any infiltrated by Longer spiritual knowledge

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 16:21

842 solution, but can not solve, the other book club watching: Gua cents because his poisoning, precisely because of this masterpiece ah! But know, quiet, Huang Taohong immediately wake up, and instantly restore calm. The Lin Yu sensitive to the fluctuations of his mind just, he cast a puzzled look, but did not say anything, began to concentrate on the drugs to check it out since Huangtao Hong vivo. Starting from the hand, legs in the search, and then the various parts of the body, a full ten minutes, finally find Huangtao Hong brain a little corner. Hidden pretty deep thing! Is full of Hope staring at his Huangtao Hong Seeing was slightly startled: Can know what poison it? Huang Taohong heard this, we did not dare to ask, just face faint now expect more from the look, nice fiction: the bucket broken Jiuxiao latest chapters see Huang Taohong static, Lin Yu Qingtu the breath, began to carefully control Magic forward air, began to feel the poison to do some minor temptations come! The hall fell into silence again. Huang Taohong waited quietly while Lin Yu concentrate cautious tentative action. Time, little by little, the passage of time, quietly, and half an hour later! Inside the two are very quiet. Etc. outside, however, impatience it! Repair for slightly low Lord help small step in the back and forth began to walk around the leaves rain several times to look at the sand days, then take a look at the Longer, but see they still look calm, his mouth wide open so several times, but in the end still bear down, just the heart of the share of anxiety, has been hanging in the face of undisguised. Wangsha days hesitated a moment, gently nodded his head Canada Goose Freestyle Vest. Although he is still convinced that Lin Yu, nothing would happen, but time is indeed long, whether it is to talk about what should be done about it was agreed Longer proposal. The get the nod Wangsha days, Longer eyes suddenly slightly virtual narrowed, then an outside addition to Wangsha days nobody aware of spiritual knowledge is instantly towards the gates sprang, and then through the front door. Longer spiritual knowledge entered the hall, Huang Taohong is to be aware of, at first hesitated outside, along with outside so long, a little impatient, then smiled, not made to prevent the action, any infiltrated by Longer spiritual knowledge, and then passed over the two men who instantly disappeared pretty novel: Chinese dragon group 2TXT download four to help the main fact are asked softly. Longer smiled and said: Is the mysterious person to seek Lin Yu medical injuries come from? Well, there are also possible. Lin Yu Magic division, is now no secret that estimate is specifically seeking to know the man. Since come seeking the Lin Yu healing, then rest assured! Leaves rain was secretly a loose, and then looked at the four to help the main fact, thought, said: four people heard this, looked at the door, and then look at the three leaf rain, thinking Longer and Wang Sha days of super-strong, four of them is not, is of little use, and Canada Goose Aosta Outlet, as the leaves Rain said, something to help really have to need them to go back and deal with, then hesitated a moment, four is the kick off retire. Looking at the four figure disappeared, the king sandy days this is a hold in the mouth laughed and said: Not mistaken their own people, ah! Leaves rain smell parties, there is no objection, waving as people come, and commanded a few. Soon, that is, someone had moved the tables and chairs, tea and desserts like So three of simply sitting in the hall door over tea, watching other book club: Imperial Baozhai side read Yu whisper breath, slowly move your hands off. strong layer than a layer of burning sensation, like a fire burning in the body generally burned more intense, if there is no antidote, Heavenly Sword division following burning two hours would die. Heavenly Sword division, the largest may only be able to support to the fifth floor to the eighth floor, I am afraid that is the initial level of God's people support down estimate is only able to support to the sixth or seventh floor will be all the vitality of the body, like your strength burned, certain death. Listening to the words of Yu Lin, Huang Taohong in the eyes suddenly lit up! Although he did not know how long he can support, but Lin Yu said it is characteristic of this poison ah! At first, he found that poisoning is the body like starting fires in general North Face Steep Tech Dolomite Cheap, the kind of burning sensation has wanted to come people are not Haner owed absolute terror, a time when he was just poison attack five hours, the family had been when God Mishina Magic division dedicated to Liu Yi is with mysterious Zunwang and then the nightmare began! Huangtao Hong heart ecstasy, followed by Lin Yu shook his head and said: a face a sudden ecstasy becomes Shen evolutionary journey of reading Lin Yu waved his hand, indicating he will not impulsive, and then said: the person is immediately able to see that. ask, that what Zunwang Once found toxic your body has the solution, and you know what he will be like? discouraging the body of a decadent, one by the chair back, a bit helpless, said: lurch forward a dump, staring Lin Yu, Chen Sheng said: these poison control up and kind of a long time. For this poison, but really can not stand, As for if you want to maintain the identity of the master of the house in front of Lin Yu, to be calm, to be calm like now are nonsense, this poison once resolved, he would do nothing just control tools, listening to people dictating to the dog, than pull the Muppets might as well, after all, the puppet wins victory in without thinking, I do not know the pain of the loss of freedom is what! Listening to the words of Lin Yu, excited Huangtao Hong silence down just to provoke him to Ayutthaya, brow but to live heart can not conceal ecstasy! After a very long pause, suddenly Perfectionist smile.
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