dust all over the sky .

December 08 [Sat], 2012, 15:28
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultDistance West Valley 80 miles south of flowers ,there is a bare hill .
Ling Feng now lying in deep within a dark corner ,panted hoarsely .He sees the past very miserable ,all be besmeared with blood ,pale ,breath heavy, as if not injured .It took half an hour ,he just got over ,his hands, trying to sit up ,hate hate curse : hanged man ,really difficult ! In the green of Dan success to capture two Tian-gang poly God Dan ,killed Ken Shimotoko ,also will be this old guy who ransacked ,including green Dan treasure Tian-gang ding income bursa .
This is a big harvest ,let Ling wind excited .Then there is a strong enemy approaching ,he also didn just play Huodun art , faces south to flee .Although Huodun skill than double Yue wind powers quickly, but not as much .
Ling Feng confident ,the same order of friars with body want faster than him, it can be counted on one .But unexpectedly, the sudden appearance of the two people ,also Jingshan Huodun technique ,teleport speed than he did not slow ,just like the tarsal maggot bites ,behind, unable to get rid of .
He lodged the thousands of miles .Ling wind see out of the two people ,fortunately the heart one horizontal stroke ,turned to face the past .Do not solve these two guys ,so they always pestering his enemy ,will only lead to more .
Must be pushed them back ,even if the spell will also want to cause destruction to both sides ,the two guy solution again !One of two people, a look they dress dress ,with the positive real exactly alike .
Ling Feng heart was suddenly ,no wonder the two guys who Huodun fine art .They also from the fire in the monk !The two people have the reason the Dzogchen state practice .Single out from the body to determine the gas machine North Face Sale,wherein a redhead elderly ,body Qi strong pole ,compared with him no less much ,is clearly a rival .
Another slightly worse than dead ,but also better Qianyuan three sub .In this regard, Ling Feng did not fear .He has a special magic power restraint five lines Yin and Yang magneto-optical near the body ,and edge sharp ,carry all before one of seven Zhu sword in hand, plus can suddenly increase by ten times the power of the mysterious magical knowledge spar .
All of the powers in the body, even kill the two people ,want to repel them should not be a problem .A fierce battle in the sky was launched .Two fire from the Mune Yuan Vaillant strong play a powerful fire attribute prowess, Ling Chao wind engine rabid offensive .
Moment .The fire in all directions ,half the sky into a flame flames ,power big, shaking heaven and earth .However ,Ling Feng of Yin and Yang magneto-optical really wonderful extraordinary .
Magneto optical a ,method to retreat or recoil .Although this word is somewhat exaggerated ,however, bipolar magnetic light tackle five line road prowess, but are essentially restrained edge .
Let the other two people play all fire attribute supernatural powers, it will be hard to Ling Feng least harm .The same .Ling in the wind to take seven Zhu sword fights, the other two have teamed up to take two pieces of a token of ancient treasure ,unexpectedly also can can resist to carry all before one of the Seven Star sword .
Temporarily between ,both fighting intertwined ,a short period of time can not be a winner .During, Ling Feng perceived has a large number of monks from all sides and from the surrounding .
He did not want to talk to each other two people continue to entwine .Instantly, immediately launched its most powerful attack force ,using fire play the voice Avatar ,occult ,and seven Zhu sword and blood flame knife attack in pairs .
In one fell swoop hit each other ,another old man also injured a redhead .See Ling wind strength so powerful terrorist ,that two people where to go on fighting, panic quickly run away .
Ling wind also takes the opportunity to leave .Originally thought ,to repel this after two people .You can be at ease on the return journey of Siping city .But unexpectedly, the entire week to repair the fairyland .
Because green Dan change ,stir up .Various school ,gathered tens of thousands of monks ,cloth nets above and snares below ,on the Ling Feng launched encirclement action .Ling Feng try by hook to look for sth.
,brannigan .Only rely on their own with all the force powers ,making a way .In spare time, death in his hand on the week brother ,no ten thousand also have eight thousand .In this way, not only did not make big country week ,timid ,but more and more people to participate in the campaign ,powerful reason the amount also is increasing ceaselessly .
Encirclement of large numbers, Ling Feng does not fear .He has all his magical powers ,can undertake big range attack .But ,we work with his very reason the ranks after joining encirclement ,immediately makes the situation is reversed .
After a short struggle ,Ling risk death ,finally rely on earth one of drilling into the earth, and his family soul blood Dun Mystic ,by burning their blood, the moment will escape speed lift three times ,just to escape life .
It he was so embarrassed .To suppress the tens of thousands of monks ,what reason to Dzogchen realm feet have twelve people ,among them, three have a magical power, the strength of strong, almost all are not in the Ling Feng !Ling Feng magical powers into ,have rare opponent .
In the strongest who ,with his three years as a couple of days . .Today, this week in China ,has a meeting with three strength than he and day witch a strong, visible ,Tian Lan s Holy Week in the mainland have a well-deserved reputation as !Three people together ,Ling Fengli sense is not the enemy UGGs Adirondack Tall Cheap.
He even dare not to take one ,as he knew ,in the real enemies before, their four split soul split, only managed to fire one enemy ,the other three alter egos cannot withstand a single blow .
Bowel astrology a hour later ,Ling Feng wounded, from the clouds fall ,but also take this opportunity to drill into the earth, and to ride .He is now ,as a flesh wound in nine of the first Dragon Reborn under the action of force ,all healing .
However, it was the match three people including a large beard ,a knife gas hit ,sharp knife gas into the body, like the tarsal maggot ,flooding does not disperse ,kept in vivo rushing around ,making Fu-organs meridians are not light injury !Must first convert this knife gas to disperse ,otherwise ,once the enemy to recover ,even when their escape had no strength .
Ling Feng Qing Dan out of healing medicine solid element ichor ,drank half bottle ,then sit cross-legged ,start work of pranayama ... ... Blue sky, stretch as far as eye can see .
Every cloud floating in the wind .Beautiful scenery and pleasant .Three the fast if rapid power like sky and mase from afar .Like the sky meteor across the sky ,clouds ,only leaves behind the light path .
The friend ,but you have induction to that person UGG Women's Kenly Boots? A hoarse voice sounded in the sky .Soon ,saw the fleet and three time instant stop ,three figures appear in the sky .The three men are men .
A hale and hearty ,wearing a nosy old robe ,a body of Qiu tall man, there is a big monk hands bowl .The three different appearances ,from them hidden from the scary coercion gas machine ,can determine this three people are a powerful unique strong .
Speak is that old robe .He is hale and hearty .Hand-held whisk standing above the clouds in the sky ,has several SAGE-like type gas .Standing in his right standing in the air of Qiu Han UGGs Short Sheepskin Cuff Cheap,now eyes flashed fine awn ,sink a track : he was never a written brake knife .
Knife gas into the body, even the remotest corners of the globe ,fled to ,one can also rely on knife gas induction ,follow-up to his hiding place . Pause ,he reached a point ten miles ahead ,a bare hill ,said : he was hiding in front of the mountain ! Then so what, we past ,teamed up to bring him down ! The old man was taking a forward dump ,was about to fly .
Beside him Qiu Han also prepare to leave .Wait a moment. But in this moment .It has not speak mendicant monk stopped two people .Taking the old man turned his head ,Shoumei a shake, asked : Denon friends have any ideas? The man a line, not in my three any person under ,and refined at all magical way ,is very difficult .
My power of three to win ,he is not difficult, but want to kill ,I is not easy .In particular he also Jingshan earth one Huodun this two five escape method ,a play .We want to trap him almost impossible to go ,only to act rashly and alert the enemy ,how big results ! A mendicant monk Xuan a chant ,slowly .
He said well ,taking old man and Han Qiu are nodded .Complexion dignified .Denon friends ,in your opinion .How do we deal with these people ? Qiu Han asked a sentence . ! A mendicant monk smiled ,then says : two friends ,let this seat display my Buddha out vigorously ,cloth of Prajna ward ,seal of ten party ,even if the person has the line, could not escape ! The old man and Han Qiu robe after listening is a hi, cried out : please Denon friends quickly cast ,do not let this guy ran away .
The monk nodded .Then ,he took it around the neck of the Golden Buddha ,holding in hands ,mouth to read a Buddha mantra .As the Buddha mantra ring UGG Classic Mini Cheap,gold beads as if by blessing the infinite power ,with dazzling dazzling gold .
Go ! A loud low drinking .The monk waved to beads set .But see twenty-four seed beads into a golden light ,fast if rapid power like fly to ten miles over the Rocky Mountain front ,suddenly turns into a giant golden swastika ,suspended in the sky .
Two friends ,Prajna ward has become ,please follow the base together into ! It was a companion called Denon big and light have a sound wave ,large cuff ,a golden auspicious clouds appeared out of nowhere, wrapped in three people together in the front of mountain to move rapidly to .
At the moment ,sits on a hillside in meditation pranayama Ling Feng ,suddenly opened his eyes ,face very severe ,hate acoustic scolds: is the three ! The enemy has been to, you can .
Fortunately, after half a day to meditate power lines ,invasive in vivo knife gas have been got rid of almost, some have been insufficient to his remaining strength influence .Body injury in solid element ichor treatment, and healing .
A line basically restored, even if the enemy is over three people ,want to run there should be no big problem .Heart fluttered, Ling Feng had a flash of yellow soil of mango ,the whole people directly from the mountainside, toward the ground bottom lodged in the past .
At this moment ,he felt a sharp incomparable cutter gas ,attack come rushing towards him .Do not think, Ling Fengfa tips pinch, Taiyi God stele was instantly set ,support in overhead .
The same time ,he tried his best to escape line to the bottom .Outside ,a full ten feet long knife mount appeared out of nowhere, with the potential to carry all before one cut stone .
Knife mount the place visited ,mountain like bean curd fragile ,from the middle straight cleft by .Knife mount Yu potential misjudgment, down the mountain towards the next cut ,it is about to close to the ground ,a huge steles appeared out of nowhere, with two color light gray ,ten feet long knife mount diameter abruptly stopped .
Almost at the same time .Hill near the ground a flash of gold .Then came a sound : Ling Feng you three guys ,I was trying to do is ?Well ,I got to you today ! He was coming into the ground when ,suddenly ,a monstrous vigorously from the ground is swept across and come ,will he escape line body bounce back .
Know the other side of this is the cloth under the prohibition law array, limiting their earth one magical .It has now, want to run that was not possible ,Ling Fengya a bite ,heart one horizontal stroke .
Decided to start a life .Giant knife mount with Taiyi God monument crash together, immediately sent rolling noise .Moment ,already was in two mountain ,in the crash after .Numerous violent impact strength ,fragmentation of rock massif ,collapse ,countless rocks fragments rustle whereabouts, rumbling sound is ceaseless, dust all over the sky .
In the thick dust, a shadow mase out ,instantly came to the air .His head suspended a huge steles ,hand-held seven Zhu sword ,was full of anger .It is Ling feng .In front of him ten pieces ,hanging stand three .
A hand-held handle serrated broadsword of Qiu Han ,SAGE-like type robe old man ,still holding bowl kasaya big monk .The three people on the Ling Feng ,but too familiar .His life was almost entirely in the three guy hands .
Days of the battle, he of the three rival some understanding .The hand-held serrated broadsword of Qiu Han named is clean ,but the big week domestic cultivation big faction brake knife gate presbyterian .
The old man wearing a robe is Gossip Gossip palace elders tae-gon reality .As for the hand bowl big monk ,is China a big week Buddha Kassapa Thera Denon temple elders .These three people each have great magic power ,strength are not in themselves .
Especially the day dragon statue ,repaired the Buddha a magical powers .With the general cultivation are distinct, Dharma and huge, is the most difficult to deal with .Now ,this suspension in overhead golden swastika words ,do not want to know it from this growing hand .
Limit yourself earth one of Mitac ,Ling Feng to hate . Ling feng .As long as you surrender Tian-gang poly God Dan ,and then from the waste line, the seat can commit to not kill you ! Tae-gon human hand whisk a pendulum, stroking the submandibular beard ,muttered .
Waste from the road ?Even if we can save lives ,but also can live for decades ,unless the Ling Feng is an idiot would do .He grunted coldly ,look from opposite three face one one sweep ,slowly opening: three friends are powerful monk ,resultant force jointly, Ling a self-knowledge has no way out .
However ,before dying, Ling Mou also confident ,capable of hauling three friends one with me ,but I do not know ,is there? Ling wind strength ,tae-gon reality three human mind is very clear ,if single ,they have no one dare say that can overcome the Ling feng .
Today, visual approach wind face is very stern look ,knew he wanted to be desperately ,but have some fear .For the same reason the Dzogchen state, where one partner is his life to wrestle, even if the other party overwhelm with numerical strength ,want to win is not easy !Tae-gon three people are living in thousands of years of human ,they more than any people treasure feather ,cannot let oneself easily adventure !Tae-gon reality and no dust on the face look all show hesitation ,hang back .
But see a Denon Thera was not startled ,didn be threatening words implied Ling wind effects ,whispered to side two said: we occupy absolute advantage, as long as you don recklessly ,he played out what tricks ! A remark, tae-gon ,clean two immediately mind ,think about ,think rational .
Soon ,I saw no dust sneer, look sharp as a sword ,on Ling Feng said: today you exaggeration ,could not survive ! Then ,he raised his serrated broadsword ,Ling Chao wind far roll .
A full ten feet long knife mount appeared out of nowhere, with the potential to carry all before one attack .Ling Feng sees not Jing ,with hands to fight the past seven swords .Carry all before one knife sharp awn and unparalleled lightsaber collided in midair ,saw two deadlocked after a moment, the knife mount collapsibility ,with remnants of lightsaber toward tae-gon three pawn off .
Tae-gon reality was unchanged ,hands knack ,a gossip shaped iron plate moment to take ,in the air into a huge numerological patterns .Suddenly ,I saw the world wind and thunder ,Shan Ze fire ,eight door move together ,Emmanuel flashing .
Numerological patterns from huge Vaillant ,actually will be brutally Zhu sword strike force at seven .Almost at the same time ,a Buddha mantra sound in the air ring .I saw people from golden Denon body ,like Lohan rebirth ,Bodhi alive .
His hands in the Buddhist mantra Jinbo urge move below ,to first-class gold mase out towards the wind directly impact the past ,ling .The ass of the supernatural ,Ling Feng but firsthand .
He sees that not the slightest hesitation ,towards the right figure twinkle ,Shunyi past .But the rays in the air into a large bowl ,straight impact in Ling wind behind the hill .
-- a sound from noise after detonation .They originally were in two mountain ,in a bowl ,waist broke in two ,making numerous rocks falling ,roar loud students continuously ,dust all over the sky ,greatness is amazing .
Ling Feng in the avoidance of the occasion, the hands of seven Zhu sword .Volatile out , cut blade array has been launched .Just listen to the Ming Xiao, like nine days of dragons ,acoustic crack sky .
A stalk five feet long white lightsaber appeared out of nowhere, with hissing broken air acoustic ,forming a sword rain torrent down enemy three people rushed to attack ... ... .
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