serious consumed the MIG -21 life

November 09 [Fri], 2012, 18:01
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThese small nations to buy Africa Su -30 this heavy attack wife bombing demonstrations of greater significance practical significance .
Just like the Indians buy Su 30MKI single-seat aircraft but forgot equipped with precision guided missiles ,can carry only during the Second World War bomb this own events ,and to provoke him to China Air Force .
The other body although advanced ,Lin Mo but one point is not placed on the heart .Su 30 maximum speed is 2.35 Maher ,by contrast ,at the beginning of the design of the emphasis on high speed ,compact lightweight fighter MIG -21 because the body is light Tularosa Route Cable UGG, and there is no loading ammunition ,the maximum speed can reach 2085 Maher ,although not sustained supersonic cruise ,but short sprint speed ,the MIG -21 as Bizu edge per second to close.
On 200 meters ,and motor ,loading ammunition Su 30 is significantly worse than the MIG -21 .The MIG -21 but won the American judges the world twentieth Century top fighter, and F4 juxtaposition of second classic models ,with the motor x ì ngknown .
Especially low altitude maneuver ,although sue -30 overload withstand more than the MIG 21 strong ,yet flexible x ì ngis being reduced, the two times heavier than MiG fighter body weight but no way as offset .
The largest gap between the pilot ,although Su 30 is advanced ,has a number of advantages than the MIG -21 ,but manipulation weapons decide or people ,Lin Mo obviously feel the two Su -30 pilots are the rookie level of standard, nothing to domestic those still trainees phase of flight officer ,not only in response to late meal ,and flight skills are absurd .
While in Africa ,it is also quite good pilot ,but not even a year flight time less than 200 hours of flying experience ,I ,in China is still open to teach in the machine of students than the two Su -30 pilots ,even if that person was F935 ,still will be cruel to Lin Mo tiger complained of .
Hello ,export Kun says what you want to do ?You can not afford the fighter toss? You are Kavula or forest silence Ling one body with 45 numbered Su -30 clearly was Lin Mo act appalled ,hard rocking sideways glancing ,Lin Mo MIG uncle risk from the infrarenal rushed away ,shocking the cockpit of a violent sloshing ,living apart their the two-plane formation .
Another frame number 46 Su -30 is felt ,was far from forced open ,to aside grazing array ,for fear of accidentally hits the two planes to their .Not a word Lin Mo ,the MIG -21 like flexible swallow ,tightly entangled Su -30 ,as long as the other side to open fire ,Lin Mo have confidence to play him ,but he is best for Dragon Knight melee experience ,the world pilot or machine guns ,or missile or rocket weapon, but never a so close with s ā operturbation of warfare, the danger of almost every pilot study in first class time will be the officers warned : t leave the plane too close .
It was only secure to rely on Lin Mogan to do so ,the MIG -21 in his hands, such as the arm ,into the body of one of the state ,every trace of trembling, every turn in his grasp .A frequent supersonic acceleration ,the engine shrill shrill whistle ,serious consumed the MIG -21 life ,but this time I was desperate ,if even this advantage did not play out ,it would have to like Kavula, obediently surrender skydiving .
A pick two ,pick two it is also looking for a fight ,the best way is to stick to a beat ,let the other guy scruples is unable to begin .Soft scared stiff ,hard fear cross ,cross the fear of corrugated ,corrugated afraid not hurting you ,Lin Mo always belong to me the kind of space knight .
Don play, don 1 not to go with us if it ,stop it, Lou are gone . Hey ,I say you ,you mig ,freeze 1 No. 45 and No. 46 act with confusion of Su 30 pilots strange road .Two Su -30 pilot was Lin Mo approximate a rogue crazy dogfight was frightened ,sonic booms continuously exploding ,even nearly No.
45 Su 30 cockpit above nearly one or two meters out of a sonic boom ,shocking the cockpit pilot stars, MIG is simply too y ī nrisk .But such a crazy and overload of motor Chrystie UGGs Boots,Lin Mo no effect ,still holds the MiG fighter walk in between life and death ,and Congo ( gold Soviet 30 fighter .
As long as quietly and not born two machine down all right, if scraping ,MIG -21 may not be Barents over the operation knife improved version of the opponent .But I will grasp Lin Mo ruler to have top, surprisingly Canada Goose Aosta Bomber Outlet Sale,regardless of speed or distance ,all risks insurance only then more than 10 centimeters will collide ,but Lin Mo MiGs but flexible like swallows ,extremely precise melee attacks No.
45 Su -30 .Miguel cited the supersonic interceptor x ì ng wasLin Mo played most incisive ,if the 7759 brigade can see ,I can enlisted in less than a year the young lieutenant ,he will play Miguel machine so reach the acme of perfection .
Experienced pilots know ,even if there is no weapon ,no hit a bird in the sky ,also full of risk, especially the formation flying in collisions, and the front plane wake and tip vortex .
Will cause the crash ,these usually instructors teach untiringly matters needing attention, and now has become the weapon of Lin mo .Dragon Knight extraordinary imagination to be a fighter that have never even heard of it ,became the big killing device .
Because Lin Mo approximation MIG organism theory 5.1G overload motor ,which forced the Su 30 cannot safely start supersonic state from MIG winding ,Lin Mo just number 45 Su -30 down the high four thousand meters ,from time to time crossing the wake ,let Su 30 motives out noise ,machine body swinging and no one ,especially the MIG 21 near to the nearest distance detonation sonic boom ,is lets the No.
45 of Su 30 pilots of dizziness .Lin Mo dare such a maneuver ,but two Su -30 pilots but dare not ,this crazy motor directly interferes with the Su 30 stable, MiG fighter once again approaching ,directly in the Su -30 cockpit is pulled by a vertical motor ,exhaust directly over Sue before -300 ,Lin Mo MIG -21 increase drive away quickly ,poor Su -30 completely under the MIG -21 engine propulsion air stream ,appears to be completely out of control, shaking violently several times ,can falling directly .
Let Dance 1 Lin Mo could voice in public channel sounded ,all the people could not hear a chill from the back of the neck arise, in tower who is completely unaware of Lin Mo are in what to do ,only in vain to see Lin Mo MIG -21 and two a su 30 entangled together ,a group of MIG 21 Fishbed cluster are quickly attacked there .
Tip vortex 1 flight in the most terrible danger of Lin Mo ,was made, like the sorcerer ,in midair put exhibit a most terrible magic .In the meanwhile, the MIG -21 rise not much distance also gave birth to shake violently, with Su 30 together out of control ,after all, is a lightweight fighter ,in the manufacture of tip vortex at the same time ,the MIG -21 also bears the same impact ,may not intact .
In turn ,in turn ,cloud in turn ,outside the cockpit view into linear modulation s èdisc,various colors s è mixed together,can be heard clearly airflow terrible whistling sound, as if the gates of hell in the open .
Two almost at the same time to head towards the bottom, rotating the fallen fighter like a pair of elegant spirit ,by rotating the dazzling death dance . Spin to quickly pull up, pull up 1 Lin Mo cabin public channel can hear another rack number 46 Su -30 rear seat pilot scared to shout, to remind was Lin Mo hit the No.
45 Su 30 two pilots . ,save me 1 ,pull up leftover force, force, help . No. 45 -30 pilots panic now Su plane was out of control ,the cockpit centrifugal force so he pressed on the side of the bulkhead, a safety belt or straight ring ,eyes suddenly because of overload and full bloodshot eyes ,like rabbits as red ,he desperately pulls the lever to the rudder rod ,tried to make the plane change spin state ,the appearance of this condition is just too dangerous .
A ring ,two ring ,three ring ,high table with terrifying speed indication high rapid decline ,ears can almost hear the death in a call .But on the other side ,Dragon Knight violent physical quality completely ignores the MIG -21 spin centrifugal force, opposite rudder ,pole ,pressure along the rod, manipulation to the limit position ,Lin Mo rapid and effective to make a change spin action ,aircraft is subjected to strong airflow shock shaking ,and then immediately disconnect differential horizontal tail limiter ,use differential horizontal tail to a spin .
Finally in the tenth circle ,rotary speed rapidly slowed down ,the MIG -21 like a wild x ì ngfull horse obediently ,finally was Lin Mo tame ,high lift head ,with thunder and fire into the sky roared away .
At the same time ,the ground was a massive fireball ,thick black smoke rising .Risk and insurance ,Lin Mo and did not rely on his golden series dragon ,first with his skill ,in from the ground a kilometer high escape out .
No. 45 Su -30 rookie no Lin Mo such psychological quality and technical level ,he has lost the best jump high ,but lose in the pilot ,in a panic and even forget ejection such thing, only know that a nearly $50000000 worth of Su 30 for Congo ( gold ) the government what it means, he are nevergonna plane Gaviota UGGs,back undead have grilled skin .
In the chaos of Africa Timberland Classic Boots,the most worthless is life ,their pilots died, and mercenaries ,with land buried under each tenon high value of mineral deposits ,the officials can keep waving dollars for they can raise or enlarge an army .
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