without taking pictures of the car

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 15:36
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAbstract the 642nd chapter Zhang drunk -- was my car is an Audi A8 ,is a limousine drove people must not wait for the next generation ,but ,this A8 has no license plate number in the provincial capital ,a night without taking pictures of the car on the road Michael Kors Tote Sale,basically is to take s ī car,open the s ī car,also basically is H-N ,and the police ,or video H-N several police rushed over ,said : stop the police are vociferously ,at this time, the Audi A8 car owners can also open M-N .
The car ,open the car M-N time also be ablaze with anger ,but ,when faced with Zhang Yue, soon defeated a brother ,how could it be you? ? A8 owners said Mom ,tension B ī,you he ,mother brain disease is what ,does not stop at what speakers, A8 you cow B īwhat,you can get in your way is right Zhang Yueyi fingers with A8 owner of M-N ,a lot of people at the back side scolded look ,this drove the car was a madman who reprimanded ,the owners have no temper ,my apology ,does not stop ,even the newly approaching traffic police were surprised to open A8 ,police untouchables, however, the A8 owner ,Miss Zhang ,so know one ,police also have ,know ,she must not touch the drunken maniac a brother ,sorry ,sorry ,I don I know you are in front of ,I will help you .
and the owners said Zhang glared at him not to talk, and then look at police said : I could go with you ,but my car was placed in the middle of the road ,who would dare to touch my car ,my life with you several police is helpless, only to surrender, said : you go ,get in your car and go ,don What I go ,you say my this car does not get out of the way ,I can Zhang began to take advantage of the wine making .
Can open ,can open ,hurried police said with resignation ,even now ,almost begged Zhang Zhang Yue that he by on a motorcycle ,and then walk away but ,he then that his bayonet into the hole ,did not repair ,Zhang found a few transparent tape ,the car then cut to paste ,the overall sound ,like a ramshackle motorcycle like now Zhang ,on every day to ride this car ramshackle BMW motorcycle ,swagger through the streets every day ,the police did not dare to stop him ,it also became his trademark ,a street with a Dick Cowboy man riding a rinky-dink motorcycle ,with a tremendous roar when swagger through the streets ,people can easily know ,this is the on big brother ,Zhang Yueye Shaofeng before when seen in wine ,Zhang ,also said that, at that time did not know too much about Zhang Yue exploits ,and later ,a wine that after the event ,Ye Shaofeng began to understand Zhang ,the solution The expert said on his evaluation commends differ ,some said he weighs loyalty ,some said he particularly H-N the egg ,not drinking, and like a social big brother appearance, is a somewhat eccentric ,but ,once drank, the boy would have started playing he drank playing the best īonesecond ,not the motorcycle hit A8 events but the ninety time out ,there was a very strange thing ,this thing ,then in the upload for a long time, Zhang Yuedou said to God ,if not later ,Zhang made the thing being caught ,this kid is estimated to be on the way of human sh- as Zhang Yue is how God does, that is from the early ninety that night, said Zhang H-N not so big but ,during that period ,it is the provincial capital of the underworld d-ng period that period is Guo Fang Jun ,his father Guo Haiyang is the provincial capital of the top big brother ,but those two years ,just the boy run away to the party that day, the provincial capital of the underworld, no leader in UGG Ultra Tall,at this time, have emerged in many later generation ,want to help Ke Youliang bamboo ,like Zhang ,is this a true fame H-N they have started H-N ,however ,is in this period that the famous Zhang H-N ,the drink is a direct relationship ,however ,he and several friends drinking in the taverns ,one ,drank two bottle of Erguotou drink ,but ,especially busy ,a cup of direct dry timberland work shoes,then can drink one can the wine ,Zhang Yuehe very happy, because he is a person to a table are pouring down others and is drunk ,drunk people have become unconscious ,Zhang Ge and drunk ,begins to draft UGG Coat,in other words mad with drink ,Zhang BROTHER spend part of occasions is low this kid drunk out of M-N ,see opposite a take a shower hall child ,however ,early ninety ,is also popular this take a shower hall child there are collective boiling bath place ,also has a shower ,hot water mark ,but is now it seems ,it still hurts dirty Zhang dangling into the church to take a shower ,take a shower for two bucks night people also really many boiling bath in a pool of seven or eight man ,this guy standing at the side of the pool ,look ,automatic speaking said , how could he ,mother are Male.
Finish this sentence ,a spit, standing at the side of the pool to the pool to vomit, vomit that a happy, spit once is not enough, the boy still outstretched fingers to the throat buckle ,continue to spit ,spit out a large pool of men came ,the gang are not know ,but they have the same enemy and hatred ,here ,take a shower ,but this has since been the kid was n-ng dirty ,a gang of people around Zhang Yue calls up Zhang Yue not vague Northface Kids Northface Jackets Sale,a person with the gang began to greet ,while playing ,this kid is one hundred years not to regard it as right shouted: my C-O ,you ,mom ,,you make me do I C-O I C-O I C-O Zhang fights Well Street ,moreover, loud ,outside haven heard fighting sounds ,but heard Zhang Yue in the face to the boss came in ,a understanding of the situation ,then anger, a pool of water ,was this kid to waste ,to lose a lot of money not to say ,to scare away many guests boss is not good crop, was ninety time when, the provincial capital is lu-n ,trouble everywhere, the scene ,have several people looked at the boss a phone ,call a friend to help h-n ,Each carrying pipe ,a group of people rushed to Zhang Yue ,is a hard walk a step but one ,and he ,mother of two with a steel pipe Hello ,dear ,who was his several sticks .
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