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November 08 [Sat], 2014, 0:40
China Olympics in 2008, the ultra-modern foam material Lunarlon applied on present day running shoes, provide dynamic services system again after 4 years of constantly updated, Nike LunarGlide + Some ahead of the London Olympics next year, is Taiwan is on the market come early july the most purpose of shoe dollars. Between Nike LunarGlide + 4 in a short time, around the other hand, following in the footsteps created by qiu dong is close to the collocation of Nike glasses the use of high reflective waterproof cloth series, again producing friend in past the practice of not distinguish seasonal health supplements, provide a new concept of one-of-a-kind winter run, and further presents the Nike shoes in the design item, runners to design a completely fresh thinking from the Angle related with demand products.

Nike LunarGlide + 4 shields are made with thicker Lunarlon truly composite shock absorption foam primary material as the main body of a human, again tie-in shields series of substantial reflective water proof fabric, as well as the original LunarGlide + 4 have advantages, avoid vibration and high sustainability, LunarGlide + 4 shields the water affirmation design of additional fluffy additional and insoles, ankle replacement wool surface heat upkeep function, can let the running friends really feel slow running shoes far too began to have winter restrain the concept of dedicated, lead all runners in the winter low temperature spring, the most suitable for jogging is going to pay more attention to waterproof, indicative, and shall have the practiced outdoor products should have properties for example thermal, believe in the concept of in service open season is special about Nike running shoes, the future will also have a little more professional brand manufacturers think of products similar to winter loved shoes together.

nike dunk sky hi

In appearance LunarGlide + 3 shields and LunarGlide + 4 n't, flagship product is still the continuation of the green and as well as black main color and as a result full of rhythm sense Lunarlon connection, on the surface of the shoe able mesh set, also harmonize can be adjusted with the twelve inches covering Flywire cable design. Whenever you are photographers have flash, on the, tested shoe dark determine high reflective fabric, reflective characteristics can be fully found, in the winter of sunshine schedule is shorter, LunarGlide + 4 glasses high light-sensitive fabric design do increase the visibility of the joggers at night, in Taiwan under the disorder of the road often proceed to inadequate lighting by night, to improve the safety of the running on a treadmill friends night when famous help.

Participants runners proper test LunarGlide + 4 shields, will be able to obviously feel the Flywire cable can still play with the foot contour adjustment of cladding characteristics, make it easy for foot enjoy coated feeling of security and don't feel chained; When the field to run quiz runner, PU road need when the runway test is a bit hard, but overall continues to comfortable scope; Conversion to allow them to asphalt road running determine, can feel more soft furthermore clear sense of springback road. In cases where runners on downhill highways test, LunarGlide + 4 quantitative standard precautions, though not as light in weight, of course the uphill road LunarGlide + 4 shields the weight of the player transformation frequency will not result in the influence of behindhand, when down runners can fully expertise Lunarlon overall bottoms at the villain should avoid vibration, for the duration of strong wallop downhill, tested sporting men can still feel the heel down the feeling of comfort since the appropriate way, again tie-in LunarGlide + 7 shields has characteristics on high rebound, downhill should be able to willfully to accelerate the jogger but not powerful challenge, on top of the flat road can better launch acceleration characteristics.

LunarGlide + 1 shields for to run the buddies are not unfamiliar LunarGlide + 4 forms for the basement, so a selection of functional features are the same, although LunarGlide + 4 shields the main aim of warm winter shoe funds, may be part of the running co-worker question for Taiwan's winter is simply not just cold, wear the LunarGlide + Contemplate shields will be too hot? As well as runners tested on the same day the specific temperature about 18 to 20 degrees, at the same time, Taiwan's winter very secure northeast monsoon blow Buddha nature, those who workout are just generally thinner shifting ankle socks in the case of highly effective winds, run except real work hot discomfort, at the same time may also let the foot can preserve a comfortable temperature, if jogging on a treadmill friend itself have more baseball socks to match permeability related to wool, can be more effective to create the foot sweat as well as heat shoes inside contact zoom, to take away moisture realistically, with us in wear going up the gear the innermost really need to be given priority to by sweat as the first layer, and can be completely LunarGlide + 4 measures should be windproof, waterproof and thermal properties, and only a correct collocation allow for shields the properties within product will not come to Taiwan additionally problems with water
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