comparable to the strong poison innate

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 10:38
Wicked Wicked, after all, North Face Windstopper Sale just as long as Euro RSCG is not open, even tyrannical power, can not stop dangerous human calculation, Duan Yue sky gave way first four demon poison that attracted the attention of the Tiger, and then himself took the opportunity to attack, although Just only a sword, but a strike may be, directly to kill him. "Dead?" Road stared at the sky four segments Yue, although already seen more than once paragraph Yue tyranny strength, but how did not expect that it will be strong to such a degree, comparable to the strong poison innate state Tiger demon king, so was Duan Yue took out a sword smote white cloth gently wiped the blood on the sword, Duan Yue Hoan Kiem return sheath, lightly: "This poison demon king tiger but a newly promoted Patriarch, most will be comparable to the inherent strength of a heavy day of existence, without which I can not so easily be the sword beheaded. "most will be comparable to congenital a heavy day? Road four each other as a sky, he felt a silent, with their cultivation, from the realm of birth in the distant future, for them, is a strong innate innate strong, as is the re-birth a few days, actually not so important the. Duan Yue does not say anything, straight forward cut open poison demon king tiger carcasses, took out a small half foot baby fist-sized green alchemy, immediately ignited Huozhe, walked toward the cave. The remaining four, were also ignite their Huozhe, and hurried to keep up. Cave extends inward, and not too deep, it is only sixteen Qi Zhang, lit Huozhe Zi, five people came along Shandong deepest shine, but it is a small sarcophagus, at the top of the cave, as much as an arm thickness of the cave, the sun falling down from the cave, straight falls a green plant three feet high above: not stout branches, sparse few green leaves, the top five parties separated, raw with five different color sè fruit. "Is a five Zhu Guo, and is ripe for five Zhu Guo Millennium." Road sky's voice reveals a very excited: "Red sè is a fire, green sè is wood, white sè is a gold, blue sè ; are water, yellow sè territory, five thousand five belong Zhu Guo, can enhance skill, weaken the realm encountered when practicing neck bottles, either directly taking medicine or alchemy, have a great effect. "" This strain Five Zhu fruit actually already have thousands of years? "Heard, always conceited Hung Yi Jiang can not help but surprised, mouth extremely excited and said:" With it, would not say that we can Try before twenty-five innate state of shock, "Rao is a segment Yue, also could not help but be astonished mind, he had been only when it is an ordinary five Zhu Guo, but did not expect that it would be on a Five thousand copies of the Chu fruit, fruit thousand five Zhu potency of the strong, not a general five Zhu fruit can be compared. As Hung Yi Jiang said, they eat, and are able to impact the realm of birth before twenty-five, and for the segment Yue, in addition to the skill of his life and the ability to improve a grade, the more you can make his true element more jīng pure, increasing his speed in the innate state of cultivation. Uh seemingly segment Yue practice speed soon enough, he wants to fast again, if someone else knows, I am afraid to strangle him have a mind. Huang Yi Zhu Jiang staring five thousand trees, could not help but licked his lips, suppress their excitement: "The extraordinary effectiveness Millennium Five Zhu Guo natural Needless to say, after picking alone, this strain Zhu fruit to sell if you get on the market , the minimum value of one thousand two hundred gold. "Huang Yi Jiang is to say, the road was remembered before the sky split with paragraph Yue things, on the section Yue said:" Confucius Big Brother, which according to the five elements Zhu fruit before our deliberations, each one, Your first choice, and serrated poisonous beast and scarlet fruit trees take some time to sell, as I directly points you money, how? "" may. "Duan Yue Chu River in addition to the sinking Millennium fruit, for the rest of the drug demon Tiger Wang and Zhu fruit trees are not interested, agreed down. Lu sky and said: "Well, that ten ordinary poison demon tiger beast's body per head value of one thousand taels of silver, four fully grown tiger beast demon poison value of two thousand five Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest hundred and twenty per head, the value of a poison demon King Tiger million ounces, plus the value of one thousand two hundred gold Chu fruit, totaling one hundred and thirty thousand taels of silver, that is, one thousand three hundred and twenty gold, five people split is two Canada Goose Accessories hundred sixty-two gold here is not easy, we first take the fruit Chu to split it in outside the cave. "It's pretty polite words, paragraphs Yue, after all, from the rule of law society, Actually, I have to give birth to what is the meaning of banditry, the moment nodded his head, and the road along the sky, who will be five years Nazhu Beads fruit carefully dug even mud, and then transferred to outside the cave. Lu sky wiping the sweat, and said: "Here is the denomination of one hundred twenty two and five twelve golden ticket, give you, yellow Young, Young Young, as well as Liu junior sister apprentice, you first silver cobble, Big Brother to the mound. "Fortunately, these people are from black Shicheng water shadow door disciple, with those big family descendant children naturally can not be compared, however, but for most people, has been very good , rigged, although fragmented some, he finally got enough of a thousand taels of silver, enough that a bonus segment Yue. Duan Yue smiled, unceremoniously put away his own the silver and gold, which he earned back their output, natural little embarrassed. Soon they stepped forward, took off the river Zhu Guo, Yuhe being sealed into a well, said: "I'm going to Fengyun, and the remaining four, please help yourself." Although there are four Water Shadow Gate origin, but not everyone is practicing water exercises, and, practitioners before reaching the realm of birth, or to transfer to other systems can power law. So on the section of the river Zhu Guo Yue removed, it would not be very concerned about. "The next step ahead, which took leave." Duan Yue finished, heels will yù leave, but suddenly the body meal, Chen Sheng said: "Someone" road sky surprised, quickly greeted with a few juniors Picking a good personal Zhu Guo received a good road sky stepped forward, toward not far loudly shouted: "Disciples in the water shadow sky road, please come also appeared." "Haha, Water Shadow Gate, is Liu Yi seal Laoer create that little martial, I was hunting groups Tigers, who do you scare "accompanied by a laugh, jungle came out a group jīng brawny son, who led the ugly, with a black eye on the sets sè ; the goggles, apparently blind, with his appearance, particularly ferocious. "Tigers hunt group, a group of scum, put your mother's shit" Ruji door division, which is the practice of the most taboo thing, for a Warrior, this is simply the greatest shame, even if the repair is not enough, but still Huang Yi Jiang could not help but curse. "Boy, what are you court death?" One-eyed man Lengheng mouth, eyes stare straight into the river Huang Yi, the fiercely lovers, murderous awe-inspiring. Long Hollow Road, known ill intent, eighty percent of these people are united into a gang of desperadoes, suddenly face sè a change, Chen Sheng said: "I do not know which of you is the trail of friends, what advice?" One-eyed man grinning said: "Ha ha ............ still the little brother could talk, it is not too big, is the most recent brothers on hand a little tight, so you are looking to borrow some money with the use." Lu sky closely wrinkled brow, compromise, said: "We did not carry much money, but you can put Wicked materials to you, should the value of tens of thousands of pieces of silver," he can not see through each other's infuriating repair, no accident, then, the other party at least has reached a day after the tenth floor above, in the event of combat, if the segment Yue refused to hand, then besides, several Young and junior sister apprentice'm afraid will ominous. If the past ran into this group of people, for five Zhu Guo, Duan Yue naturally be shot, but now Duan Yue've got what you want, it will not be shot, it can be said that two road sky Health xì ng cautious, unwilling to take his own life several Shidishimei of xìng do bet. Unexpectedly, although the service road sky soft, but the one-eyed man has apparently refused to buy it, immediately pull the broken loudly cursed: "Boy you when we are beggars, mere tens of thousands of live silver wanted to fool us, now give you a choice , sensible of the fruit and surrendered leaving Zhu Zhu fruit upon you to leave immediately, I will miss you a little life to consider the way, the little girl can not go, just let uncle vent Xiehuo. "remark a with those in his own man suddenly doing all week up or disrupt one. Between grabbing, Liu Wanying sè plainer face, teeth biting his lower lip, almost trying to bite their lips. Road surface sè sky sank, suppressed anger and said: "You could there be kidding me, right" to see their patient still can not solve things, he also had some anger. "Who you kidding, I counted three times, if you do not act obediently, do not blame me ruthless." One-eyed man hand holding behind the knife, a hands-on look you want. Here, Huang Yi Jiang has been running out of patience, sè reddened face, shouted: "fight hit, waste nothing." "I did not despise your strength that point, I really want to make it, you can not run a and, of course, there is now an opportunity, one, two ............ I kill them, "Carter, the one-eyed man had pulled out knives jumped up, his hands together dragging a sharp Daoguang, pledge, who cut the sky Pianxiang road to [seek a reward, seeking clicks, seeking recommendations, seeking collection, seeking everything, if rushed home, crimson commitment must erupt like about this book can be added to group 244,131,267, or group 245 806 487, or by group of 126,743,112 voting screenshot verification]
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