be like snow cast light on Qian

June 06 [Thu], 2013, 15:56
"Not good!" Feel the dragon fish as well as another powerful monster suddenly to be through four Lei Jie Jing Qian as snow sky feather heart attack, 'click' jump, immediately control the crystal sea shot to water down the deep. .., "!" Crystal cannons to the sinking of the sea, a huge water column twisted open sea, heavy bombardment in three crystal cannon,Nike Air Jordan 2 Sale, abruptly withstood three crystal cannon. "Dragon fish, do you really think I can't kill you." Will celebrate the fourth heavy thunder rob, the strength of the body constant metamorphosis Qian as snow see leading fish dragon fish at a breakneck pace attack to himself, gave a shrill voice. Then, a terrible light organ in Qian as snow double hands gushes, distorting the roaring waves of the sea, like the day outside the galaxy, bombarding the Dragon fish. "Not good!" See Qian as snow in the Du rob last stage can even play a fairy technology solitary light waves, once suffer heavy losses, was that killed the dragon fish heart a surprised, desperately trying to dodge. But in a large area of distorted space, the dragon fish cannot cast teleport, only panic call way: "the demon toad brother, save me!" "Poison pupil eye!" Hear the dragon fish panicked cries for help, a bigger than whale toad appears in the hard back dragon fish side, two out of the limelight toad swollen eyes, attack to the solitary light waves hit the distortion of space. "Boom!" When the dragon fish foot and attack the giant toad cast to the solitary light bombardment surf, immediately in the sea off on my Lang,Coach Hotsale Bags, terrible energy constantly fried dynamic seawater, startled a towering column of water. "Puff!" His fairy technology arc light on while successfully fought off a huge toad and the dragon fish, but after four heavy thunder rob baptism, appeared weak period Qian as snow immediately injured, spewed out an one mouthful blood, red himself seriously damaged clothes. Fortunately, at this time, Qian as snow fourth Lei Jie is fading fast, she took a deep breath, continuous use two teleport out of the set off a huge Lang sea, landed the crystal sea. "As snow elder sister, are you okay." The sky birds see clothes damaged, exposed the tender skin of Qian as snow face s è pale teleport appear, immediately asked. "Day, now I was heavily damaged, the crystal ship speed quickly up to the peak,Nike Jordan Big Ups Sale, we leave here." The frail Qian as snow can not attend to the body exposed strands of Ch ū n light, while in situ pranayama practice, he urged. "Good!" The sky looks weak plume anomaly Qian as white as snow, immediately came to the crystal sea control room, open the crystal sea maximum cruising speed, wind and Lang fast into. "Bang bang!" In the crystal ship fast moving, be like snow cast light on Qian Gu blow fly, the injury is not a light dragon fish and huge Toad broke the surface of the sea, regardless of physical injury, burst speed after the crystal. "Crystal cannon, attack!" The sky to see the two big five plume day beast fast catching up, immediately control the three crystal crystal ship on the gun attack. By the power of continuous terrible crystal cannon, dragon fish and huge toad immediately sank to the bottom of the sea, in the sea after >
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