Li Rui simply pleased broken

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 15:35
Having Bu half than off the mountain minutes Fang Cristiano Ronaldo pendulum ... Figure cable entanglement after football was introduced to the penalty area, a rare little fat to grab a point, his beautiful football ferry to the door Li Ruiling empty volley, football scratched strange arc, almost touching the column missed, Li Rui chagrin, place virtual kicking feet, his face can not be reconciled back and run. Him. In fact, Li Rui think the little fat mean remind Li Rui wasted a good pass, and the best explanation. Li Rui rolled his eyes and looked at the San Siro stadium on the big screen, the distance of the end of the first half, less than a minute of time. "We fight for the first half and then into an episode! Wayne!" Looking back, Li Rui said Rooney. "You can try to pass the ball to me, I'm in good form today said Rooney Zeizei., Li Rui and looked up at the little fat face do not recruit people to be seen smile, whistled, ignore him, of course Jimmy Choo Sora, two chat, to ease the pressure on as long as there is the right opportunity, they will, of course, co-ordination of the goal at the San Siro stadium, two people are so eager to, but they know nothing than the team win is the most important! that Li Rui-foot shot wide of the Mong Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti scared into a cold sweat, he took off his suit and ride in the coach seats , you can see Ancelotti white shirt affixed to the back, and that is the reason of the sweat Ancelotti gestures, eager to score exceeded Wang Milan again in the next game , and began to control the rhythm of the game, and also pay great attention to the protection of the defense, after all, you want to score, as well as the second half, but if Manchester United to seize Jia Milan massive attack of opportunity in the first half last moment scored a goal beyond the score for Milan, can be disaster. Mong Milan pay attention to the protection of his own half, Manchester United's two attacks were killed in midfield ask in After half of the game is coming to an end when the two teams seemed a bit conservative first half injury time, with Li Rui received winger Ryan Giggs ball chest pad, and turned a foot volley over the bar, Kerry ETHNO Horowitz, Polish referee blew the whistle the end of the first half. "the end of the first half, Milan, Manchester United, perhaps a draw for the home game Bi Milan is an unacceptable result, but, in fact, very fair result. Manchester United to seize the opportunity, which makes the Rossoneri into trouble start guide reviews the first half of the game. Million in the Association for the rest of the time, the atmosphere in the San Siro, the home team locker room a little solemn, coach Carlo Ancelotti came, has been at the tactical board program to Lee to go, did not speak, he did not speak, Bi Milan players they are also a little uneasy, after all, the kick of the game the first half, became: "Manchester United team. away goals, it is not considered good news. second half of the game a bit harder for Wang Milan kicked , Manchester United have an away goal, which is their biggest advantage, even if the second half and then into a goal in Milan, Manchester United last lost to Wang meters Mans, as long as there is an away goal back to their home, Manchester United The team also has a great promotion hopes Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx winter jacket. Milan, in order to ensure that the cut advantage, then, in the second half of the match, Milan not only to, as soon as the go-ahead score, but also in not conceding the case, as much as many goals, so that is the most in line with wishes of Milan Ancelotti pat hand, attracted the attention of all the second half, we must pressure out offensive This requires that defense must ensure defensible spoke Ancelotti looked at his captain, "Paul, you can hold it?" Maldini picked up the ice pack in the knees, replied, play another half an hour. should be no problem Maldini is also back from injury soon, in the guard position, Wang Milan actually not much choice in the Serie A, Maldini, by virtue of experience to cater for the middle and lower reaches of the ball team striker is still more than enough, however, from the first half of the game situation assault, in the face of Li Rui Bi Milan captain a little struggling to cope Canada Goose Men's Chateau, Li Rui's fast, Maldini natural running ability and immeasurably when young, and Maldini turned speed can not keep up Li Rui's footsteps, which brought a great deal of pressure to the Milan defense. Ancelotti nodded, since the captain said can adhere to half an hour, he would choose to believe their own captain, and Milan, in the linebacker position is really no one can change Simic's poor state, estimated Costacurta play worse, old Billy has not run, "uh" Ancelotti more conservative, and has been in the new issue, has been criticized for, do not know at this time, Mr. Carlo Ancelotti will not have a trace of remorse "But Ancelotti was made adjustments him to man-mark Rooney will be Li Rui to the defense of Nesta Maldini. The rest of the midfield, Ferguson began to explain in the locker room tactics, he first praised Li Rui and O'Shea, in recognition of the team be able to pull the "unfavorable situation in the first half behind the second half, we play defensive back "Ferguson said this when looking at his disciples, the players are not too surprised, although Manchester United advocating attacks, however, and does not know the life and death of the pressure out offensive, in which half of the San Siro and Milan game, players generally think wang Milan to bring their own pressure than Real Madrid to a number of Real Madrid go a superior offensive player, defensive comparable shabby, Wang Milan, however, is not the same, with Pirlo, Kaka, Shevchenko, Inzaghi Rossoneri attack absolutely great attack force, the Italian team's catenaccio Manchester United in the attack on the very popular repression, coupled with Wang Milan's midfield generals Gattuso super interception capabilities, these are the Manchester United team is very depressing. "In the second half we did some adjustments Ferguson looked Scholes," Paul, you down to rest in the second half of the match. Paul Scholes shocked all of a sudden, or nodded as Manchester United veteran Although he does not want to be replaced, but this time only listen obediently most should still know., Stone Ferguson eyes from Nova Wales, who transferred to Park Ji-Sung's body accounted for, pondered the second half, Park, you play after. And Darren together to form a double waist. "The Scottish old man mean very obvious, Fletcher and Pu Zhiyan scraping ability of players in midfield and build a barrier, providing protection for the Manchester United team in the backcourt Park Ji-Sung nodded, not talking, Korea in the squad has always been so dull. Manchester United teammate a bit strange I used to get lively Li Rui and a bit introverted's Park Ji-Sung compare, let Li Rui annoyed. Ferguson paused, thought for a while, continued : "the second half, the formation becomes" Lee, your position may be appropriate retracement you go attack hub, should be timely pressure on your running and position can be determined by their own see Li Rui bit daze Ferguson drew a circle on the tactical question board, marked Li Rui's position as the core, and then to Li Rui, forward and backward to draw a few arrows, suggesting that Li Rui more freedom in the field, according to own ability and awareness of the game, to decide how to do it. sentence, Li Rui half position in the field Baggio as the slogan, greater flexibility, and the single striker striker Wayne Rooney is played a diversionary role, of course, if Li Rui be able to spread the strike, Rooney will also see blood the deadliest killer! Ferguson remarks elicited a little break in the locker room moving, which means that Li Rui in the game will have more privileges, teammates, however, did not raise any objection, Li Rui, after all. Manchester United have almost irreplaceable, This is just the head coach for the first time stressed the special nature of Li Rui nothing. Cristiano Ronaldo mouth write-write, a surge of bitterness in their hearts ", Li Rui seriously looked at the tactical arrow on the like should be printed on his mind, and his heavy nodded, indicating understand, But my heart still slightly a little nervous, half of the slogan, Li Rui is not no experience playing, however, in such an important game, suddenly kicked this position has been a little rusty, he did not know that they can have What kind of performance, in a word, the second half, Manchester United will kick defensive back, Li Rui is Manchester United from attack to keep the key to whether the goal, "being the main visitors' locker room at the San Siro second half tactical arrangements, Jessica, and their friends, Monica Bellucci also Stallone appear together in the VIP hall of the San Siro stadium, take a break. "hard to imagine that his foot Philippine kick so stick true Monica Bellucci said. Jessica blinked beautiful eyes, "you say Lee? I said long ago that his best. Said Jessica pursed cute little mouth. "Oh, no, no, I said Kaka, his goal is simply awesome Monica Bellucci exaggeration to say that still wanted Jessica wink. Jessica know their friends coconut Discovery, but her heart or admit defeat said, "Lee in the second half of the match will score, he! ! "At this time, Jessica is no longer a Hollywood actress, the only player Li Rui's girlfriend. Drinking coffee at the side Stallone at the side watching two strong light gap-year-old beauty bicker, this tough guy, Mr. wise to shut up this time, he saw Al Pacino, got up and greeted to and "The Godfather, with Berlusconi saw the lingering charm Monica Bellucci as well as the beautiful Jessica in the eyes of a light, came to talk to the two. "Lee is a nice guy." 贝利斯科尼 said. "Thank you, I think he heard these words, will be glad to Jessica replied, and then she smiled and the Italian Prime Minister said," Miss Bellucci and I bet, I think the second half Lee will score can imagine Wang Milan Sir somewhat embarrassing, However, politicians adaptability is always indisputable, he smiled and said, "I felt at ease for the team's back line or However, the start of the game in the second half less than the old minutes, shellfish Mr. Marsalis Kony's face became abnormal ugly, all found after the start of the second half of the match, the Manchester United team when the intermission, ..., substitutions, South Korean star Park Ji dry off the bench, he who replaced Scholes twenty-four Health decision-team top in front of overweight children Rooney UGG Kids Boots, Li Rui's position retracement obviously often retreated to midfield initiative to the ball game to minutes, Li Rui received left Giggs ball near the center circle face of Pirlo, Li Rui football knock to the right, Cristiano Ronaldo, the latter to turn around after the ball in the opposite direction wipe the ball, and then suddenly pretend to endo shot, pull the ball turned and got rid of Serginho interception along the right road at high speed with the ball, he skilled disc passed out to intercept the Kaladze, Gattuso immediately plugging up. the Cristiano Ronaldo Li Xuan passing, football to the foot of Li Rui, continuous dribbling contain just as Cristiano Ronaldo, now stand in the Li Rui before only Nesta on the other side , Milan captain Paolo Maldini is defensive Rooney San Siro stadium over sounded strident boos, in the night sky, the effort seemed so people uncomfortable. kept the first half have seen Li Rui's breakthrough capabilities, the red Black fans try to interfere with amazing noise the Li Rui breakthrough. the Li Rui bullying Nesta! absolutely most excited when Lee! everyone's eyes are on this young man who is the ball in the court, Manchester United's yellow away jerseys floodlights irradiation, giving gentle feeling, however, that this young man's face can not see any tender feeling, and some look of solemn, and can even feel murderous Li Rui left foot football a button, and then pull back, and then, once again spiking, however, Nesta appeared to be very stable, has not fooled, not tightly close, just stuck Li Rui want shot point of view this time, Gattuso Cristiano Ronaldo to contain over to help defend, Cafu on Cristiano Ronaldo to see live. than North Li Rui, Wan do not want to be that has midfielder "butcher. Known as the Titans and The world several central defender Alessandro Nesta anti-folders, Li Xuan move continuous step or two bicycles, then left foot imaginary stride, knocking the ball with his left foot heel and the ball to the after rolling with his right foot toe while football to the right side of the Nesta wave, Nesta to intercept feet and immediately, but this is a feint, Li Rui spike again, the football buckle back, right foot ankle flick, football flew into the restricted area on the left side and "he chose to pass three gorgeous series of dribbling moves like a lamp hearty Saxon Reporter on the stands went wild, continuous click the shutter sound series from the Silver Chin light, Saxony continue to rave but leakage point play. restricted area, football fall Rooney chest gently pad, then quickly turn around, mentioning the foot is one foot volley this Maldini surprise, he did not think this little fat man of action so quickly, immediately mentioning foot blocking football hit the toe Maldini, there is an obvious change to fly toward the goal In the past, Li Rui and Nesta showdown what will happen? "pass! Beautiful action "Rooney" shot up! ! ! Dida, great saves, "ooo ooo ooo" blank range! ! ! ! Ball in! In! In! ! ! Li Rui scored a goal! Lead! ! ! Ball in! ! ! There is no doubt that this night belonged to him! San Siro what! He would conquer the Soviet Union and Eastern cried with a loud voice, he has been completely excited, the San Siro stadium in harsh boos peaked was dead, no one has to see how the ball is into this time, Li Rui has run on the pitch, he seemed very happy, and the San Siro for the Chinese young man who is simply a dream place because domestic earliest live Serie A match, although Li Rui slowly grew up in Milan dynasty has become past tense, and by the subtle influence of the San Siro stadium, Li Rui, or a difficult dream emotional speech, even in his subconscious, this stadium than Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium than Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium to be great, and now, at the San Siro stadium, goals, Li Rui simply pleased broken, shouting, facing the camera behind the goal after he ran to the goal, made a gesture! His celebration stimulating to home. Milan fans the harsh boos sounded again, this time, all through the slow motion to see just the birth of the goals, Rooney's shot hit the toe Maldini has a change of direction, but Wang Milan The goalkeeper arrived to make the magic saves in all red and black fans breathed a sigh of relief when Li Rui in small angle, Beiduiqiumen the the make unconventional turned half-volley to hang, football is almost close to the beam flying into the net to complete the shooting action of Li Rui then Gattuso Zhuangfei that people are not able to see clearly who completed the shot, the San Siro stadium booed never been so strident sounded as Berlusconi stands bad cop, maybe he was more annoyed because lost elements of beauty in front of it. Defense: more! The recommended ticket has to Wan, I would like to thank everyone's support for small and seven very moved! In order to facilitate access, keep in mind bxwx novel your support is our biggest motivation!
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