handled the case of Shao

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 16:56
Oh.After listening to Ye Kai, also a little hesitation.Anyway, Wan Fangfang is now the identity, is a little bad treatment, if handled the case of Shao Jiangping, then she will likely involved, they deal with Shao Jiangping is very easy, but Wan Fang Fang will inevitably be piggybacked on, if handled improperly, it easily criticized.Listen to the ideas of Wan Fangfang, he was still a bit tempted in a moment.But when he looked up, he saw Wan Fangfang's eyes looking forward, he shook his head and said, "don't say things like that, if I even you care not to live, but also in the mix?You can settle down to stay on it Canada Goose Women Palliser Coat, it is time for you to you to, not the time for you to step in, nobody can force you to do anything."Wan Fangfang listened to the opening words, finally smiled out, see the heart very happy."Okay, I admit that I am very happy, be care of feeling, a little warm, warm heart."Wan Fangfang active kissed the opening, said with a smile."Being a man, is to play in the key, if I give up so easily, it can expect you to be of one heart and one mind with me?"Ye Kai said.Although said let Wan Fangfang out from the advance, is the most simple and effective way, even after go out for a foreign identity, before things away, this is the most convenient, but in this way, in the Wan Fang Fang's heart, it will drop shadow, because leaves open at the most critical time, and did not cover up her.All speak sugared words are unreliable, or the most important action, this point is clear to everyone, but to do it, it is not so easy.Ye Kai's response, although looks relatively big man, but in the view of Wan Fangfang is the most fascinating, because she is a very special woman, but also hope to be able to enjoy the feeling of being a man care.Conversely, if the opening quickly agree to her proposal Canada Goose Womens Kensington, so Wan Fang Fang may greatly disappoint one's hopes, that the inhuman.Ye Kai suddenly want to understand this, it is not happy to pat Wan Fangfang butt, take her "......"A cry, it is a little hidden bitterness at the opening."You hit my butt......"Wan Fang Fang asked."With my clever, not lesson you into?!"Ye Kai made a pair of ferocious look said.Then, he took Wan Fangfang to embrace to come over, and then press it in his arms, his hand gently stroked round Alice and smooth ass, shot two Youth's Canada Goose Expedition Parka, "then I dare to be calculating, directly off pants spanking!""Not, really not......"Wan Fangfang buried his head in the open arms, smiling body shook.In the afternoon, a few comrades, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, to open the phone, said they had to traverse city, ask leaf secretary have any instructions."Come, go to Ling City City Hall hostel to rest a day, then contact with steel Ling, later, I will go with you."Ye Kai immediately arranged for the work.City Discipline Inspection Commission here, leads is vice secretary Yang Shunxin.Recently, deputy secretary of the working enthusiasm is very high, she is at the level of the cadres, after this time after a lot of operation, he promised to help her solve the problem of deputy hall level.As long as there is a suitable opportunity, whether it is with city discipline inspection commission after class or order, or go to other cities of the province as the Secretary of the city discipline inspection commission or, is a very good choice, the future ascent route is completely opened, also cleared the obstacles on the level.In fact, a series of moves recently, discipline, Yang Shunxin is doing a lot of useful work, open to the old discipline inspection cadres also rely heavily on, he is not what specific things, is Yang Shunxin in supporting the City Commission for Discipline inspection.Ye Kai, is nothing more than to provide support, and the thinking of coaching etc..After all, under one ability, also have a leadership and ability to handle all the pressure of the leadership, to lead them out of the predicament, create performance.Ye Kai in this regard, it is doing very well, do not give men the pressure, to help them carry Lei, town when key live scene, to have such a good leader, really not easy
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