this result really her unexpected accident to

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 18:10

Like Cattle bb novel Read recommended you and spoil you for the rest of your life warlords Heaven heritage of the road entropy Princess inferior concubine gold medal Princess () (bang! gunshot Mo Master jade out the outcome of the PK tournament and fairy lily. Mo Zi Mu looked at the upper right corner of each player of the game screen class parameters in the blood value rapidly reduced by the length of the red, and finally becomes: 0 [Mo Exalted jade] DIED lose it! she actually lost 'lily fairy' Mo Zi Mu looked at the computer screen startled agitated when 'Battlefield elite' World channel out a message to let the players are scared out of the eye of the national dress: players [Mo Exalted jade] VS [lily fairy], desert roundabout site [lily fairy wins satisfied Slippers UGG. Shashi the national dress of the, 'Battlefield elite' boiling world [the riffraff rice】: system BUG? world [has been light hip: the amount of drops of God, the referral must not really lamb World of Love in the early winter morning: Mo Jade lost? decisive skeptical ... world [Mei shi Mother]: no labor of 500 Ocean! Mo Master jade also labor money! ... Battlefield elite, desert cyclotron site 'Lily fairy' hand MP38 submachine gun from the stairs to go down, standing Master jade has been killed 'Mo' side, overlooking the bodies on the ground. lily fairy】: you lose Mo Zi Mu Ling Fox as glamorous eyes staring at the words on the computer screen, this result really her unexpected accident to the scapular pain at the meaning of all do not feel lily fairy: do not do not want to admit it? Mo Zi Mu release the mouse, knock a few words sent out. [Mo Exalted jade: I lost [Lily Fairy: (nodding laughter) admit just fine, then within two months catch 'son of the World Warriors' in reality, he brought before us. [Lily Fairy: today on the 9th, two months after September 9, waiting for your good news Oh. [Mo Exalted such as Jade]: you are not afraid of me and he is already married? [Lily Fairy: Haha, That is not none of my business, May P throwing in the towel, even if he ugly, a family room, metamorphosis crazy are you luck, when the small three or lover mentioning, we see that as long as you catch up with reality 'son of a unique', the other, can not care. 【Lily Fairy: Of course, you can also lie, breach of contract, but a , I am afraid that you and your team would disappear from the Battlefield elite. Mo Zi Mu, how could not understand Annabelle Riding UGG, this PK lose, she and 'firmament Fox' comrades-in-arms in 'Battlefield elite' certainly a segment had a hard time, if she shamelessly, she played for four games, she was the leader of the three years 'the firmament of Fox' will not go on to play in 'Battlefield elite' Not have to play the game, just feelings and his comrades a few years, laughed and uttered fights scolded overnight because her scattered, I fear, are too harsh, could not bear. [Mo Exalted jade: (smiles) I like to lose can not afford it, do not chase a man, watching! 【lily fairy】: Haha, we see in the Y City, two months after the the Y City? Mo Zi Mu slightly startled for a second, 'lily fairy' actually a PK map, and she was in the same city, move the mouse to exit Battlefield map. the crazy sight in the world have been in Mo Zi Mu expected, her friends whisper information is also full, own the team, other clan, all marvel not believe that the results of the team back to the 'firmament Fox' group, the team is enraged, just with the [world], everyone the finger of blame point to the 'lily fairy' because no one would believe that she will lose that technology really do not Zende Lily. vice captain] [silent chrysanthemum burst: Well UGG Mini Bailey Button On Sale, not to mention the the Why Why go. they should not bother Mu sister, she is now mood certainly more than any of you are complicated and uncomfortable. 【Minmin Princess]: Yes, ah, Mu sister certainly sad. [never wear pants: roll, do not see so useless Mu sister UGG Bailey Button White Paint Splatter. 【wood small jj: labor egg pain 'murder' upgrade to go. [you wind flower snow month: all San Leba, each tent, each find your mom, boss off the assembly line. everyone discovered [Mo Exalted jade] Avatar dark. * Mo Zi Mu and just to exit 'Battlefield elite', the phone rang behind on the coffee table. point of hesitation and fears. Mo Zi Mu slightly laughing voice, , Ge Jige accompany you to the vent go have fun. hands, daring, has never been afraid of losing. a good heart, she is also extremely wealthy. Mo Zi Mu slider phone is closed, thrown into the sofa. 'son of World Warriors' is a good-natured Canada Goose Citadel Parka, good hearted, good body, and also particularly wealthy Hunks? impossible! Mo Zi Mu well done direct negation 'son of the World Warriors' in my heart, if he had a temper, carefully good men, the irony in the PK before her? him if a body good man would bet she lose? hum obvious endocrine disorders nerve disorder, is he, that he bet she will lose the broom star, he'd bet she lost, she really lost. bet she lost 'son of World Warriors'. not afraid to lose, but that does not mean she likes to lose ah, individuals want to be a winner, she is not the Virgin, or Mom lost than their ranking 'lily fairy' certainly depressed ah play Battlefield elite four, never like such a disgrace tonight, rated as a great insult. and Mo Zi Mu angrily call the gas, to die, to die, she must find another way to vent their anger go, otherwise, tonight certainly suffocated her. the Mo Zi Mu Slop slippers go a step toward the door strode walked muttered, Otherwise, I strangle you Bianshi to. velvet white fox head with her move shake. forest Yingzi is with the glasses in the living room watching TV and saw the Mo Zi Mu-down, Mok Tze the Mu Tazhetuoxie straight into the door, Seiko all came down, looked at the forest heroic Road, Look at Qi Xiuxiu look, 80% of the popular not light. compound was really like a the big Zhaizi Well, the days of old long house she lived Arong, Bo Cheng, Cher, desolate now, the sub-string back, Mu girl and Pepe retain temper cold convergence sub the initiative back to the compound to live, four grandchildren may be considered to cobble together. forest Yingzi said to himself, hit-and-fine catch she entered the room, and you are not afraid of the other three less than Qi Mu girl every time penalized certainly La Peipei When scapegoat, the sub-string it, is the patron saint of Mu girl, not stood her no matter, as Sai-cheong, Rong sub are Well, they all three lived in the mansion, his nerve to drop a single of the grandchildren? Lin Yingzi grew more feel that their own ideas are feasible, quickly put down the TV remote control went to the study went to read newspapers that Seiko are out of the World Grand Courtyard of the main house door to see Mo Zi Mu wearing slippers in the run around the large front yard, long wavy hair flying behind her, tales of sort of moving Reiki. abruptly Seiko both the line of sight Ningzhu, just because, Fai months under the shadow with a slightly hazy Mo Zi Mu chest jumping style, such as rabbits so that he to shift not open the line of sight. prepared to rest? Continue reading eloquent minister concubine ace Diao Fei Shu difficult life geniuses Princess of the best in the world

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