September 16 [Fri], 2005, 19:25
yesterday, we had BBQ Party that ISP members held. we ate many foods and talk with friends who came from other countries. I was exited to talk with people who came from other countries because I like to learn different cultures. that's why i like geography.
Anyway, I have class tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. and I have to do a lot of home work.... the class is math, but I hate math. why do I hae to take math class!? I dont think somebody answer to me. never mind.
but one thing, i will have another party tomorrow!! it makes me exiting!!! so I can study befor it. it's a birthday party for Rie. I'm looking for it♪♪


September 07 [Wed], 2005, 20:49
today is the day i came here just 4 months ago,
i'm really surplised because days past so fast!! I cant berieve i'm here for 4 months.

anyway, I got bad stomachache today.
that was so much painful!!! i never have such a bad stomachache. and Agasa gave me a pill. i took it ,but it didnt get out from me soon. we took the bus to get home, i was dying on the bus. aftere got off the bus, it's going out little by little. and now, it gone. i 'm so happy now. good health is the most important thing in my life, especially in this country. i try to keep healthy now. wash hands when i got home and gargle my throat.

my hostfamily's friend made 炒飯 today.
that was very good, that was compretely cha-han!!! i love that.
and funy thing is thay thought it's japanese food. it is chinese, right??
but whatever, i love that. shrimp cha-han


September 05 [Mon], 2005, 13:41
a huge typhoon is coming to Japan!!!
it's bigger than カトリーナ!! the name of the typhoon is "typhoon no. 14" it's not cute name. just number. I like the name of hurricanes. the names are women's name. they are curte names, but hurricanes are completely not. cause they kill people!!
anyway, I have one question. why American people name hurricanes women name?? they are not pretty, they are not like women.
oh!! when women get angry, they are like hurricane!?!? is this the reason??
never mind girls, i'm just kidding. lol
but it's very interesting question isn't it??
if someone can answer this question, please tell me why!!!


September 02 [Fri], 2005, 21:49
i'm sorry for late to begin this diary....
but i think you didnt wait

anyway, today I had a class. but the class over at 10:50. I had nothing to do after that. actually, i had to do something for my insurance. but i finished it befor noon. i'm so tired to do this. i have to do so many things... everyone who in the U.S.!! be careful of your steps!!!

today's worst thing is the waiting time for the buses....
the bus dorivers are too lazy!!
I wait for buses forever every time.
and today, i waited for one hour each buses.
I need driving license and a car immediately!!!! I wasted my valuable time...
or somebody help me........
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