Three: rupee secret preach against the big three heat difficult to lift a wave flow

March 05 [Tue], 2013, 19:34
The heat away war forest Wolf, the third quarter ending the heat 69-63 lead timberwolves 6 points, rubio, who war big three even send a pass, the heat to a wave of flow, the forest Wolf will score bite. Derek - Williams right-wing three points for the second half was unveiled a game, check moss Cheap Kobe VII received dwyane wade (micro bo) pass on the right side of base Angle shot put into the heat to fight back. The heat to strengthen the defense, timberwolves continuous shooting into, James else in the three points against target assists wade dunks, the heat will take the lead to two digits. Timberwolves trapped Miami high pressure defense loss of accuracy, with dwyane wade again into a ball, the heat will points gap to 14 points to play park forest Wolf. After the suspension of forest Wolf attack is still hard to smoothly, the heat will be inside blockade, forest Wolf in peripheral make moves, LiDeNuo left feet three points, hit the ball high bounce, Derek - Williams using the heat players defensive lax opportunity will point into the basket, the forest Wolf difficult beat in one ball. And the forest Wolf attack, compared to the heat shot is easy, wade the left bottom line dosser singles, and hang after a hovering action easily cast a somebody hit. The heat leading 14 points Kobe 7 USA to loosen the defence, the forest Wolf to grasp the opportunity to play a wave 6-0 narrow points difference, heat coach see bad situation quickly name pause to adjust. After the suspension, James singles ball into the crowd in the left hand layup stopped in Minnesota after momentum. Timberwolves three-second violation, wade use cover the area into a layup, LiDeNuo foul also didn't stop, "flash" plus penalty inroads complete "dozen three points", two teams gap to 13 points. Rubio, who refuse to admit being inferior, "jin" in HuDing position the ball made a shooting action has attracted attention, the air defense heat by pitch to pass the ball into the box, Derek - Williams dunk the ball. Rubio, who then send pass, bits of vader dunk the ball. Bosh (micro bo) turnaround jumper rubio, who HuDing position 3-pointer, James shot wide of the, bits of vader jump back in 63-69, the forest Wolf behind the heat 6 points into the fourth quarter. Haddon Kobe 7 Big Bang said, though he and a lot of people believe that they can in a scoring sixty points, but if need to take off 35 shots of words, he will choose to give up. "No, I never in one game, it was 35 out too much." Haddon said, "I and kobe Bryant is different, so I won't do that. Maybe I will in a night out thirty times, but 35 too far. I must let my teammates are involved in the game, I don't think a player can get in and minute 35 reasonable shots." Before this season two of thunder and exchange, haddon are in the struggle, the rockets have lost the ball. But in the last game for 19 haddon 14, including 7 3-pointers, and cut down the 46 points, eight Foamposite Air Max Fusion rebounds and assists, and the rockets pipping. "I'm not to prove what will hit this data, in fact I every night as they try to play such a performance, just happened to the opponent is thunder just." Haddon said, "I'm the thunder trading away I practice very understand, after all, this is a business alliance. In fact, I would also like to thank the decision, otherwise I won't enjoy now all Houston."
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