himself an old old man

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 15:32
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult This ... ... Dragon Travel huge sweat ,heart: do the foreign enterprise can let a woman become bold open ? It ? Fu Xiaoqian smile even more Canada Goose Sale.
Well ,crush , dragon travel to be nodded ,his heart figured out ,himself an old old man, isn afraid of a woman flirt ?Moreover, the woman is not a dinosaur ,but a big woman !Now? Still love me ? Fu Xiaoqian asked a bolder problem .
Love !You are such a beautiful woman ,a man who doesn ! Dragon Travel nodded ,anti-transfer drama channel . Mouth so sweet ,is sure to have a girlfriend ? Fu Xiaoqian smiled ,seemingly indifferent way .
,but also more than one , dragon travel blow one , old classmates, I give you leave a place Canada Goose Jackets Cheap,there is no interest Bailey Button UGG? Flower guy ! Fu Xiaoqian laughed and said , I don the guy .
Oh ,it was tragic ,men are now few do not bother to bring ,old classmates, eyes not too high ,careful change 3S lady ! Dragon travel quipped . You just play it, now that you are very bad ! .
.. ... Watch dragon travel car taillight away ,Fu Xiaoqian gently sigh ,dragon swam in a junior high school when a crush on her ,but also, in her junior high school when the Dragon tour also !She read the University while also filmed two drag ,but can not find a former junior high school, feeling that heartbeat ,tonight in the Dragon tour ,so she picked up the good heart feeling ,but it is a pity ,while the dropping flowers pine for love ,she felt the Dragon swim on their own have no original the kind of feeling ,though ,they become more beautiful than before .
Back home, the son you feel the atmosphere there ,mother Zhao Lilan red eye ,seemed to cry too ,father long Jian-Qiang was smoking a sulky ,and clearly in the cunning in comfort with Zhao Lilan .
What, Dad ,mom ,what happened ? Dragon swam hurriedly asked . You ask your mother ! Long Jianqiang turned her head aside ,words with ignition . Mom ,you said , dragon travel turned to Zhao Lilan again .
This afternoon you eldest uncle and aunt to live ,also brought a lot of things to come ,want to help you arrange a job through the woods ,your dad after reminding, I know I was wrong ,so he put things back ,who they .
.. ... They ... ... Hum ... ... Here ,Zhao Lilan cannot go on ,still crying . You don me, they two get your mom kicked out ,also a dig that your official do not recognize relatives such harsh words, your mother this human nature soft ,came back into the picture , Long Jianqiang then put the words to say .
Dragon travel to is angry and funny ,his uncle although a bit small, but notoriously stingy and snobbish ,previously never spoke to his home ,now suddenly come to come, it is seeking something !Dragon Travel hate is such a snob ,don didn help the busy ,is the ability ,he also won ,even if his uncle ! Mom ,that kind of life for big gas worthwhile ?But his own body ,gas is broken only at the expense of our own it ,say, will tomorrow is a new year happy to have the Spring Festival ,if have the Spring Festival have not happy ,that is what year ! Dragon travel persuades .
Yes ,mom ,don this thing to destroy our home have the spring festival mood , clearly followed advised .In the day before yesterday ,Long Jianqiang and Zhao Lilan have put Chu Chushou as the daughter ,so clearly also follow the Dragon tour name ,and called on the .
Received clearly for daughter ,Mrs Long Jianqiang very happy ,over the years has been to have a daughter finally reached .Is afraid of affected families have the spring festival mood ,Zhao Lilan soon stopped crying ,his face from warrington .
.. ... Wearing new clothes ,wearing a new hat ,will have a wonderful time enjoying new year !Have the Spring Festival ,rural flavor than city thick, red poetic couplet ,as one falls firecracker sound ,make village everywhere permeated with thick flavor .
Of course ,the most happy of children ,new clothes to wear ,favorable with ,have a firecracker ... ... See is dressed in new clothes ran children ,dragon eyes flashed a tour of envy ,he now has to find his own childhood that have the Spring Festival atmosphere ,but he still likes to have the Spring Festival ,because have the Spring Festival means reunion and affection !Eat my hometown traditional have the spring festival food -- AI board members ,ate meal, dragon travel with parents and seems to be clearly show ,he wants to have a good look at the gala idea is difficult to achieve ,from eight o the beginning, his mobile phone rang non-stop, not New Year SMS is the Chinese New year phone the light is ,messages back and pick up the telephone to give him work .
Finally ,the son swim before it is pumped from an empty to He Minghui and Liu Mei gave a greeting call, of course ,He Minghui is not so easy to get through ,he is always played for more than twenty minutes to get through .
Then Long Ziyou gave thunder ,Ma ,Wang Wuhua ,Li Yi were playing a greeting call, because until twelve, the phone would be Ren Xiaoxiao they give busy .Long Ziyou busy ,so also did not idle, she was kept with Xiao Xiao ,Bayashi Minmi ,Zhou Muyu female SMS chat .
One to twelve ,dragon travel personally lit home a long fireworks and firecrackers together ,and his mobile phone ringing !In twelve, it was Ren Xiaoxiao hit came in !Happy new year.
Happy new year. How in the capital have the Spring Festival ,lively ? Ask dragon travel . Lively lively ,but the overall feel lost something, Xiao Xiao mood excited with a bit of regret .
Is it right? Without me ? Dragon travel and road . A cocky guy ,you little boast ! Ren Xiaoxiao said sarcastically . You say I sad yo UGGs Kenly Boots, dragon travel clutching his chest with a sad look, but unfortunately ,Miss Ren Da in the capital, the invisible .
Sad? So much beauty miss you, you sad? Letter to you ! Ren Xiaoxiao sour road . Oh , dragon travel only quick response . Yes, I tell you a good news ,you gave me my grandpa drank wine ,he was like ,also said that recently the human spirit and physical strength are a lot better , Xiao Xiao said .
He loves good, drunk you said ,I there , dragon travel has not recognized any Xiao Xiao loves represents what ,so the tone becomes a bit . Well ,also, you save me Grandpa already know ,he said there is a chance to meet you , Xiao Xiao the sounds are more happy .
Oh ,yes ,but this will I have a chance to go to the capital . ... ... Each chapter one: everywhere green Yang Kan ,horse ,every family has a road lead to Changan .Finally received the PK ticket and VIP tickets ,not on the ballot ,I wish to express our heartfelt thanks !At the same time, hope that other children don Suburb Crochet UGG Boots,no flowers and the ticket ,the collection is also a good point .
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