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May 30 [Thu], 2013, 12:03
The origin of the 4.2 legion
Legion form 5.1 organizational structure
5.2 leading figures
The lich king 6.1 story background
6.2 the classic dialogue
Start editing the Duan Juntuan introduction race: undead, undead scourge
Number of members: 5000000 (northrend 650000, azeroth 4.1 million, karim, 250000)
Alignment: chaotic evil
Subordinate: natural disasters
(zombie no respectively, and no emotion, no human nature, will only fight)
And "resident evil" in the game without feelings will only kill a zombie.
Into by human, so the body shape and basic human, but a lot of rot on the surface of the skin is damaged, even see the bone, they have no thoughts, no feelings, only biological weapons of war, is a regular of the necromancers.
This is one of the scourge powerful reason so:
Survival: "raw" for them, they were dead. The walking dead, no soul, not afraid of fear, or die out completely.
Release yourself, on the battlefield, hatred.
So (scourge) absolutely no weak (burning legion).
Spheres of influence: the azeroth, northrend, lordaeron
Edit this section for background information everyone knows about natural disasters, they have been preparing for the arrival of the burning legion.
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