status of the soldiers is very low under

May 21 [Tue], 2013, 10:32
The> black nights City elves magically light up the city, but still out of the city. The WWW, QUANbEn Com children do the immense underground world of darkness. Connected to the caves and caves, the secret pit and secret pit interaction sets, as outsiders, if not eaten by the monster lurking in the dark, it is very easy to get lost in this is like a maze of geographical. "Here?" Player in a team the Followers of instructions by the team proceed with caution. "Yes! Traces of one of them!" Flashing red Followers lens with a variety of data, restore the situation three days ago Health. Dragging a long knife, only one meter tall 4546, weighing only 34 kg of little girl go inside along this Ngam Road. "Then be careful! Her evaluation of the level, there may be an ambush." ​​Seems to be the leader of the people mouth so to say, but the words actually revealing unquenchable excitement, as long as the kid hit to kill a dead end , the team at least per person o-level Extension and more through a series of incentives, this pie is only a dream will fall ah. Think of quickened her pace, for fear of other hunters grab the first. "Captain ..." Followers line part of it, suddenly ordered a halt. "How?" Traces, as if recently giant creatures come and go. "Followers said ground piece of mess. Seems to be one hundred farmers planing area throughout the year, anyone could see around. That Followers adjusted to a half-day information: "It seems as if" purple worm! Sound scream too much, burning incense attracted a ghost suddenly crest of the moment, at the foot of the rock in the the Followers purple insect word export a thickness of such the truck stuff from the underground fierce jump out of a two slowest response The players have been swallowed in the stomach. "belated! I date your mother! Captain loudly cursing,Crossbodys Coach Bags, led the men on this article underground world's dominant launched an attack. Kankan to get rid of a purple worm, the roaring rumble amazing momentum of the attack in the underground world simply as eye-catching as the fire in the night, especially those tech weapons, noise and heat of these along the area marked on the focus of the symbol. around irrespective of the Chihun vegetarian Native were moved, we opt to drive over to the side. "the gaze of a Basilisk spirit enough resistance to the machine gunner in place to become a statue, a note Flyweight captain wrecked that lizard brains burst, had a chance to disarm petrochemical, stuck his head around the Basilisk. Too late, captain brisk walking! "A Wudasancu gossips filed captain ran, the latter Canhu with petrochemical player's name, life looked he was dragged into the cave lizard. Walked all the way to fight the endless stream of monsters seem to have brought along the surrounded, the hunters became an instant prey. All this time has refused to go kill the wanted target, as long as Enron return Nighthaven City is already the largest victory. Followers nurse's efforts to make out, and hate this tracker only provide data, restore the image can not be fully automated. Half strength half luck. Foot deep shallow kick,Jordan 4 Sale, run the other way. Until the time when finally shake off the monster coalition forces kill, the original 10-man team has only three. Captain and gossips. All hurt and tired, a life has been gone half. The trio finally breathe a sigh of relief when, has come to a cave of stalactites on the ceiling stud inverted, and gather together the cold into drops of ice water fell down, drops in the pool below the ding-dong clear sound. "Like The sound of the wind blowing, a drop of water droplets falling waist broken into two halves. Say that sounds weird, but the fact is the case. Followers of vision, he can even clearly see the water droplets section neat, completely contrary to the laws of physics. The heart Ding, dong "is divided into two drops of drops of water fall into the pool stirred twice movement, the man turned and cut off water droplets, hunter and prey met. Looked as young as 13-year-old The girl in a red gi, the foot of Dengzhe if shoes the right hand of the sword almost as her height, waist scabbard onto the ground surface childish never faded, wide open eyes of a pair of black crystal looking at here you come to kill me do? The girl asked with some disgust three aunts and uncles together swallowed. "Even if the underground world where also very dangerous for our Dark Elves. For a variety of powerful presence. The more time we have to avoid them. Two days before a team did not bring any wizard Tong Hui went, now estimated earlier I do not know the dead monster stomach. "Said this time has been in the the secret shadow family castle Sheila Rose room the female elves surface with a mocking smile. Pity ignorance deceased." Oh, is it? "Zhao Mo Yan Just So nodded. Surface of sensual movement, said:" In addition to the wizard, you can provide us with what you ask for it? "To provide you with everything you need. Forces, equipment, money, enjoy, and of course you wanted tasks. And you will have to help me and my family the right to obtain a higher! "Said Sheila Rose straight to the point." Dark Elf society is not like you where those elves weak peace, we are here. Rights is everything, and everyone has their own class! Some addicted, and some disgust, the female wizard feelings can not say what: "I am twenty-six daughters of the family of the secret shadow, and youngest daughter. I do not have the favor of the goddess of Ross, there is no magic talent, we can only become a warrior. And you know, where the status of the soldiers is very low under. It also lucky I was a daughter, if the son it completely finished. I now can be described as a woman in a man, man, woman, and this is my situation. And I am not willing, I would like to change all this, you know what I mean? "It is clear, very clear. Zhao Mo Yan nodded." Ye have sinned against the small magical group. Although only together for less than a day, but I told them enough to understand. They will not be hard to hard and you singled out, they stirred up the forces of the other family to clear you, although you are strong enough. But in the Nighthaven city,Jordan SC 1 Sale, you will never be opponents of the Dark Elves! Secret shadow family is the only shelter where you are. "Understand! You are putting your family tied to the chariot. Is that right? "Speaking of this. Zhao Mo Yan do not understand too silly in front of this woman is obviously would like to take the dispute of the two teams game to provoke a war of two families, according to the Dark Elves rules, as long as they win, her family to months and her own status can be improved. But this can not be determined by many factors, for example, the the secret shadow home mistress would be willing to accept the war? <
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