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May 19 [Sat], 2012, 17:34

Yes. Reaction efficiency Cheap Soccer Jerseys has a maxima at one hundred forty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, so we work there. seksg526 Thats where we get Cheap Soccer Jerseys the fastest combination rate. But these molecules will combine at much lower temperatures. Even around thirty-five, forty degrees Fahrenheit, youll get a certain amount of molecular combination.

And you dont need Wholesale Soccer Jerseys other conditions, I said. Vacuum? Pressure? High magnetic fields? Ricky shook his head. No, Jack. Cheap Soccer Jerseys We maintain those conditions to speed up assembly, but its not strictly necessary. The design is really elegant. The component molecules go together quite easily.

It was a clever Soccer Jerseys From China solution, creating his assemblers with bacteria. But Ricky was telling me the components assembled Cheap Soccer Jerseys themselves almost automatically, with nothing required but high temperature. What, then, was this complex glass building used for? Efficiency, and process separation, Ricky said. We can build as many as nine assemblers simultaneously, in the different arms.

Its a little refinement we Soccer Jerseys Sale developed here. Were patenting it. You see, our system worked perfectly right from the Cheap Soccer Jerseys start—but our yields were extremely low. We were harvesting half a gram of finished molecules an hour. At that rate, it would take several days to make a single camera.

We couldnt figure out

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what the problem was. The late assembly in the arms is done in gas phase. It turned out that Cheap Soccer Jerseys the molecular assemblers were heavy, and tended to sink to the bottom. The bacteria settled on a layer above them, releasing component molecules that were lighter still, and floated higher.

So the assemblers were soccer uniforms cheap making very little Cheap Soccer Jerseys contact with the molecules they were meant to assemble. We tried mixing technologies but they didnt help.
So you did what?

We modified the soccer jerseys outlet design to provide a lipotrophic base that would attach to the surface of the bacteria. Cheap Soccer Jerseys That brought the assemblers into better contact with the component molecules, and immediately our yields jumped five orders of magnitude.
And now your assemblers sit on the bacteria?
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