Manchester United new nuclear transfiguration! Squeeze Rooney was his Ferguson bet he really bet on it

August 15 [Thu], 2013, 10:27
As Manchester United players headed, Rooney is not the first time such a sudden transfer soap opera, disciplined Red Devils seemed to have had enough chubby that wanes bad temper, but the biggest problem Rooney to leave Manchester United and not so-called transfer fee or hidden direct reinforcement competitors, but rather how to digest Rooney Manchester United within the vacancy left. In fact, Ferguson has already given the answer to this question, it is Welbeck.

Last season's two Champions League match against Real Madrid, Ferguson is starting to play with Welbeck, Rooney just came off the bench in the second round, and still no comeback hopes after the base, it is precisely those two games Rooney heart to Italy . Ferguson was once on the Welbeck gave a high evaluation: "His body growth rate amazing, awesome moves, and acts as a striker arrows while limiting opponents' backcourt of the ball." Today, Wayne Rooney Far more lines with Manchester United, Super Black Tony will undoubtedly become the best choice to replace Rooney position. Community Shield of the war, more mature Welbeck to showcase their invincible youth room for improvement. Like the field Sina Sports live guests Zhang Lu said: "The real threat is the result Rooney Welbeck's rise, he may replace Rooney Welbeck both to the ball for his teammates, but also retracement of the ball in the ability to compare Rooney Welbeck, but the cost is better for him. "Now it seems Ferguson bet he really bet on.

Madden and physical style of play once industrious Welbeck will only use once ridiculed as physical talent playing the perverse genius, and that his bad archery opportunity to spell out it might as wasted opportunities.

But now Welbeck has shrunk, aspirations Community Shield Manchester United hero is Robin van Persie, but Welbeck in the team's offensive system has played a very important role: The first 15 minutes with Van Persie double ghost shoot the door grab astute point, the first 38 minutes in the penalty area, such as heavy tanks like turning shot, the first 39 minutes when a corner stand strong header Zhengding, 59 minutes of continuous outside the area with precision for Van Persie sent assists, the first 69 minutes as a tactic Valencia fulcrum erected oblique fort.

Welbeck in the game to the people to show themselves in physical confrontation obvious advantages, the rapid but wild running ability, broaden the ball skills and accurate, sharp shooter but selfless nature, can be used while in Almighty properties, these characteristics if that is a replica of Wayne Rooney.By the way, if you are Manchester United fans, you may enjoy wearing man utd shirt 2014, the shirts is very popular now! OK,let us continue to talk soccer news.Indeed, the ability now also Welbeck is insufficient compared with Rooney, but do not forget, black shell is now only 22 years old, but more importantly, he has not been accustomed to when the boss that Rooney's ambitions and the general subject such as volcanic disastrously temper, in Moyers opinion, this is definitely more suitable for Van Persie Biruni partner candidates. Ferguson had predicted: "Welbeck at the age of 23 and 24 become a fantastic player, he would become a season scoring 20 + top striker." Ferguson did not know were high hopes for the diamonds in the rough can Moyes carved whether to become a treasure, November 26, 2013, Welbeck will be at least 23 years of age, we can look forward to.

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