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June 27 [Thu], 2013, 11:41
> Two hundred and twentieth chapters Tang Sophie requirements! Really bad in this case, Futian Hao Tang Sophie can not explain with anything, but look at Don soft posture, and she does not say something to make her feel at ease, then I'm afraid the trial can not proceed. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm and Huang Long is not a fool .. Look at his eyes now from doubt become suddenly becomes eyeful of murderous, is people know that he really cares about Sophie look out Tang Who it. . Futian Hao sighed Don Sophie rushed back winked and smiled. Don Sophie also realized his gaffe, but still insist on watching Futian Hao is still very clear that she wants to get an answer. Futian Hao had shook his head, Don soft slightly relieved, and nodded his head. Huang Long coughed: "You assured, the evidence is legally binding?" Shu Jiahui firmly nodded his head: "Your Honor, I am a competent lawyer, of course, know the evidence from their own, should have any effect." Wang Tong loudly: "You also said that he is suffering from a brain tumor Honor, I have another copy of the evidence here," he finished, and submitted a videotape. This is a video .. It Futian Hao Shou Wu chest fallen fragments of this cunning Wang Tong purposely this video is divided into two, if Shu Jiahui not to mention strong rebuttal, this second part, it would not come to the King Church Wait until the videotape is done, proudly said: "We all saw it, the defense lawyer said the defendant suffers from a brain tumor, but the defendant is then hand over the chest down, and it accused of brain tumors grow on the chest? This is obviously a deliberate The trick to lure the deceased against the deceased was so viciously beaten clay Buddha also has fire is bound to play into the hands of your efforts to resist the middle is not? "Don soft light:" how do you know that does not cause brain tumors chest pain? "This court , it really is strange no way .. Don soft but a spectator, prosecutor Wang Tong did not express any resist her statement, the judge said that Huang Long did not warn her, but why defense lawyers Shu Jiahui frowned: "Please unrelated persons Do not speak, here is the court "everybody back together, looked at Don soft one. Don stick your soft embarrassed, this rare lovely summary report of the men look so startled hesitated only Futian Hao Shu Jiahui also observed a moment of leisure expression, her eyes fixed on the body's Church, and Wang Tong eyes are soft and shiny for Tang Shu Jiahui's face .. suddenly become hard to see .. Futian Hao also spit tongue .. "Your Honor, I requested an adjournment,Oakley Fast Jacket," Shu Jiahui suddenly stood up and loudly Well? Futian Hao daze .. Why recess? "I bring to the court demands to court again, when no one is on the sidelines in order to avoid disturbing the trial process" Huang Long awkward touched his hat judges, knocked the table: "ah, I accept your proposal temporarily adjourned the first second trial, nine o'clock tomorrow changed in the meantime, the accused shall not leave Sedum City, "" Stand, "the clerk shouted, all stood up, this first trial, even hastily over. Don soft rubbing his face straining seems to want to own duck face knead biscuits, such as Huang Long gone, stood up, and Shu Jiahui going to say something. Results Shujia Hui Li did not care for her, but went went before the King Church: "I would go out to talk to us." Wang Tong stared nodded, then looked at the way Don soft. Sophie rushed Futian Hao Tang threw your hands, Futian Hao smile. Although this is a trial, was wrecked Don soft, but Futian Hao is not blame her, but was very moved, Don soft on their own concern, not fake, and now own Tangmen use value has disappeared, Don Sophie also so concerned about them, only that .. Don soft on their own .. Oh really a chaotic mess of Niezhai Shu Jiahui came back, right Futian Hao coldly: "Tomorrow the old time, to meet here." he finished, without looking back, it seems Futian Hao absolutely nothing to say .. Don Sophie stuck her tongue out again, blushing like Apple's mother, came to the Futian Hao side, a small channel: "I was not doing anything wrong up? "Futian Hao shook his head:" Thank you. "Don Sophie hesitated and could not help out his hand, pulled pull Futian Hao's fingers, but was then taken back. Futian Hao see very clearly that this scene was Wang Tong panoramic view, his eyes came out of the fire, killing an estimated Mars all creatures, are no problem .. finished finished .. Earlier cloth under the bureau, although reports collapse, and now all the enemies began to hatred, their own customs, sad .. sitting Bujiadiwei seat, Futian Hao and Don have some soft silence, Tang nice soft brow frowning, do not know want to what Futian Hao is simply not knowing what to think. "Tianhao." After a long time, finally opened Don soft sound, and said very quietly, but very firmly: "I have a request, you have to promise me." Futian Hao nodded, no matter what the requirements, Tang soft on their own so good, that knife down the mountain on the pan, they have promised, "you promised?" Futian Hao nodded again: "ah," "You do not ask me what happened?" Futian Hao shook his head. Don Sophie sighed: "Do you trust me so what?" Futian Hao nodded. "Will not go back?" Futian Hao shook his head. "I want you to pursue Shu Jiahui" Futian Hao said his teeth suddenly fell to the ground, and it broke into eight "You promised me, can not go back" Don nice soft brow still frowning: "Today things have come to this degree, I worry .. I worry Shujia Hui and Wang Tong .. will therefore together, and I am still against you, the only way .. only put Shujia Hui won over "won over .. Why use this approach? Don Sophie seems to know Futian Hao're thinking: "I'm so understanding Shu Jiahui, and small to large, she is particularly jealous of me, if she knew that her boyfriend has been interesting to me, the first time she will blame on my head. Usual bad enough, but this time, not because I put you harm, I think, to solve the problem between me and her only way, only she and I have both a man .. But, Wang Tong .. I really do Not on .. "That is where the language problem really is a lot .. he did not and Don Sophie together, how can we talk about co-owner? Is the subtext of this sentence is soft like Don and his own .. Ahem If this premise is established, Tang soft how to think and Shu Jiahui share your own .. This in the end is what a tangled complex relationship .. even if they promised .. Look at this posture, but it could in a short time how to win Shu Jiahui .. Ahem Mother Greek horses What is really on their own .. "In fact, to get Shu Jiahui heart, is a very simple thing." Don Sophie opinion is really quite understand Shu Jiahui, these focus on her to say, almost familiar, just behind said, it is .. "Shu Jiahui said more than once, who got her first, who is the man of her life. "Well? Futian Hao attend another surprise, the most surprising thing happened Shu Jiahui or office * female so that she and Wang Tong contacts, up to now no? ? "She always wanted to own the wedding day only then pay out .." is a version of what Wang Qin .. "So, she will not, and Wang Tong .." Futian Hao until now, was not able to say a word, he simply do not know what to say. "Today Shujia Hui Wang Tong certain perceived wrong, they meet today, you have to observe in any case I am afraid that if Shujia Hui Tong in order to keep the king's heart,Coach Bags, maybe .. maybe .. if you'll change your mind it really happened, they will stand on the same front, for her man, Shu Jiahui might .. change her professional conduct .. "" No, you're not .. "" other people I do not care, But .. I can not let you hurt remember you at least have to stop them before the end of your things together "Don Sophie gritted his teeth:" I now have something else to do, so I call you "Don Sophie did not give Futian Hao chance to speak, went under the car. Futian Hao stared at Don Sophie hurried out the back, squeezed his nose. He knew Don Sophie worried about anything, just want to come out of the way Don soft,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, it is difficult for yourself. If they really do it, Wang Qin, where should explain how? To do the authors themselves in order to win this lawsuit, by any means? Futian Hao very sigh, very tangled. Truth be told .. own Shu Jiahui, but it is not without interest .. strong .. come? That they really are not good .. Even so get Shujia Hui, Shu Jiahui will change your mind like yourself? It would be too bizarre .. Futian Hao tangled under the car, back to the hotel room, lie down, smoking, watching TV. Don Sophie called himself waiting for her call, she did not know himself what to do, this feeling, it would only be used to describe the Divine Comedy disturbed .. an hour later. The phone rang. A look at numbers, Futian Hao then froze, caller clearly written on two characters: Wang Qin I faint how she would suddenly give yourself to call .. "this and that .. Hello?" Wang Qin Chuan voice from the phone out, very calmly: "Tianhao, such a big thing, why do not you tell me?" Futian Hao play the fool: "how? losers? out of the losers?" "Do not Don installed Sophie told me of the "Halo Don Don Sophie Sophie afford, is to go do the job went to her, she wanted to do what? "You are now among the living death lawsuit, do you think, I will take into account your own feelings and push it to the bullet hole?" Wang Qin finally somewhat calm: "As long as you can safely no matter what I do not care about me Call this number is to tell you that I changed to your request, and only one woman is my mind, that person, that is, Qin Yun, in addition, it does not matter all women and all the women you can As long as you are safe with you, you hear me? "E! ~! . . <
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