into the woman mouth

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 15:27
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The woman in white far see the mountain strange in the raging ,mouth praise ,hand is stroking a worn on the right hand of the ancient magnificent ring , but can not blame me ,who let you get in my way ? Then ,the mouth gently pronouncing .
A strong dazzling lightning ,from the woman in white hands out ,straight hit the mountain neck ! the latest update to make the Arkansas jungle strange manipulated ,is killed is arisen, suddenly feel eyes were bright flash, also did not react, the neck of a cool ,then fainted !The side of an old murder ,see Master jungle strange was suddenly a bright flash of lightning ,his neck was broken UGG Classic Mini Clearance,he blames a good big head fell on the ground, direct shock ground dust !Hand axe is a heavy hit the ground, it will be a serious cavalry smashed into pieces !The headless jungle strange knelt down ,tumbling down !The fall in the head ,while his one-eyed ,scared one cavalry nobody dares to get close to !For a while ,the monster skull ,massive bodies ,and the terrible axe are such as floating light bubbles generally ,narrowed into a broken doll .
.. ... Old kill quickly picked up the broken doll ,called Willis a ,two strange immediately quit the battle group, returned to the army .Ken Willis is in the car ,you woke up .Felt his head, I saw stars .
A look at his psychic powers had dried up !Ken took a cup Fox tea drank it ,will power complementary half ,from the car rose .Old killing the broken doll handed over, Akon at heart ,such as being heavy impact ,chest pain and vague !This is our best puppet !Toot toot !How absurd.
Ken took out a green gold revolver six cherry wheel ,on the white shadow ,hate hate saying: are required to don wrong !I to ! Then ,pull the trigger ... ... You use kill bullet to have attacked each other if the physical complaints , slay bullet damage, was forced to retain a little physical strength ,enter the agonal state, but not death !Do you want to shoot ? Ring alert sounded .
Hey ,it is a restricted ! A sneer, continue and pulled the trigger ... ... A muscular male general villain to climb out of the muzzle ,standing on the barrel ,so put some fitness poss ,then leaped forward, has become a underwear Waichuan, Cape ,chest should have a finger upward mark little superman !Small Superman ! It flew out ,blink of an eye ,was rushed to the front of the woman in white .
The woman in white saw a flashing light ,a man suddenly appeared in his eyes, frightened jump ,the heart that this is their strong response to ,he pulled out a shield block in front of .
.. ... Side guard haze man ,also took strong prop ,will support ... ... But the villains ,the lightning round in a circle, to the woman behind him, a bracket at her waist ,her care from horseback ,straight up into the air !The woman in white be frightened out of one ,shouted for help ,the sound is changed ,one usually calm image ,prickly bind their feet were small Superman holding flying high up in the sky !The shadow man ,before he had time to act ,he found the girl in white has become a small white spot ,flew high in the sky !Leaving only a sound changes from high to low the call ,in my ears !Finished !The woman in white felt ear ring body was hurricane ,plus gravity pressure was broken !It was quickly launched at the gravitational effect .
From sky blue to dark blue sky above ,finally turns black ,breathing difficulties ,was very cold !Is out of the earth ?Small Superman looked down at ,close an eye ,measuring the distance ,think about .
He stopped ,the woman in white down throw ,then walk away ... ... The woman in white is also a road to scream ,earth to fly back to earth ,he seemed to hit head-on over, the mountains and rivers ,like pocket skull brain hood over his head !On the body of the clothes can high-velocity friction ,hurricane ripped mouth ,eyes by high winds into ,face splitting !She was like a meteor crashed into the original battlefield ! -- with a bang ,haze men near side ,a hard gravel ground smashed a huge pit !Sand ,diffuse into the air !Shadow man rushed to the den, a probe, and a human body lose one ,in the pit bottom twitch .
Big country wise limbs twisted into unbelievable posture ,head to touch the heel ,but apparently not killed !Or else I would have become a top star faded away !Shadow man heart point ached ,but their team leader !Without her, team survival is difficult ,but also several live their lives !The man jumped down to the pit ,gently lift the whole body bone broken woman ,enabling skills see woman only a little physical strength ,has entered the agonal state ,as long as there is a moment when ,is life !His medical skill is very difficult to treat .
So the men have a bite, from space out of a dark golden pill ,into the woman mouth !The pill of entrance to go along the woman ,sliding into my stomach .Not much ,just listen to the sound of a woman body jabber ! Noise .
Then ,the body skin intense creeping up ,woman mouth also issued a weird moan ,face pain ... ... ... ... ... ... Akon heartache will damage puppet doll income space .Driving Willis back to the battlefield .
At this time, the Tang Army Rangers have with Arabia cavalry hang together ,but the other numbers overwhelm Jun Tang ,Tang army retreat .More food ,see their reinforcements came, morale, a Tang army overwhelming momentum, be inferior to come back, in some places even rushed out of Tang Jun ,the situation is very critical !Even going to rout the Geluolu tribal sergeant, is folded the team, began to counterattack !Experienced a battle ,a weary Tang Jun cavalry ,eventually cannot resist the three thousand Arabia new forces ,were more than one thousand big country of cavalry ,break through the block, into the army !Arabia light cavalry into the array in the Tang army Archer UGG Kenly Sale,was completely arm restraint ,and a film ,never performed fire support .
Tang Jun light infantry and soldiers ,suddenly felt pressure increases .Big country spearmen and Geluolu tribes ,there is a connected trend .Two arms forming a complementary ,to Tang army badly !Tang Jun in struggle ,and the front began to shrink .
The Arab cavalry in down position within the rampage ,Tang army light infantry were opponents of the cavalry ,and spearmen and Geluolu tribal forces ,both sides, suddenly collapse !Gao Xianzhi and other army generals ,in the chaos army !Li Siye led the pro who leaned ,urgent reports : high handsome ,you pull it, it gave me to conductor resistance ! Hum !Afraid of the enemy and Ben ,non courage ;free oneself in all ,than benevolent !(fear of the enemy and escape, is timid performance ;in order to preserve their while leaving the army ,is heartless performance.
) Gao Xianzhi fumed .General. As long as you no harm ,but also stabilize the Tang army was not defeated !If you have not measured ,the chaos !You go first ,will end struggling Sizhan ,never let the Arab country easily defeated me ! Li Siye talk .
Akon was come, whispered : high general, if you go first ,also can draw a road Bing ,General Lee burden is light !And at the end of a road in the ambush ... ... So ... ...
So ... ... This is serious ?! Gao Xianzhi wonder . I sure as a gun ,Zhang Fan joined the Army Science Bulletin UGGs Suburb Crochet Short Boots, they have ambush !High general not remember ,my army to seize a city ? Ken nodded .
Why not let them to support a battlefield? Gao Xianzhi ask .Ken : they started immediately report back in place, away from here and at least one day journey ,mainly to prevent the siege army to the battlefield .
But also not too far from the town ,in case the enemy siege ,can go back support ! Gao Xianzhi nodded : .Hey. I will make a return to the bait ,and why ! Gao Xianzhi ordered : Li Siye listen to ,I will be a big horse road away ,you hold .
When we win back ,killing one of them be taken by surprise ! To make ! Li Siye to retreat, with a public kiss guard and a team of Tang Jun blood to kill array ,the three thousand Arabia cavalry .
And let a pro who notice and the Arab cavalry around war leader captain, allowing them to guard his .Gao Xianzhi took the escort troopers ,and several of the army ,beat a horse from the regiment ,to the East !More than a thousand cavalry out of the water behind the assault guards cavalry ,and go .
Li Siye shouted : the Lord high commander ,went to Da Ross city for help ,we struggling Sizhan ,big country will fail ! Big country will fail ! Tang Jun saw the boss escapes, heart was panic ,heard Li Siye to drink ,the slightly set .
Gao Xianzhi took over a thousand cavalry ,and the war and back ,rapidly to the East where the ambush of a to .Behind those Arabia cavalry see go Gao Xianzhi ,refused to let the other side will escape, horse and ran down .
They should take their own horses speed ,overtake the Tang army !Li Siye took a team of Tang Jun struggled to hold them ,they see Gao Xianzhi walking away ,is a feint with a knife ,with the team at Arabia Tang Jun elite cavalry regiment ,to kill to !A folded and killed Tang Jun soldiers consisting of scattered ,commando ,to fight the worst place to rush .
Three thousand big country light cavalry in pursuit of his go ,Tang army pressure was much lighter ,and fold formation, and the Arab team and Geluolu tribe to launch the seesaw battle .
The big country light cavalry raids UGG Women's Ashur,the Tang army a be taken by surprise ,the loss is not small .Archer was almost annihilated ,light infantry also suffered minor casualties .Be big country spearmen and Geluolu tribal army full suppression air max 90 shoes.
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