What should I keep in mind when buying e liquid for electronic cigarette?

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 0:53

  E liquid is one of the most important things for electronic cigarette. If it did not exist, electronic cigarette would be futile and useless. Because of the importance, it is essential to know how to choose suitable one for esmokers.

  On the internet there are many online stores that sell electronic cigarette ejuice . But even if many of them look well, they are made from different strength and quality. Therefore it is important to keep in mind some tips when we want to buy e cigarette liquid

  E liquid have different strengths of nicotine, so it is necessary that you choose one suitable for your smoking style. For heavy smokers, we recommend e liquid with high strength of nicotine. For those who smoke traditional cigarettes like Kent 8, medium nicotine strength is more appropriate. Those who smoke cigarettes extralights like Kent 1, may opt for the low nicotine eliquid.

  Another importance is e liquid flavor, it must be neither too strong nor too weak. Those who have just switched to the electronic cigarette is better to opt for more classic flavors such as Marlboro (USA MIX), Kent (SEC) or gamma Tobacco and menthol if you used to smoke menthol flavor. After you have become accustomed to e cigaret we recommend you start to taste other flavors such as fruit.

  Perhaps one of the most important element to eliquid is quality. It is essential to ensure that eliquid you want to buy is done safely and with quality ingredients. We will take care and buy elichide for electronic cigarettes supplied by well-known manufacturers.

  Last but not least, make sure the eliquid bottles are secure. It is important to buy eliquid whose lid can not be easily opened by children. Usually eliquid must have a lid that opens only when you press on it, while unscrew.

  If your eliquid meet all the criteria listed above, we will recommend eliquid Dekang or Vipercig. You can buy this eliquid on our site, www.gent-ecigs.com/e-liquid.