you also completely indifferent

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 12:57
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult( read the novel to the vertex novel network ) to memorize the old leave a message has been received no answer ,but he always felt branch gangster killed in the incident and the company ,so he didn give up, every day to memorize the phone again .
This time ,the female secretary said President in office ,and soon he diverted past .Hear the phone came a man voice ,the old one was self-reported by name .The phone is the echo of a good ,the man speaking in a stiff cannot regenerate hard Chinese said: I want to talk about, you do not talk ,now ,what to talk about? The old have great trouble to understand what the speaker had said ,but he still do not understand what this means , what did you say ? The caller was stupefied, immediately transmitted jabbering several conversations ,obviously not Chinese ,the old side ear to listen ,a little Ya Mama Daddy a cool a cool taste ,it is Japanese, on the island of sheet has a strong interest in the old immediately recognized ,however just listen to what language only, as for the other what to say ,he still feel at a loss be all at sea .
Not for a moment, a phone call from a man ,the man on the Chinese can speak more fluently ,listen to him on the phone when asked: you is dragon club group elders ? Yes, I am. Who .
The old asked . Who am I to tell you do not know, but since you asked, I gotta tell you ,I was cramming the Vice President Ma by the two ! Ma by the two appearance is always done .
Just that ? The old asked . He is Ma by the A ,rote learning of the president ! By the two ma . So to speak ,and you talk ,are equally effective ! Basically you might say !But just the president has said ,he wanted to talk to you when you the cold shoulder ,now ,all the way, has no need to talk ! I long service several gangster killed things you do ? An old ,you dare to do the first day off our money, why we can do fifteen ,let you bleed ? Ma from the two cooling channel ,his words almost equal the direct recognition of the cattle, bell zhang-haopeng ,Li Tongzhuang died for them UGG Patent Paisley Boots.
In a word ,the old one was set up , Zhong Haopeng and Li Tongzhuang did what ,that you be so cruel to them UGG Evera Sale? Cruel ? Ma by the two sneer up ,then sorrowful sorrowful Yin Tao : if I steal you save money ,is it right? You do this to me ?The old ,just you wait ,I will you dragon club boss a all slain !Let your this group of frogs in a well know what someone outside the person ,knowledge is infinite ! The old forehead veins have a sudden rise ,therefore the anger of the wins , I don how it happened ,but you have killed me, is directly to the US war dragon club ! An old ,don so well ,we memorize and you Dragon Society is each one minds his own business.
If not ,you do too ,even life-saving money are robbed words ,how can we go down to the hand so hard ?This war is completely you pick up !Your Chinese is not a saying called future is with the workers of iniquity spirit ,can not live !You want to do ,it can guaishui ! Good ! The old one gnash the teeth in anger : Ma from the one ,Mayuka Honji ? ,we are .
Linen from the two sneers . I remember you ,you blood debt ! The old saying ,it badly hung up the phone .Ma by the two and the old call is in a hands-free carrying case ,so stand beside the Ma by the will they call content can be crystal clear .
After a conversation is over ,Ma by the a somewhat worried : the second , dragon Shezhen to do us ? Do do it ,we are not afraid of him ! By the heartless way two ma . Even though is not afraid, but our purpose is for money, is not a fierce fight for hard ah !The bucket ,the business is done not ah ! MB ,this time you disrelish a trouble ,had told me to kill you ,you are not quite happy ? I had not little impulse ! Ma by the a San Shan road .
Ha ha ,my brother ,I do not say to you, some things ,you really are too irresolute and hesitant ! Ma by the two joking said, see the boss before there was anger ,it quickly to tack , brother ,don You do ,do your own business ,you people not to enter the Dragon society ! Eh? What do you mean? As far as I know ,this Dragon Society and customs customs Yihe help fighting between has reached a white-hot stage , dragon people want to enter the club ,first ask Yihe help do not agree with, dragon society people have got it combined justice help ,can do us !Justice and help the large shield cross in front of us ,what are you worried about? If they can break through the shield to memorize ,that is the end of strongbow UGG Women's Delaine,our people are not vegetarian ,can touch them ? Oh ,this is the original ! Linen from the one could not help laughing .
So, brother you settle down , dragon house ,a ball ,I let a few master to kill a few more dragon service branch ! From this second on Ma Ma by the one shoulder ,this is a step three fibrillation fat dangling out .
This old dragon head ,hang up the phone ,immediately called in left six branch gangster and temporarily replaced Li Tongzhuang with Zhong Haopeng acting boss ,even the white sister he was also invited .
The white sister now can be said to be losing ,Longtai although dead left half life ,but his appeal and influence still exists, not to mention the Longtai in trouble before, finally a sum of money and not pay up, which he called soldiers for providing great capital .
However ,the Longtai knowing he had been completely disabled ,no ability to make trouble ,he can only put all their hopes on white body .Once upon a time ,Longtai did put the white sister as people look like, just take her as his own a weapon ,but after be lose all standing and reputation ,only to stay beside him ,just white sister !White loyalty ,make Longtai feel gratified ,but did not open !In fact ,if he is willing to give up looking for vengeance ,a hill with water birds and flowers from the quiet place the words of Yamada ,the white sister is willing to serves in front of him behind .
However, Longtai no such feeling ,hate filled his crippled body inside, so that he can not forget ,do not put, so he uses white aunt this piece of ace in the hole ,and the combined justice for a showdown !A Longtai behind as staff ,white forces also rises ,have been no less than �dragon societyany one branch .
But she and the Dragon agency relationship, always is so unclear ,be neither friendly nor aloof .When she came to the Longjin building ,hear the old one to attack by the plan ,she just sitting on the sidelines ,did not publish any comments .
She have no opinion, Yang Di this young eunuch was unbearable, elder brother ,now it is the crest of the fire ,meaning and help with the intention of we do not know, we all have be caught between two fires ,then make love in the back by the black hand organization we mess with them ? Old anger gave Yang Di a look, sink a track : Yang Di ,is it right? You too funeral attend more ,will come to my funeral ,acquired do her funeral ?People are to your nose ,you also completely indifferent ,that what wait for death ? Yang Di and a group of big brothers being at a loss what to do ,who can not speak, Yihe help and he although obvious wants to attack ,but such a long time has passed ,but small talk ,now even the rain is gone air max 90, a bit activity are not unknown to the public ,but is this the cramming ,like a mad dog ,make no reply dart out ,it killed two big branch .
A barking dog doesn bite ,barking dogs don ,it really the truth ,this memory than Yihe help and he also sinister and brutal ,and this you will not say what all corners of the country and moral rules ,direct snuck up into your home to give you .
Elder brother ,this memory is too low ,if not removed, the brothers sleeps is not steadfast ,you say ,how to do ?We all listen to you ! Branch gangster dialect immediately stood up in response to road .
Brother ,you say ,do what !I have no opinion ! Another branch of gangster Xiong Xiangyu also follow .The rest of the branch gangster followed have expressed strong support for the old ,scored by !In order to his life struggle, who dare not hard ?Big ,long service ,finally ushered in the same external first our wills unite like a fortress .
The old open deep city map ,soon found to memorize the position ,but when he saw about the position when it is not .Because cramming in inside Shanghaiguan ,want to enter to take it down ,it is bound to disturb the Yihe help ,once alerted the Yihe help ,then what was not enough to sing .
When we are aware of this, by does not have fall silent ,become dejected and despondent .He couldn ,meaning and help the enemy across the front, want to get behind the memory ,it is easier said than done thing !The white sister would not speak Northface Women's GTX Jackets,but when she looked carefully over the map, finally opened his mouth : actually, if really want to memorize ,but not necessarily by col ! Eh? When the people heard this immediately to the spirit, all eyes were on the complete works to the white sister .
The white sister stood up ,pointing to the map on the about : cramming in port ,only one kilometer away from the dock to ,to have such a good geographical environment ,we need overland attack ,can not walk on water ,from outside to inside the boat ,directly around the inside rear ,on the the bank ,that is not about the ? Yes.
The old gave a shot table ,so simple truth how he didn it ,within and outside the area is shared ,because the periphery has been set up by the customs ,the area is free to pass !You just rent a ship ,the men all onto a pile ,once into the close, to the port ,a gate can be opened ,only one kilometer distance near the dock to memorize kill over a left .
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