form a cohesive force, external invasion of the Tatars have been not much scale. Tartar cavalry south of more than twenty thousand, already top the days of digital. The more when Tatars, Mongols in Tomoto infighting. Speaking of the infighting the word, absolutely not Han Chinese patent, the extent of the Mongols infighting than Han Chinese heavier. Since the Ming army sent out of the Central Plains, the Mongols have been in continuous infighting intensified, never stops. Forty-four years of Wanli, Mongols main the infighting object, the Tatars and Tomoto Mongols. Tomoto Mongols recently out of a strong sweat, is that Lin Danhan. Lin Danhan this year, only twenty-four years old, is trying to flex its muscles, the age of the grand plans. Young and fit, he has been very unhappy before own old father Tatars, exercise patience. He had been watching the Tatars are not pleasing to the eye, and always wanted to expel the Tatars from the south of the Yinshan go to win back this fertile grassland. However, the Tatars, of course, refused to let go. To the mouth of the fat, and where there may easily spit? Mongols way to resolve disputes is basically only one word, and that is: to play. Lindan Han to take back areas south of the Yinshan Tatars refused to let go, it can only be hit. Mongolia army, Lin Danhan arm from the three or four years ago,Youth's Canada Goose Expedition Parka, and the Tatars have been intermittent war. The Daqingshan battlefield extends from Yinshan to, sometimes even the Guihua should be spread,Canada Goose Elijah Bomber. Both almost the same strength, hit a few years time, there is no winner. Heller Golden tribes as part of the Tatars, naturally also involved in the war. Accurate to say that most of the Heller Golden Horde Tatars, major fighting in the front line to deal with Lindan Han. Tartar cavalry, south looting are need in order to combat and dispatched the looting. Heller gold tribal limited number of Tatars Tatars cavalry south each time snatching, the number will not be great. Of course, dispatched one to two thousand people, it is still entirely possible. Mongols infighting, Xu Xing the summer temporarily not much interest. Now he has no way to take advantage of this opportunity to serve their interests. He was most worried, of course,Canada Goose Montebello Parka, the massive Tatars came to invade. He stationed horns pier, played full count, less than a hundred people, that is to deal with the Tartars. Tartars over one hundred people, and desperate to attack, horns pier dangerous. Tatars will dispatched the army to the south it? This problem is very tangled ah! Especially that damn Heller gold tribal, tribal leaders son died in their own arrows, estimated Heller gold does not let go. In case the the Heller gold tribal and Tumote tribal make peace, be transferred back to front-line troops, more trouble. Wong Kai years suddenly said: "For this, the adults touches can be assured that things Na wooden clock, Heller Gold the Ministry and Tomoto the relationship is very bad, it is impossible to make peace even if Heller gold tribal want to make peace, Dun tribal tiger that will not allow. their fight, it must continue to persist, it is impossible to interrupt. "Xu Xing Xia curious and asked:" Na wooden bell? was not a woman you say? " Wong Kai years nodded and said: "It is na wooden clock, it is a woman, is still a very beautiful woman and she is a daughter of Meng Gua Pa Gai tribal chiefs, natural beauty, beauty extraordinary. Lindan Han spotted wanted to marry Princess. to the Tatars Tiger For Dun leader also took a fancy to, but also wants to marry, the Princess result, both stubborn on. "Xu Xing Xia gently nodded and said to himself:" is not it? "As an otaku, for the beauty of the gossip, Xu Xing summer is still a bit of interest. Which men do not lust it? Otaku lecherous power ah! Xu Xing summer memory Na wooden clock seems beautiful and extraordinary woman. In the history of the late Ming, her name is left. Her the first Lin Danhan the side of the Princess, and later after gold Tartars snatched became Huangtaiji side of the Princess. The most critical is the name of Na wooden clock, and Boolean Buthe, Highland beads Zhezhe et al are linked together to form a the Taiji huge ** group. The Na wooden bell, since first Lindan Han fancy, then Huangtaiji fancy, presumably looks really not bad, maybe there are some other skill. Xu Xing summer could not resist some curious. This woman, in the end beauty to what extent? Thought, Xu Xing the summer casually asked: "Na wooden clock ... married?" Wong Kai years smiled and said: "it is certainly powerful Lindan Han forces, allowing the A Pa Gai tribal yield Tatars Tiger For Tun Ministry nor weak, and can also let A Pa Gai tribal difficult. A Pa Gai estimated to own large head, and do not know what to do if he had two such beautiful daughter was healed, but unfortunately only one. "Xu Xing summer nodded, thinking, if the Tatars and Lin Danhan order this Na wooden bell again violent to dry up, so much the better, they can just fish in troubled waters, to seize the opportunity to accumulate strength. Unfortunately, the existing armed forces, or weak. Otherwise, even this Na wooden clock, are likely cinch. At that time, pour yourself to look at, Na wooden bell, and in the end pretty to what extent? Her a Mongolian woman, even if another beautiful, it is impossible to celebrate Princess beautiful it? Speaking of beautiful women, Ningxia people of the town, the first time to think, certainly celebrate Princess. Ningxia town that is truly beautiful ah! Wong Kai years do not know how to interest pours said: "Mongolia these years, the three beautiful girls, a Na wooden bell, a dark cloud Na, and a called moss Sina. Lindan Han Young gas Sheng, want three beautiful girls are capsule into his big tent to enjoy the blessing for the people of Qi. Tatars also want to get them. the previously deserted Mongolia desert, in recent years it touches on a lot of lively parties the angel and the military, between continued it. "beauty is false, the Alliance is true." Xu Xing summer, including the heart, quietly sneer. [Seeking collection! Seeking recommendations! 】
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