sword like a flashing meteor general

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 17:36

of the wWw! QuanBEN! the CoM figure flash, the trio has appeared at the window. Overlooking the window, I saw a man dressed up by the western clothing is and Oriental repair relative to stand in the void. Two are stepped mid Daoxing. Two front, waves of energy fluctuations have not dispersed, rolled up in the air in waves, visible just whack tyranny. Suddenly, I saw that Oriental repair flash figure, sword in hand, quickly rushed to the Western religious. Western religious Seeing this, the Staff quickly resorted to micro mouth spell surging out, such as a circle mysterious aura generally floating in the Western religious head. The hands of Staff TV drama with the group gradually a dazzling aura Light, close to the real terms of repair 向那 Oriental who sprang. Guanghua four now, suddenly, into the sky. Two energy constantly criticized TV drama emptiness patch of space becomes unstable up vaguely cracks in a channel space. Patch of space beneath a bustling downtown, the figure again and again, the fear continued. If we allow the patch of space collapse continues, I am afraid that many ordinary people in the downtown area below will be killed here. When everyone anxiously,Canada Goose Chateau Clearance, shabu shabu, three shadows quickly flew up into the void. The three figure continuous shaking in the air, everyone's hands quickly in the air and hit a road law decision,Canada Goose Mens Tremblant. Every law must play one of the space will be isolated. With old people which completion of Daodao law must patch of space eventually gradually isolated up. The trio teamed blockade patch of space,UGG Women's Patent Paisley. After three elderly such as outsider, standing in the void. Neither stop the two men fighting on the field, not punishment, this behavior seems in acquiescence. The patch of space within the two played against did not stop the three old shot isolated patch of space. Oriental repair by oblique stocked sword, suddenly Janus bucket turn, sword the tuo hand out, Fast forward,UGG Kids Bailey Bow, breaking the Light, fired at the Western religious. Hands paddling sword must twisting action, sword like a flashing meteor general sky straight Xiangna the Western religious rushed. That Western religious Seeing this, the the face exposed dignified color. Staff quickly hold in front of the mouth mantra chanted: To Western religious sound of swing in the sky like singing, like Yin. Boom, that kind of holy force roar like thunder like boom go toward Oriental repair. Far from the hotel wing. 've Also looking forward to this repair, just now the trio has already broken through to late in phases. While only a realm, but waving off the field in the two could destroy. Xiao Yi slightly sad laments. Once upon a time, myself have forced to self-mutilation to beat it! Look at them, as if their previous figure rose before his eyes. have said then, Then As the trio said in general, really is a lose-lose fight. Hey! Xiao Yi Lu double Yonfan three slightly sighed, and returned to their sitting on the seat and continue Yin Chang. Just to see that scene, all of them seem to have not occurred. The next few days, destined not calm the Imperial City. Large and small bouts of fighting occurred in the Imperial City in numerous cases, the game might come, the blood of a long stream. The face of all this, all the major forces have failed to take any action, all give them the freedom to grow and spread. It seems that older people want to look at the strength of the young master of the parties. Soon, the situation surging Imperial City once again become become blurred haze! Finally, after numerous bloody repair serious injuries after the death, a competition has finally begun! Everything seem Bureau, only the number of the race in order to reduce repair. After all, too many people. (Novel network www.quanben.com) <

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