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> Small Mo a return to the WWw. qUanBen. COm the Little Red urging small Mo find some electronic components. Little Mo was too lazy to Dali Alice, his painting with colored pencil mess spread out a map, picked up a pen and drew a circle somewhere in the the E2 area and the E3 region junction. Here is Catwoman told Little Mo Fat Dragon, bike tanks located. Although there is no gun, but certainly much better than Little Mo car broken car. Little Mo, I believe, the tank must have a heavily guarded, a careless, will most likely killed. It is necessary to urge caution. Took LB-700, Little Mo open energy tank, found that the energy block has been less than one-tenth of the original size. Upper back to help the Catwoman to deal with the pig consumes a lot of energy. - Energy is very important for any advanced weapons. Advanced energy weapons, not as good as a brick. Like Little Mo lightsaber, there is no energy like a waste. Filed lightsaber, Little Mo suddenly remembered Yu quiet snatched lightsaber to another, seems to have been that have not seen the lightsaber trace neither hands of Yu quiet, not in the Nightingale hands, seems to be then suddenly disappear. Or that sword's energy depleted Nightingale they lost? Little Mo recover brains continue to study their own thing: If you steal tanks. A bulletproof car, no doubt it is very important. Little Mo got into a room and shut the door. - Giving itself a little red able to move freely, Little Mo also need a special workplace, or Little Red always harassing him patiently. See Little Mo ignore their own requirements, angry little red eyes rested on a small Mo's TV above the eyes turn in a circle, holding the TV back to his room. Wait until nightfall, Little Mo finally wear protective clothing and wearing a bullet-proof helmets, carrying a bag with LB-700 from the room went out. Just to get out of the The little red stand naked in front of Little Mo, Little Mo's hand grabbed happily said: Little red catch up with open arms stopped small Mo angrily, See if the time is not late, do not bother with the little red nonsense, simply hand out little red legs, casual fishing one, is preparing to leave, but all of a sudden see the little red Menheng the soon unconsciously legs clip. Little Mo lug eyebrows, some know why. The little red pumping mouth, suddenly laughed arrogant,timberland work boots, his legs, very solemnly said: ! some skeptical, went to the little red around her body sweep a hand grabbed a handful of small red chest, . Little Mo and reach out to the little red pants, with eyes fixed on the little red his face. Ten minutes later, Little Mo fingers taken out, took one look and said: The company's finest creations, not only has a waterproof effect, you can also drink plenty of water, and allow water to penetrate the skin of their own simulation oozed from any one place. The small Mo could not help but want to laugh, Youmo one, said, electronic clock on a bulkhead,Timberland Classic 3 Eye, Petit said: ...... Sewer, heavily armed small Mo riding a children four car forward toward the destination. Narrow sewers, this children's car apparently became very suitable transport. Well for a while a little song, Little Mo suddenly could not help but laugh. A robot, even trying to transform itself into a true woman as pleasure, really - really world anecdotes. Little Mo think the day should be the head of the little red to breaking down, apart sun. She suspected that the little red head should be water - or damp. The ... The little red head is really water. Her own head Little Mo When the end it passed to kick to kick bad waterproofing system needs to be repaired. ... Four car speed is obviously much faster than the tricycle and sewer Unlike road everywhere garbage out of the way, the small Mo soon to E2 zone boundary,northface jackets. Expand map with the head lights, small Mo found away from the tank location nearest one manhole covers children. Came that covers children under the small Mo softly climb, Cezhaoerduo listened for a moment, did not hear the movement, only to turn off the head of a small lamp, gingerly holding a manhole cover, looked moving around. Next to the side of a low building, and the other side of the walls of reinforced fence, small Mo to see looked around no one,cheap timberland, only to climb to the ground, groping came to the foot of the wall. Today's the moonlight great, is obviously not a good time for theft, but Little Mo worries the Fat Dragon will tank transfer, feel or earlier stole the better, so dark and dreary. Moonlight to shine throughout the military garbage near a very bright, the small Mo can clearly see the Fat Dragon patrol back and forth around the men. Just the opposite two meters away a scrap shop stood a full twenty bearer. Everyone were holding hands I do not know the true and false and I do not know can not use advanced weapons. Obviously, tanks that scrap shop. Little Mo body bag taken down from the inside out a miniature remote control car. The remote control has long been broken, but the car can run their own. Little Mo looked around to observe, and from the backpack and pulled out a high-expansion telescope locked up not far from a used furniture garbage. The car above, bundled with a glass bottle, the bottle is a little inferior fuel. Little Mo the car down, took out a lighter from his pocket, lit bottle Commissioner of long lead. Little Mo let the car explosion, before the car went furniture garbage such poor quality fuel inside blown fall wood furniture, furniture heap once caught fire, the Little Mo can take advantage of the LB-700 rapidly disarray rounded out that waste shop, grab a tank car on foot. Optimistic about a straight line, the small Mo toy car switch is pressed. Car riri toward furniture garbage around the car above, long lead slowly burning. Furniture garbage However, the distance over fifty meters, for the people, nothing for a small toy car, simply trek up. A small piece of brick block unexpected Ge Mao Zhaoyao car wheels, car accident changed the direction ... Little Mo took a deep breath, and quickly crept want to chase, but the previous route can not covert objects, the car can be the past, the small Mo has not in the past, that will sentry who. Little Mo is in her eagerness suddenly saw himself behind more than 10 meters, some unusual things. Startled for a moment, and slowly walked over, only to see in the corner at the corner of the hand of a man lying on the ground. Surprised under the heart, Little Mo looked down the arm, found a dead man lying on the floor. This next to the dead, even lay two dead bodies. Obviously! Was pre-empted a! The small Mo Xinxia Da shock, he did not want their fancy tanks were taken away. The Little Mo refused to take a bike small toy car and walked down the corpse, do not go far, you will find a dead body, after several turnover, she would come to the back of the shop that parked tank waste. The full six dead body lying on the ground, each corpse Yijizhiming, some knife in the throat, some direct neck is broken, the more the two head smash was heavy objects. Master are for! Little Mo took a deep breath, looked up and saw the wall behind bars. Iron out the window burglar rebar is cut, under the window, there is a large pliers. Bang - small mo car toy car explosion, almost at the same time, someone shouted: around. The light was enough room, you can clearly see the heavy guard of the door. The center of the room, quiet as no muzzle tanks parked there. Next to the tanks, three corpses lying. The small Mo also found an acquaintance. Yu-quiet - except for her, probably not so good skill, you can easily get rid of so many guards. Yu-quiet leash, silently kill a tank car next to the last one of the guards. Then quickly ran toward the tanks, jump leaps, jump into a tank inside. Door guards heard the shouts of Little Mo know at the moment has no room for hesitation, he must gamble, or tanks should woo quiet to snatched! Jumped into the room, Petit lifted LB-700. Side strafing door rushed to the guards, side ran toward the tanks. <

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