Nanlin City entertainment venues

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 17:45

Chapter 2 [box] midnight, magnificent bar. The colorful neon meantime, the hustle and bustle of the deep and rhythmic music, dim lighting, a beautiful voluptuous torso | body wrapped around the pipe, frantically twitching, seduce original desire. However, these dancers crazy farm yard somewhat deserted dance floor was empty, only in twos and threes figure still swinging listlessly, and a far cry from the's hot the hustle and bustle of the past. It would be reasonable to the pinball business means to take care of this magnificent thing simply Shoudaoqinlai. Whether Miss pretty Shoudexia cowboys or bar hard power, magnificent are the industry's premier. However, it did not last long, magnificent deserted down eventually. The edge of the bar and sets with fancy floral shirt, big pants, the crappy shoes of pinball, a cup is a cup big mouth filling with red wine,UGG Suburb Crochet Short Boots, misty shed some light shone on his face, he looks slightly emaciated. Just keep filling a few bottles of wine, not so contented, pinball, they live in the mouth. Ever since since his to practicing Payable to pull out a Cuban cigar, the next cowboys Shan Xiaozhao handed him a fire, pinball bowed his head quickly, fiercely smoking a cigarette, just squinted, and trust in the leather chairs, comfortable, to spit a seasoned smoke ring. the occasion, softly complained. the Nanlin of all entertainment venues, but they also have the arrogant capital goods, are a product of both purity and quality, and the price is lower than our full doubled, this does not, within two days, they unified all wherever he goes, within five days, the major places in urban areas have also compromise ...... Lasts from a month ago, Tang Zhengdong will Gesanchaiwu to this bar to drink every time drunk, drunk like mud. tipsy, at this point, he had drunk Qi Bafen, beside littered with empty bottles of ground, children just as suddenly disappear general, there have not been ...... Since last Tangqi children after school, dark green soul species snatch the body, they never returned home and are not even in the the Nanlin city appeared. uttered aloud comfort pinball looking at deserted places, some trance and said: Tang, had fallen on the sofa, sound asleep. This evening, apparently did not drink. The fierce slap five minutes later, the two cigars pinball, force snuffed cigar, then stood up and totter Tang, walked to the door. On fact, from the age, Tang Zhengdong is not big on pinball, Zhao Yan Tang, elders, pinball followed shouted Tang Shu killed refuses changed. However,UGG Roxy Tall Boots, no other pinball went to the door, the magnificent outside the door, a sudden influx of fifty or sixty vehicles, including two off-road Land Rover, the rest are all sports car. dish. Heard pinball handed side of the arms of the Tang, cowboys, then spoke slowly lit a cigar, spit smoke, squinted and said: you? This curly-haired man, nicknamed Mad Dog, before, in the magnificent bar, take liberties with the dancers of the field house, forced to come to the field of play in the compound Guests Guanmihuntang, which is angry pinball expelled magnificent. Think of this mad dog after leaving that and a bunch of Vietnamese stir together,North Face Nuptse, and in just one month between is to become the spokesman for the group of Vietnamese, commonly known as 'henchman' everywhere rampage. Speed ​​with lightning speed, is the the Nanlin City's entertainment venues clean sweep. Looked up and glanced at the Mad Dog a pinball took a deep a cigar, and then, suddenly looked up, direct spray mad dog look. things ...... A few quick temper, direct rushed forward, picked up a fist and it went towards the mad dog hit go! Joke, in magnificent when turn mad dog speak? ! said he alone who invaded Nanlin City entertainment venues, just 24 days, is swept Nanlin City underworld, regardless of background, or wrist, are called invincible ... the emphasis is profit! I would not want you wherever he goes, in fact, I do not care you wherever he goes, but we can do business together for me to provide shipping yard sales in your field, how? White man stretched out a finger, and laughed, then Yang Bo drained the cup of wine, suddenly soon! So ...... I'll give you a reply is ...... Cui Xiang, the pinball the shoulder was a hit, skeletal spot decrepitation fierce! Ooh! Ooh! The ...... Suddenly, behind Jishihaoren, are drawn knives, steel pipes, menacing rushed forward, red eyes. Wensheng, cowboys have angrily screamed, looking at the front of far more than they are multiples of hundreds of people, and no fear of color. ............

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