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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultChu Yunsheng clung to her body ,the legislature for a moment ,put down decisively ,gas ,on the giant transport channel straight down .
His breath expelled all the looper bug ,green beetle ,using his fusion goldbug and the ability to channel ,in the depths of loneliness ,a worm ,a winding mining .Digging for a long time ,until he has do not feel any breath in him ,just slowly stop .
In the darkness, a red red eyes ,he didn to dig deep, how far, he can only feel around hot filled with fire energy formation .He will be silly with great care her corpse finishing it again and again ,always feel like where has his liking .
He is not to mind taking the trouble ,silently, insisted on finishing the ,time flies .After a long time, he was still finishing ,in fact is that he didn go ,but he had to understand the netherworld ,must part .
Chu Yunsheng and the crypt repair C times ,with strong fire energy will burn solid walls ,then ,silently in the walls began to carve seal a picture .From the stupid bug came ,and he repair of giant graves met for the first time ,which he wrote ,Mount Huangshan battle repeatedly tries to save ,Armageddon when death does not loose clamp ,green Templeton bugs to save him, looking for his possessions will be the first bra on his head ;then a the wall, he depicts seven worms in difficult ,underground giant lake search hard and wait for him ,underground ship mound seven insect life is a young green ,into the city and seven insects drop ,old purple Five insect life resist ;last one wall ,engraved with two worms look far away to bury ,South ,then it becomes min ,join forces against the tentacled monster ,adoption of a human infant ,man when he blamed it all comes the war it be confound at ,he like fart as ridiculous guarantee ,in the blink of an eye a bug Dutch act another worm with sorrow ,a baby ,it will ultimately be buried deep in the ground .
Yun Sheng engrave the last stroke Tall Dylyn UGG Boots, endured the turbulent grief ,stuffy grunted ,from his body to tear a bloody big black mass of a rabbit a word for word engraved: Twin silly tiger tomb 〜IChu Yun Sheng .
He held a top light ,have a sound will use his body parts made of insert firmly in bottom .He finally moving out Bai Manni pink bra when placed on her head .Silence. Silence.
Tiger ,I go ,if I live, I will come to see you, you stay here is good, good to listen ,don and other insect son grew up, and I brought him to worship you ... Chu Yunsheng suddenly rose ,quietly tract .
He pretended not to be ,to a few steps to climb finally did not hold back, reflexive flutter in the body, and moan : tiger !!! ... Fragrance Hill peripheral dry liquid region of brim of repair of giant .
Eighteen uniformed soldiers wearing broken ,dangling from the ground to wake up when found they had exposure to the insect ,are tried and death on the battlefield, but also help to turn .
Protection of teachers ! A twenty years old at most young soldiers ,suddenly found weapons in hand ,immediately drove a seems wounded officers ,toward the companions ,a channel .
Teacher ,teacher like ? ... The other seven soldiers between eight tongue asked ,they are Ren Tongyan soldier . He won . A cold sound from the giant inside out ,indifference to make life cold .
Here is the giant grave internal temperature far in excess of the outside do not know how many times . You ,who are you? Teachers, pulled his soldiers ,mouth with blood .The voice seems to have lapsed into silence ,for a long time ,it seems to oneself : Yeah ,who am I ?I have many names ,a lot of identity, but which one is me? Which one is the real me? Which one do I want ? That sounds like a boundless ground lost and twisted ,eighteen soldiers being at a loss what to do ,do not know what a monster .
Suddenly ,the voice to sound like a variable ,is sober ,icy road : who am I ,you do not need to know ,you know I saved you ! You have saved us ? The young soldier said warily ,wide-eyed and search voice direction .
The voice of the cold : thought you were human ,the human can understand me ?Your body the body ,has been its plant parasitic Hu liquid ,if not me, you will be all the flock was it control of a humanoid insect spy .
Why do you want to save us ?In this place ,only bugs . Teacher though wounded, but very calm ,not so easy to believe that the voice said .The voice of love : don ?The test for you have a look .
The voice just fell ,a giant pipeline from the darkness you out in front of them open with a sneer .Strange clamor .Chi Chi fire energy impact ,eighteen people immediately bent over to vomit .
Vomit ,... Oh , ... !One of the soldiers fear to the Jedi found himself out of a looper dynamic snake head like a fresh Hu ā asblooming, another head ,but also drilling in their stomach ,just scream to half ,he is stuck in her throat .
Then his ears ,nose ,ass ,even the eyes ,have drilled the writhing uneasily mucus UGG Women's Cove.In an instant ,eighteen people ,were so terrified ,and know . Now ,believe me ! The sound is still cool ,giant pipeline subsequently and removed .
Reel right and left eighteen people, watching from his body . Just within the drilled out of the monster immediately and have drill back . Sir? This ? Sir ,it is said is not true ? We have a monster ? We ,we cannot ,sir ,you call it, we break it ,it would not survive .
.. On the I have a grenade !Division commander ,ordered ! Then the hate sound and cold to ring up ,like the disdain : so little thing ,don ? Who the hell are you ? The teacher was calm ,but cannot accept herself into a man man don bug monster ,took the side of a submachine gun ,road rage .
The voice answered him not only heard swished a dark shadow falls on their huge ,opposite the top of giant pipes .In the darkness, and shows a pair of red eyes penetrating through the icy cold ,hot burning around the black flame is a fresh from the hell out of the devil .
Reeky giant grave internal ,such as the ice immediately like n feels chills .The cold voice ,ibid : have no way out ,as long as the giant ,you will immediately be controlled ,it is still out there and asked me to do .
Why should we believe you ?It is who ? The commander of the muzzle at it ,he said .That sound does not care to say: do not believe I never mind ,I will not believe me ,as long as you believe in Huo Shan on the line .
Chu Yunsheng used to repair damaged cuticle time ,to the brutal reality ,Huo Shan first brought before he throw motion ,fear of fear and intimidated him out from underground diversion and encountered in Min eighteen puppet spy .
If you don waking consciousness ,he would not be in such a waste of breath parasitized dry fluid of human ,is unlikely to recover the clean person ,can only be reabsorbed to build .Now Max has on the boundary ,with a large number of war collection of insects, the body snatchers intention is very obvious .
He gets back to the ground after ,immediately ordered ,fill all underground transport channel .Chu Yunsheng sneer ,Yan Min also wanted him to fight the worm number ,quality ?Stupid would not, now how to play is not it and all say he don ,there are numerous shots .
But he chose a is also the most cruel a !He did not know why the carapace color had changed overnight ,even the flame color is also variable ,but he be indifferent to ,he seemed to lose interest in everything ,just want to do what he wants to do .
Eighteen human being mucus wrapped ,Chu Yunsheng wings ,out of giant grave ,ignoring the Yan Min anger ,called on all the ground ,under the ground, air ,his ,her original silly . All he could control the worms .
Boundary ,million insects like be triggered at any moment ,war !He broke the hearts of ,look to the thorn Island direction ,strange strange : have the movement ,can is happy, ready to be settled ,then ! Thorn Island ,Chu door operation new headquarters .
Ke array son stand quietly in bed, staring out of the window . Main ,you find me ? Songmi push the door ,took one look at the bed ,small channel .Ke best without looking back, so spellbound looked out of the window light ,quietly, strangely and said: Song MI ,you say ,I am a good main ? To close a slightly distracted look ,don suddenly talking about this topic ,the firm said: main wise, force and also no one can ,how suddenly speak of such a thing? Ke array ,shook his head sadly : Mammy ,creation of Master Chu ,in my hand ,not a long time, already dead Canada Goose Ontario Parka Cheap,wounded ,those who have previously broken head wants to join us, right now ,I is all the talk of Chu ,wary avoid not as good as ! Song Mi Li mans eyes flash ,said: those who are cowardly people ,did not pass into Chu door operation !In my heart ,you forever is a good main .
Ke array slowly turned around ,will be looked at him, but laughed : you thinks so . Songmi move gently to get attention ,dare not look at her . Why can I ? Ke array son suddenly approached a few steps ,impaling tract .
I , Song Mi some confusion, he also does not know in what be afraid of .You tricked me !Ke the infants cold way . No, my everything . Songmi stern face ,some disproportionately distort .
afraid of me UGG Bomber? Ke array ,step forward again ,can almost hear the song Mi rapid breathing .Song Mi suddenly rise, static such as Enron ,calm : main ,song Mi grew up without father or mother, was a fan of the master have to take me ,and you treat me like brothers ,disaster strikes ,you have redeemed my life ,I have no power, you violated compasses secretly taught me Chu door operation.
Song MI are worse than pigs or dogs beasts ,nor health can not deviate from the heart ! Ke array child almost in his hand ,Yan Yan smile ,said: then why are you afraid of me ?Afraid I will go crazy kill you ? No, no ! Songmi flat road .
Ke best watched him ,the sound becomes cold asked : why ? If ,you must say ,longitudinal is dead ,I ... Only he can with you ,I was a bastard ,I do not deserve . The song he face sealing low vision ,buried deep inferiority .
Ke array was gradually extended his smile ,white general hand ,gently wipe songmi cheek falling in a faint tears ,said: the world is thought she was a man ,but I do not know ,she had a strange disease ,was actually a girl .
Song Mi suddenly lift eye shot ,burning eyes .But I saw Ke array was left floating in the air ,falls on the bed, holding the implantation as vegetative woman skinny ,slightly : this life I owe owe Mammy ,Chu for people too much ,I have to learn she had promised her swear ,as Mrs.
Chu ,throughout his life, offering to the Chu art, offer to Xiaoyun .Song Mi no such as lightning ,also not downhearted ,but strangely smiling, cold face first appeared so faint smile .
He never thought he is serious ,the sense of inferiority that he thought it was the most beautiful ending ,he can also be as van master life silently observe in Chu side ,keep on , song mi .
Ke the son broke his state of mind ,gently said: Huo Shan to bring back intelligence ,you already know ,until they cause destruction to both sides when, is our disposable will destroy them all, permanent in all patients the opportunity ,but also the thorn island .
So I have to go ,but you can ,you are no match for it ,if I have any accident ,Mammy ,as well as the Chu of people ,will be with you . Main ! Songmi recovery with cold ,tract .
Ke array son stopped him, saying: really know me ,don refuse me ,the world is great, except Mammy ,you are the only person who can trust me ! To be. Song Mi clenched fist to ,chills .
Xiao Yun Zhi Ke array son brought bow ,grunted coldly ,suddenly as a new person ,apathy ,said: is just to prevent it, nobody can take my things !Absolutely not ! At this time, the outside of the city ,within the mucus ,suddenly burst into light .
Giant in a voice was tragic sound Canada Goose Dawson Outlet Sale,sonic surging, seawater to separation ,Yan Min to fly to retreat ,the vast land of vibration .The kraken crazy fled ,the surviving area being covered his ears ,painful .
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