Instead of giving big signing bonuses

March 28 [Fri], 2014, 11:03

Free agency started out fast and furious for the Denver Broncos and then went quiet.  It felt more cheap jerseys. like a 40-yard dash instead of a marathon.

Who said free agency isn’t a sprint?  John Elway knew what he wanted and went out and got those players.  Who he brought in upgraded the team and gave them a better chance at winning it all.  However, the players did not come cheap.

I have been hearing statements thrown around about “winning now” and “salary cap hell” when others have evaluated what the Broncos have done in free agency.  I would first like to dispel that notion, as the Broncos’ are very smart with the salary cap. The free agent contracts were structured so that they will not wholesale jerseys. be mortgaging the future.

Instead of giving big signing bonuses, that impact the salary cap in the future, the Broncos signed free agents with relatively small signing bonuses.  The Broncos used roster bonuses, which are more cap friendly.  The three big signings have contracts structured in such a way that if the Broncos cut the players after two years they save several million dollars in cap cheap nfl jerseys. space.

Hopefully they play well and there will be no need to go that route.  Elway said it right when he stated he is in “win from now on” mode.  They have been in the playoffs every year since he took over and he is again putting them in position to win the Super Bowl.  What fan would no want that for their favorite team?  The only issue I see is possibly being a little strapped for cash next year, but the way Elway has worked free agency, he will probably come up with something.