the other one will his arm a roll

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 17:59
The whole text without advertising the 418th chapter the ocean side always feel well hidden, should not be aware of what.But on this occasion, if there is any abnormal, they will notice, and he took the prize went to the Taiwan side, will go up and around two employees to shake hands Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo.Just as he shook hands on the occasion, Fang Yang face finally changed.He found the other hand strength greatly, apparently practiced, when he was about to act, all of a sudden a staff behind him suddenly in his small of the back that was hit hard blow.Fang Yang was a be taken by surprise.Although the Dodge, but the other side is a mental arithmetic is careless, but also human interference, he was beaten, eat a pain, the other one will his arm a roll, he would be made, again also could not move.Yu Fangyang is different.Wei Linben is a very circumspect man, he will not lightly to shake hands, or be close to others, he would keep a subtle distance with people.So in the next to the famous employee congratulate him to shake hands, Wei Lin did not stretch hand to hold, just nodded, just reflect he caught a glimpse of ocean side and hold person, the vigilance of the heart immediately.But this time, the employee is almost at the same time to the ocean and he moves, the employees reached over, never to recover, but suddenly suddenly and violently attack, hit him.Wei Lin face big change, know oneself finally exposed the identity, but also by the other set traps to catch, now he has no scruples, then jerked sideways hid, want to hold a job.But unexpectedly, he wants to pull the employees on the occasion, suddenly that employees are the people behind the push, push to one side, and the man is the face and come, three people and back were huddled in a corner.This time, the other winning staff are in joy, suddenly such disturbances, so they were dumbfounded, I do not know what happened, how to fight.But in the unknown so employees of doubt, square ocean is two people forced to pour in the ground, and Wei Lin was suddenly Kung Fu is very good, with the three people he surrounded the entanglement.Wei Lin want chaos to escape, but there is no mental arithmetic, and the other is ahead of schedule on the layout of the trap, and three people against him are special elite, Kung Fu and the speed of response is not weak, don't give him any chaos or taking hostages opportunity.Bang!In the Wei Lin leg kick out the back one ready to find a way out, but how he could be three special elite competitors, then her body has received a heavy foot, while another one sweep the leg will him down, the soldier was backed by a a hungry tiger at its prey, then he pressed down to the ground, immediately someone will he rope up, Wei Lin struggle hopeless, ultimately taken Nike Air Max 89 Mens UK.See the two spies smooth escape, then deputy director immediately began to subside in riots............At the same time, the two spies in the venue of the trapped on the occasion, in the office of a few people is a somewhat anxious Air Max LTD UK.Cheng Zhengshen waited a good while, did not see Li Bo came here, and Xiao Yirui did not receive any in-house wiring report, heart also not feel some worse than expected, not by the road: "director Li, it seems that Li Bo may have been what the awareness, so long didn't come, little, no any news report, it seems that this thing is beyond our expectations......"Li wei-yong said: "go to this Li Bo immediately dormitory, if he really wants to escape, it will be some information back to the dormitory to take him lurking here for the......"Then, Li Weiyong will not delay, immediately took Li Bo dormitory hastily rush.......The toilet, when an employee into the toilet, come to the side of the door to open, suddenly saw a beach red liquid."Hey, where so much blood......"To see the beach red liquid, under which employees puzzled, so he opened next door.
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