Bi Cheng looked at the boy and Chen deep

November 09 [Wed], 2016, 16:47
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Panel Sneakers In Black Cheng looked at the boy and Chen deep for a long time, Shan Hai remind her not to be emotional. Shanhai to Rehmannia identity and Tao Dachun joints, he gave the spring a list of traitors to prepare for the assassination action. Chen sent to Lanzhi home to be tracked, he hit the truck was detonated by the spring attack, but fortunately action team arrived in time. Chen deep and Zhongliang analysis of the military out of the traitor, they will target the mountain and sea. Bi-city is known for Shanhai, she
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals E30291 002 firmly believes that Chen is a good man and quarrel with the mountains and sea up. Zhongliang at the door of the action team was shot sniper rifle, the action team suddenly panic.

Bi Cheng eat occasional boy and Chen deep, she found the hurricane team who
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Suede Glitter Wedge Sneakers In Black hastened to sit behind Chen Chen as a cover, Shanhai see this situation immediately to the spring to stop the assassination action. Bi Cheng accused of Shanhai assassination Chen deep just because of jealousy, she warned Shanhaifu cancel plan or refused to do partner. Chen deep to see the abnormal Bi City, he
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Snakeskin London Sneakers also recognized the big spring, and Shanhai is the only suspect. Chen Shen inquired about the sale of tobacco soil Liu Miki, he quickly inferred from the sea to fight against Liu Sanjin Jinhua Buddha Buddha close to the fact that the puppet regime. Chen Shen deliberately leaked Liu Mugu tobacco trading scheme, Shanhai let the spring to silence.

Liu Miki and Wu Long traded in the process of being killed by the military system, Wu Long is disarray to escape, and all this is Chen's deep preserved eggs in the eyes, Wu Long know a lot about
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Double Crystal Buckles Sneakers In Black the military's secret, for the military Is an important figure, Chen deep and the Army of the people want to find him. Chen Shen Wu Long escape the news that they let the eggs and others to find Wu Long. But after a day of search without any results. Chen deep has begun to doubt the Tangshanhai, and he watched the Tangshanhai every move, he is now sure there is a special Tangshanhai identity, but there is no
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Panel Sneakers In Black evidence so there is no way. At nine o'clock in the evening when the Tangshan couple heard the organization's call back, the organization agreed to the Tangshan sea on the assassination of Chen deep mission, which makes the city very shocked Xu Pitt, Chen did not think she was so quickly caught in danger, And he is dangerous to him, Xu Bucheng do not want their beloved person in danger, so they intend to follow their own way to protect Chen deep. Just when we are looking for Wu Long, Wu Long did not expect to take the initiative to call to contact Bi Zhongliang, and made an appointment with him in the Qingfeng tea house to meet, but fortunately Bi Zhongliang did not, is his secretary then Telephone, which makes next-door office Chen deep heard, so he will have a plan to arrest Wu Long.