Vienna I am afraid that the Germans surrounded

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 9:36

Bovine bb novel Read recommended for you and the wife is the road of the warlords Heaven heritage entropy Princess than U.S. concubine gold medal Princess Vienna is not the German Army High Command's ground forces encircled the plan, city officials and residents are indeed able to bring the momentum on deterrence to a large number of army surrounded Vienna, but the effect is the best way, For this reason, the German Army High Command will be specially prepared for the Austrians a super drama. After the German army invaded Austria and Bohemia, the German engineering troops around the Rosenheim overnight busy until the day before the action, the project is considered to completion, they built a total of 33 large temporary airship base, enough for 400 Qi Berlin airship dock! Department of the Army, however, all family property search out only conspire to 125 kinds of airships, so supreme Kaiser Majesty the stroke of a pen, the Department of the Air Force and the Department of the Navy selfless dedication to their own strength to the action the day before, in this side of the German and Austrian border around Rosenheim gathered a total of 382 airship, 155 of which are large and very large Zeppelin. For a time, Rosenheim became airborne Giants Kingdom! Since one week, Germany several large printing overtime the night, whatever the outcome, 50 million leaflets printed in time for the action before these flyers with a full 42 HuoChePi shipped to Rosenheim, to Feb. 4 before departure, the ship airship bomb cabin filled with this leaflet Even so, eventually only installed half of all flyers! 8:00, the day has a large bright With the scheduled time of arrival, a airship unlock the cable in the ground, in the low-altitude suddenly in Rosenheim Due to the airship a large number and all large body, in order to ensure safety, 382 airship took off, divided into 11 batches and each batch exit after twelve kilometers, began after a group of sky and cautious German for different batches The airship of times preset flight altitude ranging from 400 m to 3000 m. Wave after wave of airship until 11:00 before all leave Rosenheim. At this time. Starting first airship has been flying over Linz, Austria. To let such a wonders of the Sunveil So, before starting the airship the start slower, etc. After each batch airship gradually draw closer, they gradually form a predetermined formation before they flew the same 40 kilometers an hour east. Along the way, all who witnessed this scene stunned. To know. Usually an airship length of 120-250 meters, 12-30 meters in diameter, the cross-sectional area of ​​1500 square meters less there are nearly 400 airship is divided into different echelon with height, the entire fleet will be the formation of a total area of ​​more than 1 million square meters of huge Coupled with a low height, single airship bulky and those airships gray coating, ordinary people look past inevitably mistaken for alien invasion! Even along the march German soldiers, ye see that this scenario is surprised speechless. The long march queue involuntary stop down, everyone looking upward, watching staggering sight, thousands of people did not actually making a sound. Ear only airship engine is a slight hum. According to the arrangement of the German Army High Command. On huge airship fleet from traveling to the vote leaflets, dozens war correspondent throughout the shoot, and the United States, Japan, soil and other countries are also invited reporters counterparts. And special arrangements Scots camera close-range vision shooting. Before the development of this plan, Chen said: it gave the ambassadors, so that they take home to their government and people watching! I want them to realize that the the German Empire aerial battleship team's terrible Canada Goose Expedition Clearance, to the pursuit, to worship, to build the airship troops! political propaganda, as well as military induction, this time airship action doomed to harvest countless victories! February 4, 1916, 3:00 pm, Vienna, east of the city more than 10 kilometers. The temporary headquarters of the 2nd Armored Corps of the German armored. Our airship forces not to it? The said the airship troops already starting, let us do a good job with the ready? It so happened that the airship fleet encountered trouble unfortunately this unassuming little the adjutant words in. Where more than 60 kilometers from Vienna. The huge German airship fleet encountered a gust of wind, wind down in the winter is also a reasonable thing to Zhezhi airship fleet, but did not result in any loss, just the original formation, arranged in accordance with the plan he was blowing a mess, looks on from the ground, they are like a large group of headless flies smell the stench, a group of East West one was sent to the high expectations of ground air deterrent force greatly reduced! fly back and forth between and Vienna. Ship fleet sailed the same is true, in particular, the greater the number, the more complicated ship formation, often navigating the slower speed Classic Tall Fancy UGG. Fortunately, the wind soon stopped UGG Classic Tall Dylyn, and pretty soon, issued from the front to pilot the airship light signals, Stu Dent carefully watching telescopes, mouth side quoted the leader's command: each team remains a predetermined height, pay attention when moving around the Friends of the boat, safety first! safety first! , coupled with previously only once and formations joint training, basically Canada Goose Palliser Outlet, every boat crew are cautious. The pending formation gradually formed from an air airship perspective surrounding upper, lower, left, right, front and rear. Everywhere the same airship gray paint their boats who are in the same position marked striking subway Cross. The huge German airship fleet on this side of the forward side of the whole team, to 16:00 when they are finally able to see the front of the Vienna City. At the same time, the Vienna people found this huge dark clouds from the West. The last two days, people have become accustomed to the unnatural objects coming from the west, the German aircraft, airship has repeatedly visited Vienna, and, without exception, are coming from the west. Therefore. People began to think that the west is a bad direction. In this case, the residents of Vienna is unclear what will bring this cloud. 382 Zeppelin, total emptying volume reached nearly 20 million cubic meters, with the 2676 German soldiers and 32 war correspondents, 1,078 tons of paper flyers and unparalleled deterrent force, gradually at 40 kilometers per hour approximation. Due date west, the huge shadow cast by the airship fleet first step into Vienna, then clean the snow adults and children, pedestrian streets, vehicles, garden, cook and clean the windows woman. There are those in the conference room has large windows a worry exhibition ground officials. People have to face the West, looked up, eyes wide open. Opened his mouth. Received numerous call of God in this moment. In the embassy district, the center of the west to Hull Knaresborough Avenue, diplomats from the United States, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, West, Norway, Switzerland and other countries have been stunned by this pair of scenes, and one by one they stood on the balcony or window, a sudden forget who forget their mission, but heartily praise the greatness of the human. Against the background of the blue sky, gray huge objects like invaders from outer space, silent and non-interest bearing, gives a relentless feeling of suffocation. The whole of Vienna in dark clouds shadow stopped breathing. This time, and even take pictures of pops is so harsh. After a brief slow. Neutral people use various means to record this unprecedented spectacular scenes, camera, notebook, as well as the brain. As for no diplomatic immunity, build fully native Austrians, adults, children, the elderly, women, in addition to the place to pray for the people, and the rest are beginning to flock to the refuge - who during the war but never used in the air-raid shelter stands the Church of the Cross, as well as other anything can think of a safe place. 16:25 airship pilot signaled all airship off the engine. 4:28, at the front of the fleet's most airship squadron dropped leaflets. Instant. Avalanche of paper swirl from heaven, even the winter snow have never had such a grand scene. Within a short span of five minutes, more than 200 million leaflets landed to the streets of Vienna, a rooftop terrace, garden, grass, fountain ditches, and even through the city and the Danube river also Piaoman was written in German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish and other text flyer. daunting, many people have no alternative, too many people have nowhere to escape! A squadron of airships distributing flyers after they re-start the engine forward again turned to flying over Vienna, and then again flew over from Vienna, the last units of a single squadron to fly back to Germany. Until dusk, the last batch of the German airship left Vienna, nearly two hours of spectacular performances declared ended, the Viennese strained heart before finally loose. Looking at the last few pieces of paper that are still flying in the wind, people suddenly feel kind of sauna is complete, managed to free themselves from the kind of sultry and oppressive atmosphere, everyone is greedy gulps a breath of fresh air . Next, one could not help but worry about them Canada Goose Youth Freestyle, this is a piece of paper, the next will bomb it? The most beautiful palace in Vienna, senior government officials have quietly gathered together on both sides of the long table. Prior thrilling scenes, where everyone had the experience. Fear! The huge conference room was silent. Even Earlier quarrel was the most powerful of the two - Andras Duke Duke Craybas also like the loss of language ability is generally silent. Or Her Majesty to say? this humble look, Condra Baron gone, and Anton House will also go, this room has not a few people in uniform, The late emperor in front of the Reds this turn to speak. Vienna I am afraid that the Germans surrounded! Even the Queen to, but also how? the siege of Vienna. Original city defense forces of the city of Vienna and the withdrawal of the remnants from Polten, the total number of nearly 80,000 people, but Condra with cronies generals gone, the remaining forces depleted. Touches in General Polten defeat in Offenbach Berger did not follow Condra leave Vienna, now, it basically rely on the defense of Vienna in support he and another veteran Baron Vladimir Vladimir Vienna city ​​defense commander, and arresting the perpetrators of the assassination of Albert Earl, feats, but the subsequent development of things to see, and this seems to be a trap into the dead end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Had the experience of the German appalling air force, the Orpheum Berger generals and Baron Vladimir sitting position on me I Do UGG, not say anything, they want more, I am afraid that is how decent launch this no suspense war. conceivable. Ready to rest? Hou door the entropy women look door lady concubine scared China the strongest Queen's first class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses princess eloquent minister of the best in the world

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