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October 26 [Fri], 2012, 13:44
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult volume fourth & ;#xB7 ;roaring dragons and tigers Chapter 354th to break a valiant soldier -- a new contact: Sky Granville world YY group number: 5842609Sky Granville world YY voice channel: 14020183 ( YY inside long holds the have award activity ,hope brothers ,are enthusiastically joined .
) will play, will not play ,n-ng YY ,later to facilitate communication and wilson .Because Wilson is not in the Q group to speak ,therefore ,suggest that you have to apply for a YY number ,after the brothers play on YY ,I will find some permanent YY emcee or singer singing .
The atmosphere is up !Abstract: how do I look at a few people not to see the doctor ? Don Liu Lei looked just hurried into the several people ,vigilance ,although be the dragon group fired ,but ,don Liu Lei, wary of x-ng or did not subside .
Ordinarily ,this great evening to see patients ,is less and less .But ,these a few people ,healthy body, walk in a threatening manner ,sonorous and forceful ,not sick ,but unlike is to visit a patient ,because ,so many people come to visit the patient they ,also be holding a gift Timberland Womens 8 Inch Boots, what all don ,but also a significant unnecessary go into the hospital ,it really a bit strange .
To have a look these people dress up ,wear sportswear ,sports series ,hair is green, the cuff is straight ,the inside with hiding things .Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liulei are lakes on the hands ,to see that ,the gang is estimated to fight .
Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liulei quickly from the back to it, they have about eight people or so ,and towards the senior ward went over .They hold one with Ye Shaofeng in the back ,have a look these people what are .
Indeed ,the gang to Wang Zheng unit M-N ,stopped .The gang seems to see the king ward M-N mouth block filled with people ,at least twenty respected the Dragon brothers in M-N etc. ,these ten people are aware of their own is not the right time .
Too many people, still can not act rashly and blindly ,once called up ,their eight people must be beat out .This eight people are not in close to the ward ,while M-N port for the dragon little brother didn ,quickly turned around to leave .
Are they turn around ,Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liulei ,have side-by-side to stand in their way .Two people watched the eight men, blazing with anger .Eight people not to regard it as right ,they could not recognize leaf Shaofeng ,more do not know don Liu Lei ,thought to be passing pedestrians ,so ,continue to walk outside .
But Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liulei was in the middle of the corridor ,eight people came to Ye Shaofeng with them, feel that they have a problem ,the amount of lead that green at the leaf Shaofeng ,said : ! Now come ,why hurry to leave ,want to have a look the king ,went to have a look oh ,people can not see ,you have to go back to work ,,good ? Ye Shaofeng said .
At this time, M-N export twenty dragon small brothers saw Ye Shaofeng blocked eight green road, the brothers are aware ,there occurred a sudden events ,therefore ,is to gather up .
Eight men were surrounded, go go out . You are all von y- just man ? Ye Shaofeng asked . What do you say, I don I am here . The lead green said ,but his face ,there was tension .
Feng brother ,don now ,they must be von y- just people ,know my brother government did not hinder greatly, so ,again to the descent ! A dragon boy cried .Eight people start don Shaofeng leaves ,however ,heard someone shouted Maple brother ,suddenly aware of ,in front of the person ,is the famous leaf Shaofeng .
Eight person suddenly tense up, than just the more nervous ,did they have fought out about hope ,but ,now ,hope is gone .All know Ye Shaofeng will play one ,play dozen ,several have no problem .
Now the only eight people ,plus their dragon staff also ,if called up ,do not put them in eight killed the devil . Maple our brother ... Northface Women's Bionic Jackets Sale... We entrusted by the people, let us a chance to live .
Then, lead green fell on his knees on the ground . Don you ,mom nonsense ,say ,is it right? Von y- sent you here . Ye Shaofeng said . Who sent us. I don ,however ,there is a secret letter ,is him let me give you ,you have a look .
Then, green hand into his coat inside pocket cutting things .Ye Shaofeng just leaned over ,green suddenly toward Ye Shaofeng into a lime ,followed by several other peel ,and from his pocket lime ,hard to let go .
Lime is see water heating things Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket,n-ng to the eyes ,and the tears with ,is easy to burn the eyes ,when the lime into this help dragon brother when they close their eyes ,only .
Before they closed Kung Fu ,the eight peel from the cuff out of his pocket knife ,cut it up towards them .They mainly cut were Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liulei ,because these two down ,they will be able to successfully escape .
But ,if Ye Shaofeng can cut a good ,it is overnight ,rapidly in Lu Yang city lakes can be famous .The eight is not ambiguous, holding a machete towards Ye Shaofeng and Tang Liu Leichong up, Ye Shaofeng was just his kung fu ,feel some cold towards his hack .
Although Ye Shaofeng did not see the light of R-U ,but listen to your voice ,we can identify each other machete .Dodged several ,let the other party attacked empty .Machete is almost close to Ye Shaofeng body stroke in the past ,but are ready, simply not to he a .
Ye Shaofeng Wu Yi high strength ,but don Liu Lei slightly less s- ,close your eyes, listen, listen and not accurate .Especially the sound H-N in together, he can not tell distance speed .
Other cuts of the solid stabbed in his Xi ō ng port,Tu ì Jialso received three knife .Don Liu Lei would be unable to resist sustain the blows ,directly down to the ground .At this time Ye Shaofeng has opened her eyes ,saw his brother cut down to the ground Northface Windstopper Sale,courageously rushed over ,iron fist hit on the other side of the head ,a fist into a green skull to cracked ,fell unconscious ,fell on the ground ,the kid ,not dead ,too is a vegetable .
The remaining few green man look Northface Gore Tex, Ye Shaofeng opens his eyes ,did not dare to stay .Pull the wounded, and Tu ì Jiran .In short ,they are put down and Liu Lei into injured ,is to complete the task ,attitude, or new problems crop up unexpectedly .
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