We should only idle to be happy

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 12:00

The six-year primary school life is fleeting, we about to enter the door of the first day. However, for me, this tract are like a gate of hell, let me delay is difficult to move forward. I found myself turned around and looked at the resounding success of the primary school life and a colorful sixty-one, tears flowed left out falls roasted by the sun dry land, forming two lines of tears But soon the sun do. I reluctantly turned around and looked at the door, at the moment, I clearly understand that forward go going to lose colorful sixty-one to bid farewell to the carefree childhood. However, for me, even tens of thousands of friends about to enter the first day, we lose more than six North Face Kids North Face Jackets, childhood, share precious happiness, a rare freedom. A kid, we together lying in the grass watching the blue sky; sitting in a rocking chair watching the bird ......... recall all this is so beautiful, and the other people food for thought, and thought-provoking. However, was with fingertips that close and share beautiful, the joy, so in my opinion, but it is out of reach. The face of parents, always learning; the face of the teacher, always achievements; Faced with classmates; always a picture of frown faces; Faced with myself: I also do not know how to choose. I sat in the window a daze, imagine the junior high school life to that boring. At the time, I can only carrying a pencil several times larger than me, a difficult job this climbing. In the face of great difficulties Nike Air Max Skyline Shoes Sale, I have a dilemma. Of course, I can not and will not allow to select escape, I also have the courage and confidence to the bottomless pit forward thinking export this abyss no one can see. I can only choose sighed sitting situ. Lonely and helpless one by one they hit me. The face of difficulties, I shout: I grew up, not back to the unfettered; I mature, no longer as it was before, and students to the grass watching the blue sky. Grow up, back schoolbag sink also increasing responsibility on the shoulders. I'm so tired, but can not shout out, I hurts, but can not say it. Hey! Full intestinal pain, I can only tell toward your face filled with anger, I can only give vent to their own Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Cheap. In the the parents eyes of our just learning. In their view, only to learn in order to bring us fun. However, we do not want you to have brought an increasing number of learning tasks, I started it to become bored, sometimes even to consider the necessity of learning. Did you think it was to help me or harm me. As parents, you are a true understanding of our business? Do you really know what we need to do Canada Goose Parka Sale? I think you do not know, if you know will not be deprived of the rights we enjoy happiness, will not let us in tears all day. What we need is a golden childhood, rather than a bleak world; we like small trees grow by the care of the sun and rain. However, little desire you can not satisfy me, even think this is cranky. To know that the child is a life, a life needs care, rather than learning the machine all day, to be pressed in books. To know our young fragile mind is the need to care about, rather than the devastation and blow ah! I would like to advise parents of the whole world, and your children not just lip service, to really do the we need to know not only the results, we also need to be happy and playful. Of course, need more to understand to appreciate our parents, not grades mention of parents all day. In fact Canada Goose Aosta Bomber, we live tired ah! We should only idle to be happy. Even so, we are not real happy. The parents of the whole world, when can you hear the voices of hundreds of millions of our children, when we can return us to a true blue sky, a happy childhood! ! ! This article Source junior high school essay, I have to post the essay

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