the former things we can let bygones

June 14 [Fri], 2013, 16:26
The 352nd chapter help who also have never thought will suddenly appear such a group of people toward the side walked over, and up toward the Chen Xuan attack, a break in in full fury, all with a smile at Chen Xuan, but from this smile, look out for each other without kindness. "Ha ha ha, want to let me give you kowtow, you is it right? Head has a problem, or head irrigation!" Chen Xuan y ī n cold smile. "Boy, bold, dare to ignore our words, let me take you into the ground kowtow, let you know us from the fire were not being bullied martial art!" A young man who is opposite y ī n cold Chen Xuan said. With this young man will be toward the Chen Xuan hand, at this time a voice interrupted the young man ready to attack the step. "Stop, the childe Chen is our family friend Dugu, you dare to hit on him, is with us on your Dugu family, even want to much less!" Then a tall man in a majestic gait walked to come over, was shot at this man road. All towards the talk in the direction of looking, I saw a ship slowly came along, warships of the standing above the young men and women more than a dozen, dropped down from the warships, fell in front of Chen Xuan, in the front of the barrier. "Who are you, why want to interfere in our school from fire!" A disciple asked ten people at the. "Hu brother, they are all family man, this time we are above the dead sea has had dealings with, strength is also have no bottom, you see us......!" Jian-ming Syria toward a brother around me. "It is Gu family's disciple, I, Dugu family for many years without the world, did not think of this time you started to walk in the spirit world!" A group of people a disciple named Hu Shixiong toward the Du family submissively path. "Welcome, is originally from the fire sent you a hero, today you could sell us Dugu family a face, the childe Chen told us all family some origin, this thing I see things, what can say!" Du Yao hands back, facing the road from the fire sent people smile the. "Du family is since talk how to buy the Dugu family a face, but want to let us pass him isn't, as long as the Chen Xuan can give us an apology, the former things we can let bygones be bygones.,Oakley Sport clearance, this is our bottom line!" The name of Hu Shixiong is to help families face, but still require Chen Xuan to publicly apologize,Oakley For Cheap, it seems from the fire were not completely alone and family in the eye. Suddenly Chen Xuan looked at the Du family, is also one Leng, haven't thought this time alone family suddenly appeared, but also for his clear, they like their family and some grudges Dugu, why for his head? Chen Xuan is very puzzled. "Thanks brother Dugu, for his clear, my own things to me to solve!" Chen Xuan y ī n cold voice, although all family is to help yourself, but for what purpose, Chen Xuan is not at all clear, after all,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, only with Dugu family played a deal, Chen Xuan or scruples. "Eldest brother Chen... >
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