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May 15 [Wed], 2013, 17:06
> Article XXIV cut cut Cao see the silence surrounding pin drop could be heard, he thought, do not say, however, the figure of the Great God ask yourself total can not speak now Cao has the Yang argued, the way to rise from nothing whelp master, no, it should be said that is up to God level masters. Www! QUANBen! COM Cao new, but now most afraid of Yang debate a hot head, the glass of the best kinds of jade to spoil it, but he worked hard for many years in this industry, which, he knew, this kind of thing in China for a year or even a few not this one, if I do, according to Yang argued, then, is to spoil a good thing. He did not want to ruin such a good thing in their own hands, Cao new eyes, the glass kind of jade is definitely the kind of priceless, If Young debate this ruined out, that his daughter-in-law in front of his surface to engage in is basically a truth. Cao tightly holding the glass kind of jade, just like is to Emerald firmly in their own hands. Yang argued to see Cao new piece gambling Stone, suddenly suddenly get hold of it, face is tense sè, he was very confused. Do not mistake? Is not a stone? Cut cut it so what's wrong is not wrong? "Yang argued looked around the strange expression, then looked puzzled Cao suddenly found that the words said to myself how to listen so awkward Yang debate I thought that he actually cut cut said for a long time, which makes Yang argued body came out a trace of goose bumps,Air Jordan 10, is it something wrong, these people are so eyes look? ? ? No one noticed he spoke inside the heart to be considered back in the stomach, look to the face of the crowd more than a hint weird. Young debate was very puzzled, these individuals are so flute mode stunned looking at his eyes, what did it? Brother do not look so handsome ah? Where someone is thinking about the kind of taste Yang debate discourse feel Young debate, dealing with some of the best glass species abrupt. After hearing the debate Yang Cao new was saying, the people around the the Young debate around the eyes are straight. This guy is actually really want this glass kind of cut? ? ? ? Dividing line and Liming Xu Cong Ming Tang Zhe three people is very simple meal, Yang debate to find a quiet place to rest, so Liming Xu three of them arranged to of Yuanda Group's ambitious Business Center, Liming Xu even alone give them three get a layer of province when opening the eyes of the guy that bother them several Liming Xu, but know that in addition to Deng Zhe a good person, those two guys are all kind of into trouble jīng the. Yang debate frankly washing bath for the body clean underwear, a down on the bed, just want to sleep in on a sleep, he felt that this was just too tired. Not physically at the tired, tired heart. Blink of an eye in so many people came up with so much movement, sent the reporter interviewed, but Yang debate the machine faster, also Zhibu Ding what will happen to those who like a madman, or head really want to understand a brain guy how to gamble with Stone? Could it be that, like gambling stone is a fool? Prodigal is not like me, the vision of these people have problems. Yang argued very agree with this idea, think they want is right in their own made one seems to be strong jiān their real mother like cut stone, as it? Said he was ruined. These individuals are simply people despise. The Yang argued heart very depressed, why so many people think that he was ruined when a dandy children to confuse a talk. Not that damn piece of jade care Liming Xu guy, divided according to their own requirements, and then give inflicted several small objects? Is not just a spent 20 million on the purchase of a gambling stone? What those individuals have so much reaction, no culture is terrible, gambling stone that things get out of something without it also save up one by one are idiots. Yang argued think the follow-up to Liming Xu, happily holding their own piece of the desired gambling stone to go out when those eyes hidden bitterness, the Yang argued feel depressed, you talk about you, a months and that the old lady to the gas by a small daughter looking at me, interesting to you? Not just a promise to that a few people around a small object in it? Is such a spendthrift, dude, these individuals too there is no vision. If I knew the content of my hand jade jade is just to open up several times,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK Sale, these individuals are not crazy to Xiao Xinyi so half of it is because With Xiao Xinyi hand, Xiao Xinyi own gambling stone, but help many busy, Deng philosophy that is feeling good buddy, Liming Xu and CongMing, it is her partner, these things is absolutely understandable how those individuals understand not get up there? Yang argued would like it very thoroughly think so get out not to participate in the auction will be self-effacing best to do so and is not swagger. Yang argued think, time to eat at night and Tang Zhe Liming Xu CongMing, three, to the damn guy, three people see their eyes or strange, as if he is because that girl fancy Xiao Xinyi send keepsake tokens of love. These damn guys really think his brain? Yang argued that gambling stone Liming Xu find a car fitted back to River City, but also in the world jade here to buy a set of the most high-grade calcite tools. Yang argued feel, or other time in the solution of these stones, after all them that open auction and luxury goods group will take some time before opening, it is thought, the future will have to get on a few large jade shops, get some more of this gambling stone. Young argued think Xiao Xinyi that shirk unwanted eyes, kind of almost, if you give me that I do not feel and hello Yang debate is amused that girl, eyes would have their own betrayed, still there shirk what ah? Nothing more than to send her something too precious. Young defense before and Xiao Xinyi stare help him busy, Xiao Xinyi get hold of a small object, but he saw Xiao Xinyi heart askew surprise, said to send her glass types, Xiao Xinyi resolutely do not shirk, but , The debate also Yang Xiao Xinyi eyes inside to see the joy that will be known. Yang argued think here, can not help but Pieliaopiezui bar, so what this thing can be installed ah? Love is like, do not like just do not like, it can be considered a small glass jadeite Yang debate and awareness of others is not the same, Yang argued think this emerald spent two hundred thousand bought, to open up and not open up, are a million things, actually gave five people, and everyone surprise surprise, this is to let Yang argued satisfied. Yang argued sweep rather abruptly a table above have always when the baby holding a piece of gambling stone, at this time, he suddenly felt not sleep, the kind of sleepy all of a sudden disappeared, there is what is in in attracting yourself? Is it the glass before there's something more than the value of the species? Yang argued bet gambling stone to glass types do not have any feeling of joy,Air Jordan UK, he is a wonder, Is own table on the swing of things but also beyond the existence of a kind of glass species? ? Yang argued feel that they could not sleep, so can not attend to other things, took out directly put there to buy jade in the world today calcite tools. Young argued out of that place in the world jade glass jadeite are not careful to cut the stone, the kind of careful look at the jade in the world that see the open debate Yang kinds of glass those who see, it is estimated that they had crazy, is simply too difficult to accept "Young argued, you damn guy, did not you ** to long heart? middle of the night you crazy?" Deng Zhe rubbed his the bleary sleepy eyes from Yang debate next room came over and began Bash up the door of the Yang argued. Deng Zhe fast asleep, I heard Yang argued here buzzing in the beginning when he too lazy to want to take the quilt over his own ears, but do not want to, Young argued in the next more to get louder the sound, and then he began to feel panic panic. Deng Zhe body young, had a heart attack, but, at this time, Deng Zhe began to think that his heart is not what the problem. He wanted to do not understand, Yang debate this damn garbage the middle of the night without sleep, do get so big ring. You quickly ** sleeping brother almost frantic, the middle of the night to catch the demon? "Deng Zhe knock on the door a long time, Yang debate actually ignore the foot began to kick the door. Quickly damn where he died somewhere disturbed my work, if the busy downtown, you can move to another to live, I have here are busy Knock coax me. "Yang argued hear the sound of Deng Zhe, also know doing nothing wrong, however, is made in full swing, and if so he stopped, he really is not competent. The Yang argued stomach went on and on, this damn philosophy, is simply not a thing ** to a knock on the door, which makes all of a sudden get down so much one, that is, get down the stone If the get go is a good thing, non find this damn guy afterwards is not. Deng Zhe looked at the door, hear debate Yang roaring sound inside the house, small eyes meal rummage foot bitterly kicked the the Yang argued door kicks, and turned to ring the bell inside the room to find the attendant. Three hundred and twentieth chapters cut cut <
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