Li Muhua and a group of equivalent virtual

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 17:00
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThis time destroy the demon king, Li Muhua and a group of eight people what the flesh of blood cloud ,and that destroyed the Lich King ,Li Muhua and a group of eight people when the ashes to ashes of despair Canada Goose Kensington Sale,flooded into queen Yuan Tengfei stone ,stone emperor Yuan Tengfei body .
For the stone king Yuan Tengfei, this is a rare practice opportunity ,if the universe of 1 000000000 universes ,he didn destroy the demon king, Li Muhua and a group of equivalent virtual Tianjun strength of eight people ,only tax one to deceive destroy the demon king, Li Muhua and a group of eight people ,and work with Liu Zhiping ,to succeed !Experience of big burst destroy era replacement soldiers force .
This time ,the Shenzhou large force, really began to start ,came to Boulder battleships ,had started that megalithic battleship force ,to burst more space ,grind kill more presence .
For Liu Zhiping, it is a great opportunity .His strength was rushed in ,can control Yuan Tengfei stone ship ,it may even be distracting ,invite wolves into the house .Stone emperor Yuan Tengfei felt that, mind is impervious to desires and passions ,but he just in the blood also benefit a lot ,at least the flesh has been tremendous and concise, and boulders .
A more enhanced ,power surges UGG Women's Channing, the general tide surging .When the era of turnover havoc sentiment, also let the stone king Yuan Tengfei stone combined with humane change ,have new feeling Northface Denali Hoodie Sale!In such circumstances ,he fought for sending the megalithic battleship force ,as far as possible the broken world .
Liu Zhiping on the go !Blood is finally over ,Liu Zhiping is ultimately not to Emperor Yuan Tengfei. Liu Zhiping looked at stone Timberland Winter Snow Boots Sale,still calm deadpan stone emperor Yuan Tengfei ,not by the words : the emperor Yuan Tengfei was ironically stone was not calm ,I fell out of attack you !? Stone king Yuan Tengfei still face expressionless ,calmly : not afraid !I invite you to help, is time you destroy the Lich King refinery ,Li Muhua and a group of eight people of which half of the flesh has the power limit ,after all you still refining salvation in the light of the storm God ,I have something terrible ! This cargo is really reckon accurately !Although Liu Zhiping wanted to break his poker face ,to see if he can calm exceeding one !But think twice ,had to admit that the Shenzhou trapped in refining the bright god is his most important thing !After all, their own supernatural powers almost to be subject to the miniature era door -- after all, it was his last World method !Only through without the miniature era of play ,but also on the mesa magical powers ,is the twilight of the gods ,but incomplete twilight of the gods ,have great potential ,so they must absorb the Shenzhou in refining the god-king trapped light magic !Liu Zhiping is not a pig ,phagocytic refining salvation Shenzhou within the light spirits trapped after a fairly long period of time would have been unable to refining other spiritual powers ,weigh the advantages and disadvantages of stone ,now Queen Yuan Tengfei generously let Liu Zhiping devour myself ,Liu Zhiping also can not do !That is to say ,sold off the demon king, Li Muhua and a group of eight people stone emperor Yuan Tengfei not only their own skill ,also let oneself absolutely safe ,what to kill is decisive, this is !Liu Zhiping be jealous, although oneself strength progress still stone emperor Yuan Tengfei ,but go through fire and water ,several nearly die !Where there is a stone so comfortable without risk of emperor Yuan Tengfei !He immediately began to directly attack ! Stone imperial tradition to kill decisive !Don you sacrifice to destroy the Lich King ,Li Muhua and a group of eight people ,next admire admire ! Stone emperor Yuan Tengfei sneered : Liu Zhiping Daoxiong Josh, I stone emperor Yuan Tengfei never kill decisive ,I respected is reckon accurately !Destroy the demon king, Li Muhua and a group of eight people is my goal early absorption refining !Liu Zhiping Daoxiong you know ,even if you do not have to gods take my trial gun ,avenging lance ,I practice into artifact king ,also have a God is king visit ,the weakened I was caught just strange !If I do not absorb destroyed the Lich King ,Li Muhua and a group of eight people of flesh and blood soul ,it how I had to go !?I into practice the artifact of the king, my body is heaven itself ,as the gang how can allow heaven have a sense of self? I in order to strengthen themselves, so they have to die !Hey.
Liu Zhiping was Emperor Yuan Tengfei stone ,be extremely cruel and merciless ,reckon accurately startled broke out in a cold sweat ,voice faltered : do you mean to say ,destroy the demon
king, Li Muhua and a group of eight people and you enter this space, fate doomed !? Stone emperor Yuan Tengfei nodded : ,but my original idea is light - and together ,which is a
waste to the light - you are grappling, cooperative object was changed you ! Emperor Yuan Tengfei stone face uneven color ,as if weeping and complaining to Liu Zhiping : Liu Zhiping
Daoxiong you itself is super immortal two generation ,he is God the king reincarnated bodies, two lives are God industry ,now his wife angel is not much difference between the door and
the era of the divine king !The treasure is key to the evolution of gas utensil ,creator of artifact beauty device spirit would be your slave will follow you !Nature can be soft hearted,
when a saint ,I like you ,I do not know how many times the first ashes to ashes ! Anyway, even if you lost the door ,age estimates are not to destroy you, but let you help him with
his glove !And I kind of struggling to survive the isn person !Goodbye ,I also refining these unlucky ,not ! Emperor Yuan Tengfei and Liu Zhiping stone ,was increasingly unbalanced
,with a huge battleship turned away !Liu Zhiping is the one face grievance !When I was a saint ,I follow you kill millions, also saint ,almost a scumbag !Well killing hundreds of millions
scumbag is not much also !You are pure jealousy and heart is not balanced !All what people !Only light - in the Shenzhou inside roar again and again, to the pit ,Liu Zhiping to refine
stone ship beings ,the twelve Angel ancestor witch ,miniature era doors are pumped out ,the Shenzhou strength is the basic foreign ,for a time, is Faith Bible ,ancient holy church
is to help ,Li Qingquan ,Liu Baoyu ,Dragon Spirit - three female quickly to quell !The hide a malicious intent ,because their results are associates ,light - ,but Liu Zhiping was a
bit of good have no impression !A return to the boat ,Liu Zhiping took a miniature era of the door as brick ,faced to the light - the old God crackling hit ! I teach you English ,also
kill me !All this is not honest !Use self threatened my wife !You killed the old God ,let your profile ! Light - the old God was about to explode the threat of three female to let
him go ,did not expect the head got a thing for a throw ,was immediately hit Huntouzhangnao ,and it seems to be able to suppress all power ,light - the old God not only blew out ,body
forces are sealed, falls on the ground ,almost not getting up UGG Waverly!Light - the old God looked up ,discovered that the miniature era of the door ,he was scared be frightened to death !The
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