and the Chico is put down the things

December 07 [Fri], 2012, 10:56
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time UGG Jimmy Choo Sora, relationresultDate:07 March ~11 ~ ~ , must kill ? Look at the old muddy tears keep falling down to the cold stood face UGG Noella Cheap,has been killing decisive Li Junshan some Xuxinburen .
Chico everyone around jagged gens are investigated ,in their intelligence and stood is an orphan ,Chico everyone, including three children are playing outside the iron group clear .
Say not only these ,are dozens or hundreds of them have each one personal data .Now suddenly you have one ,they are certainly not away, even to the last paragraph ,take on non homogeneous nor will they take the last identity unknown source or origin of the people ,the reason they don to find who you really are .
The spirit of Mischel in exchange for deep voice and went to the old man behind patted him on the shoulder .It found behind two men ,he casually rubbed tears stood up ,he saw Mischel exposed face surprise, was splash kneel down .
Chico ,you don ,you should know that I saved you is not want you return me today ,just because this time only you can help us Mens North Face Diez Clearance, this time I come to beg you not commanded you . Mischel had the old Chico mix up .
Adult. Seeing to choke with sobs ,Chico is suddenly took a deep breath to calm down . If you say to adults ,that we don . Quickly to calm down ,Chico Li Junshan played several turns around and says: hair color colour are the same, except for the height of some gaps ,otherwise not .
Is not a problem ,not a bit short . Li Junshan said to control their body skeletal change short some ,but said : look how to do ?Fitting out looks positive contacts will not be through ? Must be read UGG Neumel.
Chico spoke from the space ring has come up with a lot of things strange and eccentric ,also said : the bee class battleship is a scanning device ,virtual out face eye will be found .
The speech will be a white like a rubber film spread on the dead stood face ,when Chico in the film onto a colorless odorless liquid mist after film quickly dried up ,the film is peeled off, Chico took Li Junshan to the side a cell which indicated that he was lying in bed ,he gave the film covering on his face .
The forehead was in contact with the thin too closely, and the face and the film gap is too big ,Li Junshan saw the Chico with a needle cylinder style things in her neck tie down .
There will be a little pain ,you should endure . down is not a problem ,I am afraid it will be useless . Estimation of chemical stimulation of the facial muscles is even skeletal changes occur and do not know what material film together ,Li Junshan Carter that Chico was the medicament into he relaxed become soft neck .
A minute passed ,Chico touched Li Junshan cheeks is no change .Two minutes three minutes until the last ten minutes, Qi Department musters a surprise . My agent and some other things immune ,but certainly not all, but obviously you the immune ranks .
Li Junshan smile and said . Just elixirs is not difficult, is afraid of hard and soft food . Chico face not see half is discouraged ,and picked up 1.5 fingers long straight black things in Li Junshan ,anterior cervical neck kept contact : relax, do not have any conflict prevention .
I felt a tingling sensation in the face of rapid spread ,not tens of seconds between Li Junshan lost consciousness, and the Chico is put down the things ,hands quickly in Li Junshan became almost and soft dough like a face massage .
. Probably only one or two minutes ,Chico that lets loose the hand off Li Junshan hard dry white film .Kneading a stiff face ,Li Junshan took out a side mirror illuminate ,the mirror reflected his face is not that familiar himself but and dead stood as like as two peas .
As the acme of perfection ,the Chico look to his eyes again the tears ,would also like to praise a few words of Li Junshan live export . Put on the clothes ,and your hands to handle ,and stood like cooking ,so his hands are not like you ,we cannot ignore any details .
Chico spoke to the kitchen ,he came back, Li Junshan was in a stood cloth cloth robe UGG Roxy Cheap,with a small brush with different spices evenly into Li Junshan nail ,Chico also no longer look at a few eyes ,suddenly Li Junshan and Mischel to look to the outside to the south .
That was a close call, they have come . Mischel said to the kitchen for a flash hand will be lost stood into their space ring and flash back ,Chongzico said : you can go out ,do not open .
Rest assured ,in front of them lasted decades of drama, I have already become accustomed to in front of them wearing a mask to live . Chico was will just used apparatus for recovering the space ring ,said to the outside, but only a few steps he live foot .
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