afford an exemplary role

May 16 [Thu], 2013, 11:56
> "Yo yo, Bottom legs waistline. WWW. QUanBen com" big fat was Joseph arrayed fat hips, hands sowed phone, to the too Dongcheng tube team twisted melon split date detachments gang house brother house brother, showing off his model Jingjing photos, Ge Jige see saliva flow well. "Yo yo,Air Jordan Store, chest very the hip round face Jiao." Two fat also was Joseph, squeeze own comparable Hao Quan rǔ, chest, hands, shaking the mobile phone, and a model of the self-timer, see gang from the start that the back office as comfortable buddy swallowing. "Yo yo, whip candle hands Quan handcuffed." Big fat change of sheets, continue to get Joseph, other bawl mouth action. "Yo yo, Love egg cucumber plus storm Quan cāo of" fat also change began with sāo the first Nongzi lure hard to force the brothers. Ever since the lag model girl around the circle in front of the brothers, and maybe pulled. Ever since shopped in a lot of laps, maybe pull off the mark. Rap with dancers, hip shaking his swing hips, the moment touched each action, while simulation interoperability cāo it unless you've seen maybe fertilizer cargo carrying a beautiful girl shopping, killing the band of brothers do not believe they can taking a dip in the model girl , of course, is not necessarily taking a dip, but can accompany the pretty girl play around from time also it is these twisted melon split date home brother house brother's dream. The "chestnut fat, next to Victoria to call on me." Tall, thin, tall pleaded. "Call on me." Another round face shy male Coushang the come. "I have to go." Yet again a high degree of myopia. "......". Blink of an eye, feeling envious, Baba around Li Xiao-Li Bai Shuguang, and little regret did not keep up with the Rego mixed, you see these days, people Chinakayao to moisturize every day takes a sawed, we booing every day at the The captain goes stink face mounted grandson. Brothers begged the ticket small force pulled, proudly rower said: "line touches the line, afraid I brought you go, people despise you." Despise ye is not a problem, fear beautiful girl, you see feel dizzy, flash, amblyopia, it does not pay you also looking at the beautiful pictures to to scull a level, not positive field. "Bai Shuguang was Joseph, to stimulate the locker room Bunch of. Leave it, not you fat, which points stronger than you,Jordan 8 Shoes? "" Oh, you say, Jingjing meat and fat like me. "" That is not met, we are handsome, put there stop , that's your thing. "" Do not shock me, your sample door entrance, we are not the same, go directly to the locker room, just like we are now. "Bai Shuguang Joseph , pulled off the mark, even a little hard to win the trust, or there are smart, in a blink of an eye looking at LEI Da-peng came down, one finger shouting: "Do not they say go with Rego , you pull a hair it is not followed by Rego mixed, I morrow talk with the captain! I also go out with Rego duty you into the control room. "speak crashed, all poured out to meet Rego, throw down the the ticket small force and Bai Shuguang local, potentially, Rego ** leaders in this new environment. Rego is really extremely generous brethren who swarmed. Ass around package followed by a group, called to the the ticket small force and Bai Shuguang, walking, and to the people saying: "walk, do not go home, a joy to eat to Hunan to introduce you to introduce my big brother, he favorite recognize brothers, do not believe you ask chestnuts, white meat, our brothers and two fights he did more than a dozen who raised the knife to the gun to the mother that can be called happy, that as we chased Nirvana, now fights do not let you fight, live really boring. "dry brothers know LEI Da-peng fight caught the police station matter how tragic that played votes fat mouth and recorded video actually knew, dry otaku estimated Willful allies and enemies do have a kind of metamorphosis admiration, that said it was attached to co-LEI Da-peng boast, someone asked Li Xiao-Li Bai Shuguang, that heart really admire the surging Yellow River water is not absolutely in the mouth. On the train, ticket force something on her mind, pulled to pull Bai Shuguang small channel with: "Hey, I am sorry to see egg brother Ai Last borrowed two thousand not also." "Nothing, I did not also Bai Shuguang eyes yo, maybe fertilizer general cargo shameless, low eyelids with a small channel bawl mouth to indicate more shameless LEI Da-peng Road: "Rego borrowed more than ten thousand did not also." I heard egg brother shop disk out, is not we eat upside down? multi embarrassed. "Li Xiao-Li a little worried, urban management team gang brothers did not eat Sauce Pavilion donkey, and occasionally one is not quite Suansha, but together the number of amazing. "Can not pour to lose we eat? Eggs brother how much the boss, but also care about such a point C Probably people had forgotten it." Bai Shuguang heartless take a look at the eyes, watching Rego expression , unlike, grabbed the ticket small force on the train. Men traveling in a couple of taxis, straight South Loop this famous flaw near the Hunan Restaurant, purpose or one word: eat! ..., ............ Days Supermarket, SHAN Yong and Songsi Ying, accompanied by the manager came out, straight shook hands, to see such a business is to negotiate a. This is no longer what Xingxi, most likely to talk about is the supermarkets, the door to charge you the restocking fee, you serve had people not care. On the car Songsi Ying spread out small, remember this on the goods, crooked in mind a few strokes account, side head asked SHAN Yong said: "single-Yong, the number of supermarkets, shops, we so a one run, have to I'm tired ...... these ten days, to run even fifth. "This tired, I sell the donkey, four years for the three large-capacity battery, the streets in addition to large stores, all stalls shop seller all be able to call on the name, business is a process of accumulation, accumulated to a certain extent, the quantitative change to qualitative change. called goods are not stuck to profit from students, we are not already sold more than a hundred boxes of it? "single-Yong confidence authentic. "Oh, yo, I said, my dear." Songsi Ying fast to hold back the song cry, Straight said: "more than 100 boxes, even my car oil money did not earn it back." "Do not Come Everything is hard in the beginning, you do not find it difficult, it would not be called difficult. "SHAN Yong launch the car, will go Shenzhuobozi, teasing Song Siying Road:" Come on, or bo one to give you confidence? "Bah, you do not Xipixiaolian ah, and quickly think about nature, and the freight yard heap of roasted seeds and small grains more and more, as well as processing of surplus grain, fast enough for a warehouse, poor me now even beauty do not dare to open your eyes eyeful grains, how do I commit Mideng, listen to your story on your pirate ship. "Songsi Ying said ruefully worry. Do not try do not know, try to scare a few jump, Dongnuexijie with secured car scrape together more than six hundred thousand days such as cháo coming grains and dry goods to devour the light out without natural stretched, and now has the weight of funds can not move fast. "Oh, now regret it finished, I gotta sell give you money. Really regret the net worth of charge me?" Single-Yong drove, asked with a smile. I'm asking it Songsi Ying hand, I am sorry to say hard to listen, nose, snorted, did not pay him any heed, obviously too busy these days feel very uncomfortable. Looking at driving to the south, casually asked the sentence, single-Yong is said and LEI Da-peng Ge Jige get together, some rì child seen, not to mention that the goods Fortunately mention letting Songsi Ying denounced the single-Yong Dayton know that eating light play that happens to the business is not got the idea. SHAN Yong is a laugh, you do not understand business is to find him. Anyway, will afford Laredo Dapeng OP mean, think about LEI Da-peng identity of his father and mother, Song Siying pretty default. SHAN Yong said, the gang eat goods shop, eat several pounds donkey, not only eat the meat, but also borrow money without all of them have the same shameless LEI Da-peng, I do not get back to the point of comfort I'm sorry for myself. Angered Songsi Ying There was another funny. A little while drove Hunan Restaurant, trip Rego reception to quite attentive, never been so attentive owe embarrassed sake. SHAN Yong looked to get off and Songsi Ying, both fat brother to take the lead, followed by a pull long egg brother, the short paragraph sister called than sister Qinge pro also affectionate, see SHAN Yong carrying something big fat tickets quickly took over to help an optimistic a stack of wooden food containers, surprised Hey, pretty straight, single words heard Yong happy, straight big fat visionary. Garrulous talk on the package, pull out a chair sit, tea gab, clamoring for a la carte, single-Yong took advantage of the opportunity to glance around, not too much, the whole ten really five pairs of twisted melon plus crack jujube, fat outrageous, bizarre thin, ugly amazing, looks scary, as have, that is not a normal. Are leading the children,Jordan UK sale, long into Nirvana? Saw a scene, you have to believe that 80% of the born child when leadership racking our brains muddled decision. SHAN Yong but are asking from the treated group of sub-two goods is called a polite, not only asked one by one, also three food containers to put on the table, open a look, yo, music. Tasty fried pine nuts, pumpkin seeds white Sang Sang, Heibuliuqiu oil sunflower seed, as well as rare benne, these goods Coke and a handful of pop Ga Ga pop biting, said as he ate eat a mouthful of fragrant, what I was saying and what a sweet, talking compliment egg man glanced focus, do not speak, admired models sister, called a good atmosphere. Egg brother, I said, What do you mean you how to think of a good dinner, also we please. "LEI Da-peng eating melon seeds, 80% eat too embarrassed, asked with a smile. SHAN Yong laughed, watching everyone eat Yue He, proud authentic: "Please bunch of brothers, the secondary is you, I found a lot of business opportunities from the brothers who just do not know you grow lack of progress. "leads!?" Li Xiao-Li increased sound, all of a sudden heard. "Is not it? Us to have the opportunity?" The Bai Shuguang to Pie Zhuozui, foul mouth again, swept away all the brothers spray the sentence: "I promise, there was both J, there is absolutely no leads. Puff puff puff even a few people, there are a few hand lovemaking fan up, Bai Shuguang holding a small force to hide behind his head straight ticket to avoid them not agile, ass to endure several times, but it is LEI Da-peng see paragraph sister face wrong sè beat this audience is also made by paragraph sister of a woman, then a thick skinned red. yet opening remarks, pour the whole mess. SHAN Yong patted the table and shouted: "quiet quiet, brothers, dinner before a small matter to discuss with you, are brothers, polite, and ask you a few minor problems. "Crowd a static, watching the single-Yong heard a single Yong sudden I asked:" Ge Jige want to point a small fortune? "Well? Several pairs of eyes opened, bright, Li Xiao-Li from single-Yong, head of a dump, side head looked admirers, everyone's mouth are slowed down so bits have not seen a single Yong know Rego brother, very obstinate, and whenever eating and drinking piáo bet Rego always have a place to take the money, I did not expect this green, by extension, only one of them looks like a smart Xiaoluobotou, suspiciously watching the battle asked Yong single sentence: "Huh? Single man, you are not our poly planning an MLM? To not let our urban management toss someone go? "A look at is the one who called the tribunal a cover name, long hair the myopia, face sè, whitening, serious weary mood It is said that his father catch two years out of the house to go to work to speak never is not yīn the not positive , LEI Da-peng not recruit people to be see. LEI Da-peng about scolded, the first single-Yong, smiled and said: "pyramid schemes, but on by a mouth, the next on two legs, both run and can say to your house, so that the living may ...... toss who do not have, that is an expert. "That attracted Lord of the Urban Management friend laugh, smile heard a single Yong said: and brothers to discuss to discuss money, no other meaning, little things ...... in fact, money is not so difficult, I more than six months before graduation when his pocket doubled at most, a few packs of cigarettes out of money but, basically can cāo the vertical plates of one hundred million, if the wrong way, this money you have to earn a hair, hard way to go, just like you January thousand wages, pocket money and more ...... you had better not, you do not go to work when the right path, it is hard to say basically is that you sit at home, money come to you. Really, do not touch this line you do not know, you know half brother earned? More than one million. You know how to earn brother, when the porters only, historians village sauce the donkey moved to the city to sell sell ... ". SHAN Yong like to see an ulterior motive, his best to confuse able to, say six months to earn more than a million, say earn also so simple, the boast Songsi Ying chuckle, earn point all know that other people do not know is that the single courage than all that a poor, in addition to several warehouse grains and by-products , have nothing but evidently gang buddies one by one, eyes wide open listening, 80% of the mind on the move, afraid to sheet Yong cited in the pit Sure single Yong said that invented their own family history, from the bitter pretend to be pushed fast hardware look a lot like Schmidt prospects: "Do not think this is doing a great job, ah, it is far worse, last one I went to the auto show to see, and trendy car, BMW series, I call name, discount deals 80,000 discount 80,000 I can not afford, Hey, I see when people also took a fancy to, as I age, pull next to a beautiful girl, I asked the price, fingers a twist: credit card ...... ...... I rely on, directly open on stroll chick ... you say this year, not the whole money hands, really not to Quan his mother. We age are similar, can not always hand toward the parents. "This is the point on the Lord of the Urban Management brothers really embarrassed, even the egg brother one hundred million are considered poor wretch, that brothers earned this month 1000 Ocean how to do? Thought that towards the parents into, but say , it seems unlike the case each looked at each other, or Bai Shuguang pick on the head and asked: "Hey, egg brother, our brothers are watching you work it? Just said hair any real money, but also to the brothers complacent light. "Yes, listen to egg brother, egg brother." "Is egg brother, have a good way off the skin of this body, we keep up with your dry go." Rushes Greatly excited manure, heart itches sheets Yong scratch, this time single-Yong is the ease and head of a Young Look food containers: "that I now registered a the green sè food company, which is before this year's flagship product, there are seven series, ten four pattern, the lowest wholesale price to you and keep you little bit of money into packaging of small grains, going on the market. "ah? Selling roasted seeds and nuts? All of a sudden all the crack melon dumbfounded, including LEI Da-peng rolling his eyes, a group home for men plus eat goods, to gab Hu eat into dry down to business but the piece pestle? Obvious public several scratch from the back of the head to the, I am afraid that this money with the brothers missed, LEI Da-peng side head Bah a spit the melon skin displeasure on: "I said egg man, without this, looking for live to find a simple point, nor eat, Wanla, the whole person, because of who you are into, so difficult living who would you? sell to go? "ah, this is where to sell to?" one thin tall, called Zhao Feng poly old astigmatism, gnawing pine nuts, delicious is delicious, I am afraid to sell harder to sell do not know. "This ...... this money, we can not earn." The ticket small force Xi Liu nose, can not help egg brother busy, a little embarrassed. The dish just on the two-flavor on the table, each holding chopsticks on eating, single-Yong was in no hurry and do not get mad, open a bottle of wine, one by one backwards glass side down while saying: you are not fooling not know how this money to a to earn law, to ask you one, holds many lessons for the most money is what line of business? "" coal boss. "LEI Da-peng Road. "Iron boss." Li Xiao-Li Road. Online cover Chamber A Road. The real estate business. "Another Road. "No, yellow, gambling poison." Bai Shuguang Road. The pops of Songsi Ying smiled, group of goods sè is also this level. SHAN Yong is divided into wine, to deny: "All right, the most money is an officer, official of the country's top-to-bottom size, only to earn, not lose Why the word 'power and money', it would mean is first entitled to have money. the money a row behind, others do not know you do not know, say nothing to see their rich second generation, in case of seat brothers that fear him, still packed his Mandizhaoya. "yo Lei, which touches everyone laughed, acquiesced, single-Yong smiling back, asked LEI Da-peng said: "Dapeng, others did not understand how to make this money, do not you did not understand?" "Huh?" Peng Jiling, IQ began to rise, shot forehead and said: "Yes, my dad is an official way, listening to my dad that may be promoted to deputy director of." My dad is not official, director of the small fart properly coming to an end, and then he can not go up it. "Li Xiao-Li Road, a little depressed. Single-Yong looked sympathetically big fat one and comfort: "size are considered official, officials have the right to ... do not look at the size of your dad and table oval pine nuts to a Lenovo Lenovo." Is both a comfort, but also is induced, the two brothers worthy to wear the pants when the friendship, LEI Da-peng right way unreasonable, crooked Road, snapped jack Paiba Zhang, figured out, face hi sè Road: "egg man, you want signed by the leaders welfare right? "Oh, yo, Mirs I said what was it, really genius ...... you fucking tell you ah Dapeng, this is killing two birds with one stone, the your dad men players how many people? can sell how much? trip down to business How about you, do not say you owe me, I have to down due to "single Yong laughed. "Brothers, brothers, is really a business opportunity, the opportunity to make a fortune." LEI Da-peng of music, with great difficulty IQ flash back, showing off not to. Pounding the table, all the crooked brother a number of poly: "Zhang Weihua, your dad is not five horses branch, go and talk to your dad said to the public security the dry jǐng points seeds roasted, that branch under several police station, was How many people? ...... Wang Min, your dad doing, Working Committee directly under it? career business units are the property of their possession, casually catch units are hundreds of people, not to the marketing of seeds indicators do not give them to join the party, your kid rich ...... the Dong Wei your home mobile is not your dad on the move, your mother Unicom words how not taste it, anyway, your foot on two boats, this Intuit simple ...... cover , your dad is doing with yourself, how heard you about? "city zhèngfǔ, but my parents early from the Court of cover A shaking his head said something very short, is also estimated this xìng grid withdrawn reason. The heat of the scene said a cold. You Niubi. "LEI Da-peng eyes red authentic with hard to find the excitation point, straight, said:" from the good, you're more than a stepmother, stepfather, who did not dare not to buy small cover on your account. "puff puff puff is sprayed a group of people, that small cover almost to tears, but full field, SHAN Yong see also emaciated child's mind, not knowing whether to laugh or cry expression fleeting, with single-Yong Road: single brother, you really painstaking, ah, but this approach may be fresh, every year people go this route child. "" ah, that money falling not less than brothers pocket money? put there, we obviously can pick up why do not you?, you want to be embarrassed to say, with your father say hello, I talk to Father dealing, as long as the negotiated back this difference Well, do not wait to check out, directly into how your bank card? "single Yong laughed. "Oh line, see Rego has been to me as a brother's sake, to this busy not to make money I can not help." Small cap smiled, seemed equally enjoy single-Yong so physically fit. "What does not make money, earn less will not work." LEI Da-peng down on behalf of small cap agreed. Both fat brother tugging back training: "You two, afford an exemplary role, ah, your dad this year that the tax office do not send rice, noodles, hair grains." Two fat quickly nodded, straight back to find dad to discuss Go. Such a winding path, prospects hole that, with the second generation of small Palace and gay, anyway, usually the home of mouth toward money, it seems that this thing wrapped around wrapped around the father and mother is not very exception raised table cup Qing, yù became the first wish good. In fact, the business of the unit only requires a opportunity to cut it, or you do not know over there sent not on ceremony? It seems to start from the group of people who are marketable, seeing single-Yong and a bunch of urban management Yaowuheliu play in high spirits, abetting home how to say, Dad do not agree how to do, or do this money count how hear gang ** bright eyes and the field, 80% even money hand want a good use. Seems another door opened slowly, think about which one you want to contact the city's different departments, different industries, different units bureaucracy, even Songsi Ying, also feel the Dayton quite value, etc. She added to mora line the ranks of wine, this dinner is more lively ...... <
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