"The Borgias "Season 2 will be renewed in this summer

November 01 [Thu], 2012, 22:08
Showtime announced renewal of historical themes television drama The Borgias Seasons 1-2 dvd also have 10 episodes, production will begin this summer and will be broadcast during the same period next year."

"The Borgia " is Showtime's new drama this year, into the largest and most anticipated one, the background of this drama set in Renaissance Italy, about the Borgia family, how to control the Holy See, exclusionary Story. Borgia family history was known as a "Sopranos " and the play is full of conspiracy to seize power, assassination, betrayal, and many other elements of the court drama. "Borgia family,"a Showtime television drama is considered one another historical drama "The Tudors" successor, the show's ratings since premiere also really good. This drama's premiere audience of 10.6 million people, is the Showtime network premiere 7, the highest since ratings. Play back the second week of broadcast from 9 am to 10 points in the regular session, although a slight decline in ratings, but still remained at a fairly good base line.
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Receiving good ratings and praise, Showtime television network in the "The Borgias" after Broadcast 5 episodes the announced renewal Season2. The length of Q2 is 10 set of remains, production will begin this summer, and the play producer and screenwriter Neil - Jordan has begun writing the script. Showtime television network for the future of the show quite confident, for the creation of the script Jordan is also praised. The other two other popular Showtime series "Nurse Jackie"and United States of Tara has not yet been confirmed receipt of the renewal network.
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