Nicholas complete the goddess

May 14 [Tue], 2013, 16:25
> Rumbling exaggerated loud noise stop ringing in the ears, mixed with gravel * wind almost never stopped, if for another person, I am afraid will immediately be dripping with the blood of these gravel to play, but unfortunately at the moment sitting here who completely ignore these small stone with a powerful lethal. www, quaNBen com Ye casual sitting on a boulder, his right hand on his knees, and then resting his chin in the palm of your hand looking away origin, the screams coming from the side could not get him turned around and filed a fancy an interest, until the "Alei Sha asked loudly:" The adults ............ time to! ", he nodded his head, then stood up, walked to the explosion site. The huge potholes, a robust man lying there, and was covered in a bloody scratches, look miserable people a look at the opinions Heart mercy, but leaves bite flattering, but squatting turned around and looked down at the side, his eyes licking little cat paw. "How?" Uphold the kitten licking his paw, and then pumped empty bite bite round little head, and then a sigh like that in front of this young man seems to be lamented: So how do you do not live up to expectations it? Nicholas Tingshi lying on the ground now has half of the sentence are unable to speak, a few months down long ago to let him know and that they do not know what should be counted as powerful creatures against is no good fruit to eat, People say that what your nose to recognize is that if an attempt to refute, then the end will only be more miserable. Readily transported from the blood firmament infuriating, to help Nicholas who poked bloody wound. Ye very much at home with this treatment to cure this be able to tell him these days, almost always to do similar things. However, compared with their own blood firmament infuriating to grasp more and more skilled, Ye care about is this Nicholas himself and Garfield training for a few months, signs of how friendly little burning small universe? Do the authors had the wrong horse? Put away the blood firmament infuriating, trauma of Nicolas body has fully restored, the remaining question is the fatigue strength and energy, and in this regard he is no way to deal with, and only let him rest to recover slowly. However, because the wounds have disappeared so Nicholas can stand up and freely activities, sitting on the ground Nicholas glanced fear squatted next to the kitten, and then got up and respectfully hedge its Shi a ceremony: would like to thank the guidance of adults! "This has become a habit, but it is not really how respectful this tyrannical power of the little guy a bit exaggerated, but to his surprise found that if they do, the next day training this little thing a little mercy, the contrary indispensable to suffer a few ruthless. Adhere to teeth three days Nicholas decided: "No general knowledge and this beast anyway, no charge anything Shi ceremony!", Such an exception wise decision. When the teacher appears when the addiction Garfield also enjoy this feeling, even head also a very proud expression Da Cici the ceremony. Askew look like to see the leaves and funny and silent, but for Nicholas thing Garfield salute, but he did not think what inappropriate Oriental Once upon a successful practice in the body of the animal is not immortal, so Oriental Once upon a fairy stereotypes on this species is naturally low on many. First this idea is consistent in the East, up to very thorough! Since the kittens 加菲比尼古拉斯 so much stronger, as his teacher, what does not work? As a gift to teachers - who, naturally,Coach Purses, not a big problem. Garfield age carefully figure it is not small, compared to this year, dissatisfaction with 16 of Nicholas, his grandfather enough, count up from the respect for their elders, did not say do not go places. Short a look at this boundary is very strange behavior in the eyes of Ye is the right and proper thing, but this picture is a little bit of everything funny. Raised his head and looked at the overcast sky, the cold north wind will not let Ye feel uncomfortable, but he was to consider the case of this young man beside two. "It looks like snow!" Several west line going around in circles a few months a long time to even Ye do not know exactly how long, ever since leaving the sanctuary, until a few days ago actually encountered a snow This awakening has been on the outside turning for quite a while. But Where is the reincarnation of Athena is still clueless leaves along the way in addition to encounter several waves of his vain attempt to grasp the back as slaves or want to develop into Gladiator aristocracy did not meet anyone. Always travel in the wilderness a few people did not encounter too many villages, Ye wonder, west of Athena is not to find deliberately hoodwinked him? At the same time, the past few months he focus on developing Nicholas, results entry is limited, in addition to that this young man's body close to the limit further, the small universe practice there is no progress, obviously more than a month before small universe to explain to both this young man to listen to, but Nicholas comprehend the small universe this point, even than But A Leisuo to! Ye more surprised thin and small Elei Sha learning a small universe strength progress very fast, in accordance with this progress continue, perhaps E Leisha will first Nicholas has gradually become a Gold Saint. But think of it, leaves, suddenly shocked: "seems .................. Gold Saint women?" After much deliberation, the original or the surrounding which there have been no female gold saints, Perhaps the only fly some fanfiction, leaves, but this time they suddenly felt, train a female gold saint is also a very interesting challenge. Even he considered simply trained twelve men gold saints, training 12 female gold saints, to the time a dozen twenty-four go straight into the war even put that move three-one array technology can also kill a few groups not? Only now, with twelve gold enough people, let alone the twelve men and women, so this idea was first thrown aside, have the opportunity to say, still wondering If the E Leisuo the strength to continue to progress, then She chose a Gold Cloth which is more appropriate. Will be slightly different because the selected subsequent development of the road, Ye go to help Alei Sha practice skills a practice tricks, small universe later may present the properties, such as Aquarius Gold Saint small universe, it will give to freeze all feel wearing Taurus garments, and will give things can destroy all blocked in the presence of this overbearing feeling. After several days of observation and inquiry, Ye finalized A Leisha suitable is the tricks of the ice,Coach Outlet Luggage Bags Outlet, that is if she can to ensure their own progress speed, then she will become the Aquarius Gold Saint The Gladiator In addition, she is likely to become the first female gold saint. "Even if you can not become Aquarius can also choose other garments," the Cygnus Cloth Ye did not make manufactured However Hephaestus, manufacturing a Bronze Cloth than the Gold Cloth much simpler, as long as it does not consider the Cygnus Cloth can evolve, then completely in a very short time rush one out. Or animated version of Crystal Saint is the thing, although the original does not this guy! Incompetent, Ye Nordic guys tinker with it, those guys are not like to use the cold air it? Just pick a Alei Sha. In short, he is not afraid of no way to arrange A Leisha in the subsequent period of time, has a few tricks of the holy warriors of the ice to teach her, as she can comprehend and ultimately play out how much power it can not see her own the. Obviously not as good as their own, but their first step to master small universe and the first step may be a noble Gold Saint Nicholas for Alei Sha's perception can be described as quite complex: its feel happy at the same time, gradually a bit anxious. All see in the eyes of the leaf did not go awoke this young man, he is still the usual Garfield clean up this kid, and intentionally or unintentionally, is on the side pointing Alei Sha. Wait until the second snow, so a small team atmosphere more and more strange. Mr. tonight in the camp here do? ", Not a large grove, encircle the huge trees enough to make two or three people seems to be a natural barrier, there are also more suitable to avoid the sparse snow is still falling down huā on earth, it is almost not seen a foot of snow. Ye equipment of a few people who did not how on how much is on the outside and cover with a layer of heavy cloak, cover the whole person. This costume for him nothing comprehend the small universe in particular, still finishing the tricks of the ice E Leisha now also afraid of this cold, only Nicholas's face is not good, but still put on a proud young nobleman strength up nothing things look, but unfortunately blue cheeks and started a little Pan-Purple lips are deeply betrayed him. Select a leeward position, E Leisha and Garfield the cat to look for firewood and prey can fill their stomachs, and the leaves and Nicholas relative sitting there, behind against the huge trunk. Wait until A Leisha far away, leaves suddenly said: "Follow me, is an opportunity, but there may represent you will have lost their lives! Feel could not get on, then, can speak out, I will let you leave! "Nicholas bite his teeth, and eventually did not speak. He really raised the idea of ​​giving up, this time, he even wondered if he really can become a saint. Ye these days seems to be disappointed with his performance, almost did not give him any guidance, but has not been good the E Leisuo show amazing talent, the control of the cold air leaves are exported praise. And the powerful and Body disproportionate kittens often front of A Leisuo, nodded, seems to be praised. Everything seems to deviate from Nicholas originally envisioned the track, originally his heart longing with the screen own follow in the powerful Taurus adults behind, and then after a period of difficult but not hardship travel, success to find a goddess reincarnation, they have mastered the kind of powerful force, has become a powerful and noble gold saint. E Leisha may become a Saint in Taurus adults help or simply to see the facts to give up the dream of the holy warriors, and then concentrate on the waiting at his side, whenever he left the house, she would quietly waiting for their return. It all he wants, and the beginning of time seems to be in development according to his vision, until a few months ago, Taurus adults began to teach small moment of the universe began, everything from the track. E Leisha mastered the small universe, he has never touched the threshold! E Leisuo getting better and better, "even the Taurus adults are opening praise: Maybe you will become a powerful gold saint that obviously should belong to his own glory. A Leisuo have mastered beyond human strength to see her reach hit the cold air can be any one thing to be completely frozen, such as nirvana-like strength, he can not even touch had no chance. "how could this be? "Ye do not know how this is so, perhaps can only say that God is fair, as Alei Suo efforts" So finally paid off? In fact, "Ye do not believe these words, because too many unfair things, sometimes a person's talent is enough to make another person decades of effort mockery in accordance with the talent, Nicolas absolutely tough enough, can only be explained in the small universe, A Leisuo talent to get really sick? but E Leisha thin body is a fact, if she can not change the status quo, then her ultimate success is still limited After all, the small universe is relying on the ** to play a role in the flesh,Coach Outlet Bags Online, if, as the carrier is not powerful enough, then able to send to the strength or limited. Fortunately, A Leisuo body still in the developmental stage, maybe after this stage will get better? kind of thing is not good to judge "all or to rely on the time to judge. D Nicholas ...... your heart has been unable to keep calm! Been the case, then you will never be able to comprehend the small universe! "This is the last teachings of Ye, if Nicholas can cross the hurdle, then he will have to face is a broad road, no difficulties will hinder his growth. Make life difficult "So he did not even become holy warriors may not exist, either in the sanctuary when a trash fish, either to return to their home to secure the rest of his life. Finish this sentence," Ye there is no longer much nonsense, static nose sitting there, "through Taurus the garments to feel the position of Athena. This time I felt really had a harvest, but to his surprise, the sense of the power of Athena seems locked in front of their own that young people today, a warm full of inclusive love, similar to the small universe of divine almost Nicholas shrouded in which Ye opened his eyes to find the opposite young people did not even notice they never just slumped over there, and then slightly turbid eyes gradually brighter, followed by a golden light coming from the horizon and fly to the top of the sudden a turn, fell straight Nicholas front. "This is ... Leo Gold Cloth? Nicholas stood up the body, the body attached to the cape to throw it to the side, and then held out his hand to touch in the gold lion head: "Thank the goddess guidance of His Highness, I understand what makes for a qualified Gold Saint! Abandoned jealousy and selfish heart, I will own all dedicated to you! Then a fall, gold lions light comes up, and then broken down into a golden light fell on the body of Nicholas, and looked across all Ye is stunned. Clear laughter rang in his mind, Ye immediately realized it was that nasty woman with a kind of divine spells and speak for themselves. "you fooled a pure boy! Ye how likely do not know what Athena do? Nothing more than call is Nicholas lost when out of nowhere, and then the appearance of a savior for some preaching and guidance, the result was only fifteen-year-old Nicholas complete the goddess Fudge lame, immediately table a faithful young man loyal to Athena is also very simply, to help him to ignite their own little universe, but also to the Gold Cloth sent to his hand "He is an excellent young man, will also become a very good Saint, I'm just a little to help him nothing! "Ye Wen shook his head:" you do this, equal to ruin his future, and his strength will never be able to improve ... "while out in the underground passage in mind Unfortunately: Originally, their own choosing, may become Olympus hidden dangers of young people so to Athena destroyed a completely relying on the goddess help really lit a small universe Nicholas, directly owned by the strength of the gold saint, but he never impossible to go further at this moment, He even suspected Athena is not aware of what, why they shot directly caused such a result, after all, Athena is no hope that this used to kill time game pawn in an uncontrolled, and thus a threat to Olympus Andean gods Athena's voice still pleasant to hear: "a pawn, as long as needed him to show their value would be sufficient, as for the future ... they do not need to worry about those! , A few words, is equal to the fate of Nicholas made a decision, Athena then asked the sentence: "In addition, you should find where I right? Come quickly, I'm such a very boring! "! ~! .. <
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