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June 04 [Tue], 2013, 17:31
> Report jǐng men who are Wang Minghua Like Zhang, retaining mineral team rushed to the meal is chaotic stick, his body also suffered a two erupted, he ran away, retaining mineral team mainly want to disperse them, no how chase. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm he went to live in the shed area where the miners, immediately pulling out the phone to the Peak District Public Security Bureau reported jǐng. The following report of the Secretary Qiu Mingyu said that listening to the long source coal mine safety supervision bureau checks have been each other's anti-violence law, was wounded people. His first thought was that miners Li Dapeng Tang Shuji's brother in law,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, which in turn can not think of innings to check Dapeng Zhang Zhiming, Li Dapeng who can not beat him, certainly is Wang Minghua bring people to make trouble, so He did not worry, smoked a cigarette in the office after the confidants of the people Wei Wu, deputy director called over, and commanded a lot, Wu Wei jǐng car with two long leisurely to source coal from, on the road They also deliberately delayed some time, and this time it arrived. Wang Minghua see Wu Wei took jǐng police arrived, this time he also refused to take a beating things, punch he said loudly: "Mr Ng, long the source of large coal mine flooding accident just happened, would you please put the main persons responsible for the accident miners Dapeng control them! "Wang Minghua blood looks very grim face, shocked the Wu Wei,oakley sunglasses sale, Li Dapeng he wanted to be a catch up, do not dry, but Li Dapeng Tang Shuji's brother in law, came Edward YAU specifically explain before, how dare he caught, obviously knew it was Wang Minghua, but pretend not to know, said: "Who are you, you say catch to catch ah, to one side, do not affect our investigators!" Having eyes pointed at SAWS Secretary Zhang Zhiming, wanted to see what his reaction. Zhang Zhiming now edgy, and thinking how to shirk responsibility, long the source of so much coal mine flooding accident, he was the Secretary for the Administration of Work Safety inescapable responsibility, especially through him several times to force issued a rectification notice to resume production, now such a major accident occurred, and he wanted to hide all escape, that there are thoughts Dali Wu Wei, head down, only do not see anything. Wang Minghua suddenly saw through Wu Wei's mind, shaking hands pointing at him,Coach New Arrivals Sale, said: "Good, good, good! You do not grasp is not, there will be caught!" Then he took out his mobile phone pull through Yezheng Nan, concise source of the long catastrophic mine flooding accident thing to say it again, the scene of the situation is simply reporting a bit. Ye Zhengnan a grim face sè it up and said loudly I immediately reported to the beam head hung up the phone. Wang Minghua then immediately phoned the City Administration Secretary Zhang Tian Hua phone to brief him on a long catastrophic source coal mine flooding accident thing and implicit him at the scene, the situation facing the loss of control. Wang Minghua the phone down less than two minutes, Wu Wei's phone rang and he picked it up a PUC Wang Fang Juzhang is calling, and looked a tight, said: "Yes, Mr Wong, I strongly accordance with the City Secretary instructions to do! "Wu Wei hung the phone to pocket a surmise, a mean Li Dapeng, said:" Zhang Ming, Xu Gang, Li Dapeng control mine accident you two together. others, to maintain good order at the scene, while municipal city zhè ; ngfǔ leadership went to! "Li Dapeng Zhang and Xu Gang approached grasp, audibly gave him handcuffed. Li Dapeng screaming struggled up, those players see jǐng police guard mine came already ducked, but no one came out. Buttressed by Li Dapeng Zhang and Xu Gang came jǐng car before he stuffed into it. Being beaten innings staff to see jǐng car coming, they have to gather back as early as someone got a chair and sat down Fu Wang Minghua. See jǐng police arrested Zhang Zhiming Li Dapeng, quickly hid while playing the phone ...... not long mountain jǐng upload a flute voice, jǐng car mixed with cars and vans, a large fleet to the mine rapidly approaching, into the mine, the team stops, a large number of police and armed jǐng jǐng have jumped start jǐng ring, from two black Audi car sè were down party secretary and mayor Douliang De Xiexue Bo, followed by a large number of officials down on vehicles , surrounded by ...... they came to mine on the hillside Yexiang see here, knowing it was all over! His path back to her own small backpack Chaozhuo at the observation point, from the bushes to find a mountain bike, pushing on the road, and ride fast to go away ...... As long source of urban King mine flooding accident did not cause ché ngrén member of casualties, as Pingyang City, handling accidents and remedial work to fight the initiative, especially in the country to carry out mine safety inspection period, the occurrence of such incidents, Binh Duong city quickly investigate severe and quick handling, accident causes and Responsibility soon thoroughly investigated, followed by the decision came down from the accident to accountability and process, in just seven days time! Li Dapeng private mining miners digging, is caused by this terrible flooding the main responsibility for the accident, in addition to judicial organs be held criminally responsible, the length of the source coal mine blew up permanently sealed and fined 5 million yuan. Peak District Administration of Work Safety Secretary Zhang Zhiming advantage of his position, accepting bribes miners Li Dapeng, knowing its mine there are significant security risks in the case, still issued a notice to resume production, decided to withdraw its Peak District Administration of Work Safety Bureau office, taking bribes and transferred to judicial malfeasance held criminally responsible. Violent resistance to law wounded innings nursing staff ore players, except Huge one person escaped, the rest all arrested and brought to justice by the public security organs to continue the investigation, after investigation by the prosecution referred to the courts for prosecution. Peak District Safety Bureau deputy director Wang Minghua dedication, courage, in order to avoid causing heavy casualties xìng played a key role in the decision to grant its SAWS Warriors title, award re 100,000 yuan, and nominated him as Peak District Administration of Work Safety Secretary. Subsequently, the Municipal Standing Committee meeting held on the part level cadres were adjusted, Ye Zhengnan officially promoted Peak District Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor! Aoyama most depressed person is party secretary Tang Yao-sheng, although not pursued him what municipal responsibility, but Li Dapeng was his brother in law the fact that a great influence on him, after he was nominated Pingyang municipal vice mayor put aside the motion, since nothing happened! Public security organs in the investigation of long-source coal mine, in the hillside near the transformer, found some remains of copper, the technical evaluation, the transformer is not burned electrical fault is caused by man, but did not find any valuable clues Since the transformer caused by coal burning power, in order to avoid flooding accident indirectly caused heavy casualties arrived at a critical role in the public security organs will not have to continue to track down, it became a permanent mystery! ************************************************** ***************** PS: Yexiang first task is complete, the next step is how to make money, and because of who it. Seeking recommendations ticket collection! ! ! <
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