The Qinglong came before the

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Chapter one hundred and twentieth the banquet (b) the time the holy profession will always be no shortage of things, after all holy profession casually that civilians, even if you do not practice, point A little off the body raising the Road can live to twenty-three hundred, after all holy profession of Reiki than outside broken continent keen on as much as ten times,UGG For Kids Outlet, so the holy profession some civilians even a casual practice can reach the level of God repair for this is the gap between the community and the profession. VIP is always the last stage, the remark is insightful, even holy profession of the person, but also understand about the truth, at noon time, rapidly under the door of the main door greet, the main door of the Golden Gate Feng laugh heard the moon less came to the main blue mountain city of thing, also personally rushed to the blue mountain town the visible moon prestige holy profession how ice legend already came with ice spirit rapid door, ice Ling there indeed allow the parties to attend this banquet forces Junjie their eyes have a bright, can When these Junjie hear the words of their elders, all of them immediately disappointed up, Timor-level master and still bit Empress Dowager the woman, it would be them respect level repair whom people available, who do not know the roots of troubles truth, have the ability to get, I am afraid to bring their own immense trouble, they have not so arrogant as to I The best in the world, unless they glue. one to come, Does he not participate in this feast, but think about it not right, because he saw Long Wuming face after he broke up with Long Wuming expression with that hint of faint smile, feeling as if it contains a What do you mean, he can not figure out is, he had also asked the way to the ice Ling Long Wuming why not come along, ice spirit gave him the answer He became even more depressed. In the banquet hall lively, a figure from the banquet hall flanking went out, the lively banquet hall quieted down, and the eyes all invested in the presence of people who are standing in the hall's first. Zhang Yang at the moment inner excitement Wan moving Once upon a time he had this honor, you want to know at the moment in the banquet hall below, have both hands the number of an equal footing with its own forces martial head alone, there are a few among the height powers characters, now is not the same as obediently sat beneath own waiting for their speeches. taking the time to attend the banquet, Zhang deeply grateful. heart suddenly a little unhappy, may be the moment when he looked up, a voice from the banquet hall rumor came. Kinmen door main.. walked toward the banquet hall, after all, the main door of Kinmen from time than the original, and to know the people of Kinmen main door just let the first door of the holy profession ate a defeated army burned away, who do not want to pull the point relations Zhang Yang although heart a little unhappy, but for arrival of Kinmen main gate von laugh, he can not dare to have any trace of sloppy, not to mention that he is now living in the door with the moon less main, even if he has to rely less on the moon Lord, he did not dare The five giants of the holy community presumptuous, unless he wanted to die, and he knew it, even if they have been the moon less accepted into the Lord gave, if they really made the Golden Gate main door from the kill, probably do not need to von laugh hands, the moon Little Lord directly he kicked out people slaughtered, this is the holy profession prestige of the Big Five. Feng laugh Ju Zhang Yang quickly finishing under clothes, quickly rushed to the door of the banquet hall, respectful looking at the waist in front to enter the body: under Zhang Yang seen door main subordinate... Seen the main door. The force Tuoqi This is the nine Emperor Wu of strength, people can not resist to live. Feng laughing eyes sweep the sweep in the banquet hall, her eyes fell on the ice spirit who suddenly eyes light up, ignore beside those who continue to greeting dropped his entourage walked directly toward the ice spirit. Ice legend saw Feng laughed walking towards his position, the heart suddenly excited, is preparing to the front to greet away, the next scene, he made himself look blindsided Feng laughed sentence He was even more shocked. said the little things handed down, it will come. The brother said would come, and so will surely come, and I am waiting for him to make good filling his wine, brothers and sisters can not say. The five giants that they can see those little minions, today actually see both how to keep them excited about it? have an avenue, order von laughed walk, followed the von laugh behind the ice Ling also did not forget to pull on their own ancestors and brothers, let them together they follow their own went out to meet. Ice the legendary and ice wing have been in shock, until the ice spirit pulled them sleeves, they recovered, two heart also grateful for the the ice Spirit's move, because they understand their descendants This means, Why? Nonsense, did not attend the banquet hall at the moment Banquet forces are chiefs look to see their own two eyes completely changed, If we say that in front of each other compliments with a trace of respect, this is not nonsense, people house one of the Big Five in Beauty and the elders of the holy profession Feng laughed call for younger siblings, the meaning of which allows them to come up with numerous road possibilities, sum it up, the ice door with a huge backer, this backing to Kinmen The main door had to be courteous to one-third, and that their forces can offend. Yet to come, the momentum spread to the banquet hall on the first, this momentum is not revised for the release of the momentum, it is a long-term positions of momentum, this momentum that others can not imitate, like von laugh in front arrive. The Qinglong came before the banquet hall with a pedestrian, von laugh really not expected, Long Wuming with drunk lines really Qinglong and others to come all the way. several times, and this gap is the nine Emperor Wu of Heaven realm of human. a long time no attitude. This rapid door if he have leisure to bother to come to this informative small sects. Von laugh to see the puzzled expression Qinglong,Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Sale, immediately understand Qinglong be the Longwu Ming Communications, when the in the Hengshan peak of breaking up, Qinglong said he had to remember back to the Dragon Lam trip, choose a new royal After all,Canada Goose Dawson Outlet, the rules of the Orcs who Wong repair breakthrough Timor-class, no longer allowed as Emperor, and he saw the Qinglong behind a simple and honest burly man, he should understand that this man is the Orcs the next generation of the royal royal, will be on the generation of Wong first brought out to hone a few years, will be the host, Qinglong brought the trio, two of whom he Orcs each generation selected all know, the left and right of the Orcs protect the law, And nothing but this young man he did not know,UGG Dauphine, plus he saw the young man though not very old, but he has seven Emperor Wu of the repair, and this confirms the von laugh his mind the thought. Green brother, the little master of the moon came here. know than von laugh even more on some, after all, the animal family's heritage can be compared to what martial art is not just that martial art, no matter how scenery, just a moment., public view Musha continent from earliest emperors continent to , once dominated the moment the martial art, and ultimately not end up Daughter ending, animal family? Both mainland how the situation changes, the animal family of blood is always inherited. (Coffee book Nine supernatural powers on the mobile phone supports coffee much they can go and see, to help the ninth seeking the point of collection and support, thank you.) (If the chapter there is an error, please report it to us) <

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