What do We Need to Notice When Buying Walk-through Metal Detectors?

November 10 [Mon], 2014, 12:25

  Many enterprises will search on the Internet first when preparing to buy walk-through metal detectors or other screening machines, but the views online is vary from people to people, causing it’s a problem to choose which one to believe. In this circumstance, I, as a security inspection device editor, will tell you several points about walk-through metal detectors when you plan to make digital baggage scanner machine purchase.

  1. Walk-through metal detectors procurement should pay attention to detectors’ sensitivity. It should have the ability to detect paper clip in the middle of the door. Because the working principle of walk-through metal detectors is when there is a metal object pass through the magnetic field generated by the door on both sides of the pillar, it will cause the magnetic field induction and alarm. Therefore, it is inevitably led to the sensitivity declined from both sides to the middle area. Now a lot of walk-through metal detectors manufacturer claims their products are able to detect a paper clip sized metal objects, but in reality, most of them can only detect it when paper clip is very close to the side of the door and no response if it was placed in the middle position. Normally, walk-through metal detectors should be able to detect small iron metal material in the case of exclusion of belt buckle, and be able to detect guns and knives when excluding the influence of belt buckle, key, mobile phone, and coins.

  2. The vibration resistance ability should take into account when buying high sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector. It is not a high quality one if it keeps ringing while shaking the door. The stability and anti-interference ability directly affect the performance in the normal use process. Some companies and users didn't pay attention to the relevant aspects when buying walk-through metal detectors, or deliberately avoided by some manufacturer, then found the stability is very poor, a subtle vibration will make it alarm all the time so that it totally can’t put into use. The working theory of  X-ray luggage scanner is based on the principle of magnetic field induction, it is easy to cause false alarm when magnetic field vibrating. But a qualified walk-through metal detector should not have false alarm even though the magnetic field produces oscillation (such as the strong winds blowing or slamming doors make door shaking). It should be able to detect metal materials rapidly when someone is pass through the door while magnetic oscillation.

  3. The detection efficiency. Walk-through metal detector gate is equipped with count automatically ability. The detected number should in accord with the number of people really pass through the door. It is likely to cause omission when the number shown in the machine does not match the actual, which means there are security flaws. Good walk-through metal detectors should be able to detect one hundred times when walking through the  baggage x ray scanner  one hundred times.

  4. Walk-through metal detectors qualification and certification. Walk-through metal detector door manufacture must have the production licenses issued by Ministry of Public Security and safety inspection certificate, and export must be certified by CE. We do need to pay attention to this because many don’t have the qualifications and certification.


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