Qin into the things I will be resolved

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 11:20
"Xiaofan, how do you?" Qin Qin Li River where the abnormal findings, can not help but asked, worried. "Whew I'm fine." Qin who gently breath and put the mysterious feeling a little depressed, and then looked up to the Qin Li River Qi asked: "Sister This palette was inside what?" "You do not look at the open to know. "Qin where Angela laughed. "Uh, pulled down in front of her sister's face no problem." Qin who touched the mind, a bit embarrassed, but then could not help but be curious mind, slowly opened the palette lid. Palette opened, there faint red brilliance catches the eye, and then also feel some faint heat lunged. "It is?" Qin who looked toward the palette, see which stood a round carved bright sphere the size of a fist, but I do not know what material creatures. Through the surface, it can be seen that this bright red sphere inside there is a red ghost, somewhat vague, but you can see a faint outline, but it can not tell what it is. And is this a crimson ghost, put the original transparent sphere reflects the layer of pale red, looks a very mysterious. "This is our family in a struggling family acquired over, is said to be their ancestral treasure, called the fire spirit ball, refining pharmacists to carry around mixing drugs can increase the success rate, but because the family has been long time did not there have been refining pharmacists, and it come down, so it put the baby betrayed. "Qin Li River talking about the origin of this crystal ball, then laughed softly:" Oh, my sister know you're learning technique mixing drugs, so The first time it stayed, used as a birthday gift for you. "" mixing drugs can increase the success rate? "Qin Qin Li River who heard the introduction, slightly surprised. To his knowledge, there are some treasures that can make the spirit of refining pharmacists more concentrated, as is indirectly increased the success rate of mixing drugs, but these are rare treasures, each one is very rare, think of Qin Li River could have fetched one, I am sure that a lot of effort. "Huh?" Qin who just want to reach out to take up that crystal ball look, but in this case, that comes from the mysterious crystal ball induction appeared again, and become more intense, and this time, he can even clearly felt that an induction appears with his right arm in the magic kind of faint Shuiqi Lin connected. "Boom" Qin Fan's hand touched that crystal ball, mind suddenly appeared like a sea of ​​fire, and his whole body seemed also instantly burning up, and his right arm at this time also began to shake uncontrollably up A mysterious unspeakable feeling spread throughout the body. "This is this is this is" Qin Fan's face immediately exposed surprised expression, this moment his heart is too excited, excitement was almost out of control, then the mind also said it. Magic kind he never imagined that the fire spirit ball inside the virtual shadow, yet it is the magic kind of fire in this spirit that he should feel the magic kind of ball inside the breath can cause such a big Shuiqi Lin magic kind of reaction, can only be The other one is that between heaven and earth magic kind of the most mysterious treasures to mutual induction between them, refining the first one kind of magic, magic in the face of another kind, when few will resonate with him in search of a magic kind, when made a lot of preparation,Canada Goose Borden Bomber, and finally almost lost his life just got a magic kind, but now it is another kind of a magic so there is no sign appeared in front of him can be said that does not cost him a point strength Qin Li River actually a birthday gift brought him a magic kind which makes him how not excited? "How? Sister drug refining technique, though not know, but it does feel this fire spirit ball extraordinary place, but I wonder if you have no use for Xiaofan." Qin Li River where the look of the thing of Qin could not help but slightly smiled and asked Road. "Useful gift you this really useful for me is simply very, very useful sister,Resolute Parka Men UK, I love you" Qin where the extreme heat of the moment, could not resist forcefully put Qin Li River in the arms, the mouth says in a past life that young people like to say's Speech, but it is incoherent. "Xiaofan" Qin Li River Qiaolian instantly thrown a stunning crimson color, mind could not help but big embarrassment, who instinctively want to push Qin, but this now in the Qin inside Shuiyibuer already quite prestigious Miss Qin Jiada , not at this time happens to make any effort, only to let Qin who in his arms. For a long time, Qin who carted their excitement calmed down, then reluctantly let go of the arms of beauty. "Sister, really thank you, this thing for me, it is too important." Qin Where Carefully close the lid, and then put the baby back into the extremely important storage ring into, and then he shook Qin Li River is soft without bone to hand affectionately said. Has a kind of magic is the same has a strong physique, it can quickly increase the strength of that, with the magic kind of strength is equivalent to have a magic kind of value for him, immeasurable, "see you all excited into what looks like. "Qin Li River white at him, and now his face was somewhat reddish. "In fact, some of then not too much excitement." Qin Fan said, laughing. This is a kind of magic, plus Wicked wilderness inner circle sensed that one, then it should be said Qin who have mastered the five species of which three magic trail, his mood is naturally good. At this point, the night has completely come to this border town, the streets lined with shops also are hung with colored lights, bluestone town throughout the night seems a bit ornate touches. Qin Qin Li River where two walking in the street on top of this, he can feel jealous envy bunches around the eyes, heart also some slightly proud. I do not know why, every time, and Qin Li River together, his cheerful mood will become many, many seem to worry about things that are temporarily forgotten in general. "Xiaofan, not long ago you went to the Wicked mountains?" They quietly go a long way did not speak, and this time Qin Li River suddenly asked out loud. "Uh, yes, I was in there for a few months." Qin Fan slightly hesitated,Borden Bomber Canada Goose, then replied. "Xiaofan, in fact, no matter what your strength is not important, I will eventually be your wife, this is our childhood settle down, I, will not change" Qin Li River stopped, head down, mouth softly whisper. Qin who also stopped, suddenly brought this for Qin Li River, can not help but feel a bit stunned. "I was brought up promised your mother, will take good care of you, but now you're not by my side, also went to the Wicked mountains so dangerous places, Actually, I feel very uneasy, very worried that one day will be re- can not see you, "Qin Li River and then went on, a bit sad. Qin Where silence, and sometimes do not know what to say. "Xiaofan, Qin into the things I will be resolved, as you told me to go back now, OK?" Qin Li River suddenly looked up and said softly, moving with pleading eyes, people can not bear to refuse. Volume III begins, better than I miss about content, so only two more of these days, next Monday to restore a three-shift bar.
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