How to Rank Better My Website at Google Search Engine?

November 14 [Tue], 2017, 12:17
"How do I get my site to improve my ranking in Google Search?"

This is basically a problem for everyone who writes a web page and builds a website. What is the purpose of building a website? Someone is interested, someone is working, someone wants to share information, someone is making money. How to make money? You have a website that is owned by a virtual property. Calculate how much the value of this property comes directly from the flow of people.

To know that most of the site, the search is the largest source of flow, and Google search machine accounted for more than 60% of the global search engine usage, so many netizens are looking for in Google Search to improve the ranking method.

How does the actual Google Finder ranking work?

But the Google search engine rankings do not say who wants to improve who's the site will be improved, Google is very smart, regardless of you, they only require ranking neutral, natural. Useful can be improved, garbage should be down.

The Google Search rankings are calculated by Google's proprietary algorithms, and are counted only by Google. In order to rise rankings, many people will try to crack the Algorithm, and even use some black hat (Black Hat) method, to make their own website highlight the first page in Google ranking. Google in order to maintain the ranking of the fairness and nature of the game, those who forced their own ranking of the site will be punished, not be kicked behind the ranking of more than 100 pages, is the entire site in Google Search forever removed.

In order to eliminate these "cheating" people in the natural rankings, Google will update the algorithm from time to time, and each update will bring no small changes in the ranking, the site will be a night to rise, and the site is Google "OUT".

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