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November 11 [Sun], 2012, 17:53
When Wang Can heard the words of Ma Chao ,sneers two ,said: s on the solitary irreverent ,solitary would kill him ! Dull tone, without the slightest guilt . alone ,this is the first time Wang Can in such a tone of voice .
He served as Yizhou herd has more than two years, is the first time such a claim .In ancient times, the emperor alone can be used ,can be said to alone , lone king .However , orphan is also used for a long term ,the history of Yuan Shao as the Jizhou animal husbandry ,wrote to Gongsun Zan ,say solitary and enough ,is to use the lone ID .
Wang Canshen is a town Cao herd ,general ,title Shu Hou ,is called solitary right .But ,Wang Can is not used .Ma Chao as a proud peacock ,stood in front of him arrogant arrogant, let Wang Can have to whisk off Ma Chao arrogance ,let him see the situation .
Ma Chao to listen to the words of Wang Can ,he retorted: ,my soldiers on how you disrespect? Wang Can stared at Ma Chao ,he quipped : the horse Mengqi ,you Xiliang army youngster ,and solitary is the imperial seal Yizhou herd .
Do you think in such a tone and I speak very reasonable ?Well, people say rock from the top ,you do so arrogant arrogant, one can imagine you thing is true ,solitary killed him ,also be perfectly logical and reasonable ,removing a pest .
You ? Ma Chao Wenyan ,mad the Silver Fangs bite ,hate not rush to beat up Wang Can .And Wang Can argue ,Ma Chao is not the first one was so angry and viscera organs to burn .The former Wang Can into Changan seeking official ,is a dynamic Changan ,persuaded the world famous great scholar ,and later in Jingzhou ,said Cai Mao without rebuttal of courage .
Ma Chao is young, not good at debate ,three two said Wang Can must be rendered speechless by .Pang Dejian Wang Can Ma Chao was suppressed ,Baoquan says ; King Yizhou, my general is Imperial Envoys for the imperial edict ,convey ,you so overbearing ,may have been the courtiers of the duty ? Wang Can looked at Pound ,deep voice asked : are you there? Pound replied : free Pound ,Pang Lingming ! Wang Can heard, eyes flash of surprise ,Pound did not expect even with a horse Chaolai .
Wang Can familiar with history ,is that Pound ,because Pound is capable of fighting with Guan Yu expert ,had to bow and arrow Guan Yu arms ,injured Guan Yu .Just because of the ban ,Pound and Yu Jin Guan Yu was the breaching of the dike flood ,was eventually captured Guan Yu ,Pound will not drop ,to Guan Yu was killed .
Such a character ,Wang Can is naturally impressed .Wang Can Pound on the history of the doings feel admiration ,but now it is the enemy .His heart thinks a ,Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber,ignoring Pound ,Ma Chao and asked: directly toward the horse Mengqi ,this is your way ?Side a will can be optionally interposed ,do not know the rules .
I see you this Imperial Envoys or improper ,it seems ,I an Qing you, really is correct ,you help your majesty will let Ma ,great disorder under heaven ,people restless . Pound Wenyan ,pale red ,eyes burning anger .
Shame. Shame. Pound Wu Yi is superb, bold and crafty ,by Tengqi heavy horse .In Ma Teng generals ,Pound is very high, this is Ma Teng enough prideful .Wang Can saying ,let Pound very embarrassed ,like eating a fly stuck in the throat, difficulty in swallowing .
He had to clench the teeth bared bared ,polished sound, is moving really angry .Pound was angry, Ma Chao also angry .At this moment ,a thing has been Ma Chao to the back of her head .
Compared to the young emperor to the edict ,Ma Chao care more about Ma Teng ,care more about Ma ,he heard Wang Can say Ma help small emperor will cause great disorder under heaven ,will make people uneasy ,couldn .
But Ma Chao did not expect such a situation ,so there is no golden gun with me .Ma Chao heart rage ,wanted to use the gun to kill Wang Can ,but no weapons .To be sonorous. Ma Chao retreated and beg next, whipped out hanging in the waist of the sword ,stabbing Wang Can .
The hot sun ,shines with dazzling light sword .Ma Chao to mention sword to kill Wang Can ,wanted to kill Wang Can .When Ma Chao has been throwing caution to the wind ,no matter what person is Wang Can ,kill him ,the event up to the Xiliang is .
Griddle ! When Ma Chao went when, Dian Wei look out from behind Wang Can .He holds the iron halberd ,UGGs Sandra Boots,instantaneous waving out ,hit Ma Chao sword .Iron collision ,burst out of a mars .
Ma Chao was stopped immediately shouted : Dian Wei ,the Ming ,rushed forward and killed Wang Can . Wang Can Pound had just been to stimulate ,has lost his reason ,hear the words Ma Chao ,a knife ran up .
However ,while Pang Dechong went up ,and there was a great body blocked Pound .I saw Huang Zhong portable nine feet long, proudly standing in front of Wang Can in Pound .Huang Zhong sneers two hands ,nine feet long cross in front of the chest ,cried : Pound ,how dare you are their court ,the project herd .
His deep voice ,on the road constantly echoed .Pound heard the words of Huang Zhong ,the cold would hit a jiling .They led the army to ,responsibility ,relationship with Ma Teng .
However ,this situation evolved into ,also how to deliver an imperial order ?I fury ,direct that this court envoy ,Pound looked, saw Wang Can smiling mouth ,eyes and with a wicked smile .
Seeing this, Pound missed a beat ,hidden just blundered ,gave Wang Can the head .Huang Zhongjian Pound did not come ,he stood motionless, didn .Wang Canshou resort ,said : you will all at once ,the Xiliang army surrounded, if there is a rebel ,shot on the spot .
Connaught ! Lv Meng answered a call ,quickly brought three hundred battalions from Sophora horse Junnu ,quick assembly bolt .Three hundred people spread out, will Ma Chao one hundred Xiliang army surrounded .
Under the sunlight, as sharp arrow silvery, with a clear light ,flashing a horrible murder .Wang Can shouted : Ma Chao ,if you continue to resist ,you bring one hundred Xiliang army ,all because of you and is killed ,whether to continue and Dian Wei fights, you want to know ?.
At this time,Jimmy Choo Starlit, Ma Chao is Dian Wei suppressed, heart very bad .His swordsmanship very powerful, can be compared to the Dian Wei hands using iron halberd ,can threaten the Dian wei .
Dian Wei hand iron halberd play ,each carrying a huge strength ,weapons collision when Ma Chao ,very afflictive .When Ma Chao using tiger Cham tuna ,is fully capable of fighting and Dian Wei ,but sword although sharp ,but no tiger Cham tuna as aggressive bully ,Ma Chao would not tuna with me ,very suffer .
He heard the words of Wang Can ,who was fast puckering ,exit two steps back .Dian Wei sees this ,did not continue to pursue ,but exit block in Wang Can ,to keep Wang Can safe .Ma Chao said : Wang Can ,don ,under my command while only one hundred life Xiliang army ,but was not bullied .
If you think you have hundreds of soldiers can defeat us ,it is completely mistaken . He was hideous, ferocious look on his face ,has put Wang Canhen into the bones .Wang Can smiled grimly ,also don is fearless !He said : you ,with a crossbow shooting Road next to the trees ,let them know as power .
Connaught ! Lv Meng nodded ,with crossbow aimed at the trees ,and injection bolt .Ma Chao abide prestige goes ,only getting into the trunk was more than half a foot deep ,let Ma Chao hit it hit it mouth ,eyes horrified look ,good terror crossbow !If shot in the body, is definitely one fatal .
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