This is the most interested him .

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 10:21
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If you let me join ,absolutely not so cheap they . According to the emperor meaning ,it will be all the people into jail, let them in jail for the rest of his life .Where would be so high up, down gently .
Wen smiled and shook his head . How to say ,it is the own father .Really do that ,not only will I be criticized ,even the emperor uncle, you should also implicated .Why bother to do that, put himself in prison .
I do not want it broken ,early start work .But now it has successfully solved .I have been very satisfied .I thought we were chiefs would oppose or raises what requirement ,did not think of him without a word .
If she didn guess wrong ,the emperor would make the force behind . You when your family people why talk so good, that you had a filial piety ,can leave a year ,get married .Married man is the other one ,he just because it made you unhappy ,because my anger !Cause I never comfortable ,Ping people have a good day .
The emperor looks gentle good appearance ,not to laugh .This final ,said no emperor do not have this background ,more than a month will not be so smooth ,ending was never so perfect .
Gentle actually know .I said ,chuckling, Oh ,I don think so much .But ,anyway, to reach the goal .Emperor uncle ,you are the emperor ,the heart always .Do not need to waste time on a man .
The emperor was a vision is a lesson to me now ,well, to the point ,I am ready to form a private army .Staff of five thousand people ,specialized training for combat capability of immediately .
I training, later ,as a raiders . Mild crouch head emperor uncle ,which is important in military, but can not be disclosed ,but ,I am not interested in .You don talk to me about politics ,the emperor grandpa that will let me and him talking with Secretary ,made me afraid of the event ,as one of the secrets of informed me Timberland 8 Inch Cheap,are bound to be suspicious ,I worry about it every day out of a small head .
This would ,don tell me ,know little worry less, know more about .I will try my best to make good money, give them the best horses ,the best military configuration ,do my part .The emperor peevishly rebuke you this girl ,how so afraid of death .
In the world ,who would dare to take your life .Unless he doesn .Golden is not for you, I have not you ,still so afraid . Gentle careful to say Oh ,good to be careful .Life is only a ,if which day on the line ,do not head off all did not know how .
Then ,has not forgotten touched his white neck / pen / Chinese emperor looked at Wen ,but every time there is a pile of fallacies .Be in with her to hate this topic do not discuss this with you ,you have that one to write the week is the king .
Gentle heart heart, not the king of Zhou ,where it becomes a three maternal uncles .Gentle sincere nod .The emperor watched from afar he can help you ,that is sort of conscience of surviving .
I will give him the grace ,you are the love generation . .Wen did not know there is this surprise : the most wise emperor uncle . Think of the Emperor Wen said Raiders ,smiled and spoke of special forces .
Emperor Wen said to the special forces ,very interested in .Gentle simply introduces some .In fact, she was also not very well .Also hear the emperor said ,will play a big role to remember .
The emperor is the gentle words in my mind . The emperor ,just in the letter to Kunning Gong ,Xu Shurong ,gave birth to a son was born ,according to the rankings, ranked thirteen . Sun Degong business with pleasure .
I will, Xu Shurong Sheng Zhaorong . This is the rule ,the palace .Born a prince or princess ,four Princess following will level up .Or the pet litre of two stage .Although go up a level ,but not to visit .
Gentle looked surprised to see the emperor uncle ,this ,is it right? Too cool .How to say ,but also his wife and son .The emperor did not take it seriously . Watch the children to play chess ,or play chess is more important .
Gentle heart a little cold .Though she hated Xu Jingqiu for the four time and .However ,the emperor attitude ,or let her heart .Parenthood ,here is a very dangerous thing .It can be said that half a foot into the jaws of death .
, ,,,,,can be mild cough ,know ,no qualification sympathy for others .Boring moment ,getting ready for bed Canada Goose Cheap.He heard the message to countess ,Li Bin for your . Wen said impatiently ,not empty ,they should take a nap .
Who patiently handle them, so tired .Climb in bed to go to ,the recent period of time is too busy, while he slept on the . countess was sleeping, don wake up .She was tired of your hard trip .
Summer scent politely said .Although gentle care ,or to hold not to offend people and good attitude .Oh. Li Guipin was disappointed to go . The emperor where ,still Yongning Palace ? Xu Jingqiu says anxiously .
Although go up a level ,she felt very happy ,but the emperor did not see her son again .Later ,her son was not affected by the attention Northface Kids Northface Sale,how can this be ,her second life but to rely on his son .
The emperor in the Renaissance to handle affairs . Tusya busy back with me .Xu Jingqiu listened to sad .This, also to stop .The emperor near noon ,to eat, to see gentle came Countess ? Summer Yao sincerely to report she is still sleeping, recently ,infanta busy business for rectification ,tired .
This will ,a free, and fell asleep . Go to sleep within ,saw the gentle sleep on .The emperor had lost smile ,is also at heart warm .Although the business into nine to him ,but in fact ,gentle one did not have to .
Can the child ,but by twelve distraction in your business .Watching Wen not wake up ,wake up tell myself back support command ,and the house to .When the Emperor himself sleep ,never heard a gentle wake up news .
Gentle out of the palace, drunk Xiang floor . Wen invited jade flying, drunk Xiang floor . Don for certain what jade ,matter? Jade flying be gentle invitation, but ate extremely surprised not to cross the .
From that later ,two people never had seen Canada Goose Womens Constable.He did not know what to look for his gentle .Gentle smile come to you ,with your business nature .Or what can be done ? .Jade flying hearing by laughed : look for me to talk about the business .
Now who do not know him ,earning large quantities of gold each day .In the house ,everywhere is gold . Gentle nor circles I earn money ,is not enough for .Lately I that ,in the Southern Fish incense ,on a drunken Xiang floor .
At the same time there ,find a good ,cover a moon hill .Jiangnan is the Eldorado ,not afraid of money earn .And I believe ,I of the two industry will be popular . Some believe that jade .
Gentle can do it yourself .This is obviously a profitable business ,why temperate to find him ,thought ,nature also say .Wen did not beat about the Bush : I so many industries, not a full catch .
I am not so good energy ,less ambitious . She is not going to do the best in all the land of rich .Is not to make a lot of money desperately ,do .In a few good .This is not to say her natural jade .
Jade Feiyang understand gentle ,but gentle and willing to cooperate with him ,he will not refuse .This is not just to make money problems ,or a reputation problem: how to share? Wen said his intention to drunk Xiang floor with moon hill is I eight you two .
This is what I can give you the bottom line ,so North Face Women's GTX Jackets Sale,you don for a supply of sth. .I am in charge of open relationships ,behind ,you are responsible for finding and specific matters .What do you say .
I see is you his house in the south .If not ,then I find another . Gentle can not be with him at the jade flying, if he doesn you can find other .However, are old acquaintances .
Don worry for her honesty ,stomachache, these people are not .She is not so fool .Jade flying at moderate, laughed : do you think I would say ?Why not make money . Mild chuckle .
Jade flying fun said. grace can south open ,it is very profitable .But that ,early input you must appear silver ,not on account of the . Wen listened, laugh ,which on account only the emperor uncle can do .
She wanted to do also do not . The same as to ,no one grows big fat .Put the two together, come to get grace . These industries ,can indeed into stores .She is going to open stores in downtown area .
Of course ,one must keep at it .Jade flying saw Wen said so, tentatively asked the Guangyuan bank ,and so the time is ripe .Also in the southern open break up ? This is the most interested him .
Gentle not to answer this question ,just smiled .Changing the subject ,talk about some details of cooperation .The very next day ,Chun King st ,personally on the folds .The emperor left folding hair .
Gentle know ,know ,should now be with when Emperor .But when it comes out, Chun king was not good .Gentle and do not know what the market .The emperor looks gentle ,has the color : Wen ,you want to swallow Qixuan ?You forget ,how is he to you ? The emperor think of things ,to stomach fire .
What ,a adulterine children ,even some gentle .Mild and looked at the emperor said: the emperor uncle ,I because Yan Qixuan deliberately trip .Emperor uncle ,the court will reform, imperial clan will certainly oppose .
This time ,is the perfect opportunity .Now you even make it out ,waste Yan Qixuan .Sun Palace is iron hat baronetcy ,Yan Qixuan washed-up ,also can be other children in adoptive .To fit the Chun King were prevented ,such being the case, why not sell the Chun king a good .
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