heard walking feet straight fight abuse Huang

October 21 [Sun], 2012, 15:27
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultDirty Cui Lin, Xu it laughs: quick quick what !As long as you two cents ,export ,the two of you family not, what are you waiting for ?You are old enough ,even if you do not worry, your parents will rush to grandchildren !And go you tell Zhai Bingmei ,allowing her to shop / out ,when arriving in Songjiang to open a bigger restaurant ,with her skill and ability ,guarantee you they Yueguoyuehao days .
Cui Lin certainly hopes he can Bingmei soon moved to Songjiang ,then you can see her face .But the store also not to say against immediately against the out, and wanted to open a hotel in Songjiang is not so easy !He has no time to take care of ,with sister craft ,opened a snack bar will also want to open a restaurant ,there is a dark eyes !So Cui Lin didn promise ,just said: I will tell her ,let her come on over here .
From city to city in only a little over two hours ,until noon ,Xu Li arrived wangjiang .Although some drunk last night ,but Xu Li did not go back to rest UGG Classic Tall Fancy Boots,but came to office .After all this is to take half a month ,although often with municipal Party committee office director Ren Xiaoming on the phone .
But some things on the phone is not convenient for you, also don .So Xu Liyi went to the office immediately to find Ren Xiaoming ,listen to his own left this time reporting .Ren Xiaoming entered the offices ,is smiling UGG Chrystie Boots.
He certainly knows Xu Li is most concerned about anything, just sit down the sidewalk : a secretary ,yesterday I city first people hearing in the city conference room conference held .
Xu Liyi looked at Ren Xiaoming I knew it must be made ,otherwise Ren Xiaoming wouldn happy .How did the meeting go ?Success is not ?.Ren Xiaoming smiled and said : without success ,but also can be said to be successful ! He knew Xu Li doesn suspense ,busy then says : the people hearing is the main content of the our city this year shantytown renovation project ,including the city participants each director ,deputy director, in charge of the construction work of the deputy mayor Wu Jianye and the City Urban Construction Bureau ,Land Bureau chief ,and deputy to the National People three people ,five representatives of the masses .
Then the scene of common masses up to nearly a thousand people .The Municipal People conference room packed bursting at the seams ,in outside the meeting room is thronged with people ! Old five afraid this is Su Guangyuan pushing hard on stage !This probably no better than ah .
Xu Li orchestrated the people hearing ,certainly understand the shanty towns of Maoni ,know more people have sharp eyes ,simply can not tolerate even a little sand . Yes !Wu vice mayor just room reading in our city this year shanty towns transformation scheme ,the following the crowd exploded ,their relocation compensation standard to almost word for word and sentence for sentence research degree UGGs Classic Argyle Knit Boots Sale,even a punctuation error ,they also do not let off !No other director Liu Hongtao hard, only five people representative had five deputy city asked to be rendered speechless ,the compensation standard basis ,methods developed in five deputy city simply cannot say !Finally, let urban construction bureau director Shen Honglai .
Shen Hong at the scene of the well for a long time did not understand that ,finally ,vice mayor of anger ,sleeve exit !So the people hearing can be said to be failed !, Xu Li nodded ,said: the crowd reaction? Now how about it ?.
The meeting although give up halfway ,but director Liu Hongtao said on the spot ,within a week of the City Hall official documents ,requirements of city hall to give a definite answer !At the same time, the Municipal People will be held again in half a month after the hearing .
It will require surgery to personally answer long buildings related problems !The crowd was bursting ,looking forward to half a month after the second people hearing !These two days I listen to a lot of people talk about this matter ,said that the Jin ,people hearing system is really a good way clearance sale ugg,really gave people a chance to speak ,but also to those officers on a inhibition ! Su Guangyuan response ? This is a most concerned ,the people Congress is also dedicated to his hearing Su Guangyuan tailored ,Wu Jianlai and Shen Hong is just bad luck ,by the pond .
.Hear Su mayor after the Shen Hong called in mind for a long time, even the corridor can clearly hear Su mayor name-calling sound .At noon they even without dinner, Shen Hong Su mayor out of office, or sweating ,heard walking feet straight fight abuse Huang ,sweat will collapse !Or office comrade will help him downstairs to the car ! Ren Xiaoming intended it as a joke ,after all the things not seen, and this thing is not good ,out to the East is disgraceful .
However, Xu Li .The listening to the thing is probably true, otherwise Ren Xiaoming wouldn to yourself .Well ,well ,let see what happens .Anyway, not half a catty ,month left to see ! Ren Xiaoming then asked Xu Li this the survey of half month whether smooth .
Xu Li just nodded ,told some of Haruki but did not tell Yang Liqing .After all, Yang Liqing is still under investigation ,and get to the bottom of the time .Everyone will know .Ren Xiaoming out, Xu Li and pass out of Liu Hongtao .
Telephone network picked up ,he heard Liu Hongtao laugh . Director Liu ,what thing so happy? Oh ,is a secretary !Survey return ?How But I heard you this research doesn calm ! Xu Li dark sigh ,Liu Hongtao is worthy of is Wangjiang old municipal Party committee secretary ,communication wide ,in the province and there are many who know .
Chittagong Hill in this case in order to reduce the influence of the Organization Department of provincial Party committee ,I choose survey locations are provided by provincial Party Committee Organization Department Pro points ,did not think of in the five tree village that gave birth to it ,out of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the local government has not a small negative impact timberland for cheap,so the provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the provincial public security department ,Korean Autonomous Prefecture, combined with related personnel under the gag, where things are not clear investigation before, cannot be disclosed .
Born to now but can be the case for several days time ,Liu Hongtao knows ,he informed the news more . No big deal ,just a little accident !Director Liu this time but your hard work ! We also welcome what !Besides the people hearing our city National People also beneficiaries !Not only enhance our city popularity ,more important is to let those of us old guys with play ,there will always be people who put our province National People as a nursing home ,look down upon us these old guys !Just now the vice chairman of CPPCC Ji reached just from my place ,you don him how jealous ,even want me to take him to the National People .
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